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Move on, snowflakes. The rest of America already has.

Media hysteria designed to sow fear and division

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By —— Bio and Archives January 30, 2017

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When irresponsible reporting is combined with irrational reactions, it instills fear and confusion in people’s minds. That’s what the liberal media are doing to some people, because both are still stuck in a state of bitterness.

Irresponsible reporting nowadays is well recognized as media bias. Some reporters and news outlets will slant the news, omit parts of a story or flat-out lie to make the story fit the political narrative they want to present.

The best example is the report that President Trump removed the bust of MLK from his Oval Office. It never happened!

The reporter retracted it later after sending it to more thn 3,000 colleagues. The retraction was not a big headline like the original story. And of course, it was in small print on the inside page of what was equivalent to the comic section of the newspaper, or embedded in the last paragraph of some other unrelated commentary.

He or she or they were trying to promote the narrative that President Trump is a racist. He is not, and the liberal media got busted.

An irrational reaction by the media is when they consciously try to turn a mole hill into a mountain. Consider the example of when the media “wet its pants” because President Trump would not wave to them when he boarded Air Force One for the first time.

Maybe he was deep in thought. Maybe he didn’t get the memo! But the media elites thought he did it on purpose to snub them. Maybe he did! Who cares?

If these media snowflakes are going to react like this for something insignificant, I don’t think many people will want their perspective on important stuff. Just report the truth and all of the facts.

After only a week in office as president of the United States, it is clear that the liberal media are in a state of hysteria over everything President Trump says, does, insinuates or even contemplates so they can use it to promote fear, confusion and their presumptive political narrative.

The good news is that most people are not falling for the liberal media’s irresponsible and irrational reporting. They are not stupid!

The liberal media are in a hole and they won’t stop digging.

The people stopped digging and elected Donald Trump president.

Let’s move on, snowflakes.

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