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Blame blame fo-fame. The Blaaaaaame Game!

Montage: Hillary blames upwards of 30 things for her 2016 loss ...all in the span of one interview

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By —— Bio and Archives September 12, 2017

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“Hillary is a wonderful, resplendent human being.  There’s an aura of greatness about her.  She’s the smartest woman in the world.  You should be ashamed of yourself if you weren’t smart enough to realize how incredibly amazing she is.”

That’s the word from…well…pretty much just Hillary Clinton, who seems to be living in some kind of fantasy land.

Those of us living in the real world - including most Democrats - know the truth. She was easily the worst, least likable, and least-wanted, candidate since Michael Dukakis.  Since Hillary can’t tolerate that truth, she’s come up with a long list of people and things that she blames for her current predicament.

Normally, we hear her address one of these scapegoats at a time. This weekend, though, she managed to hit all of them. …At once. …In the span of a single interview.

Since you’re not insane, you don’t want to watch the whole thing. Fortunately, the fine folks at the Washington Free Beacon have edited the interview down to only the blame game. Brace yourself, because it’s quite the barrage.

Hillary manages to list over 30 people, concepts, and deplorable misdeeds that derailed her rightful ascension. Some of them (like misogyny and sexism) get called out more than once. Others are real head scratchers.

None of them are “30 years of corruption and my completely awful campaign.”

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