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Oh brother....

Nancy Pelosi’s kinda-sorta DACA filibuster closing in on its third hour

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By —— Bio and Archives February 7, 2018

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Nancy Pelosi's kinda-sorta DACA filibuster closing in on its third hour

Nancy Pelosi, in an attempt to pander to her angry base and present herself as a left-wing Rand Paul, has been indulging herself in a kinda-sorta filibuster about DACA. It’s not really a filibuster, since that only happens in the Senate, but you get the idea.  She’s been babbling for (at this point) almost three hours.

Remember, Pelosi doesn’t really care about this issue

Most of her time has been spent reading letters from DACA recipients, praising their actions, and feigning deep concern about their futures.

Remember, Pelosi doesn’t really care about this issue, but she has a very angry constituency in California that hammers her whenever she dares suggest a compromise. 

The basic gist of today’s rant is that she plans to blow up the budget deal - forcing a shutdown - if she isn’t given the level of amnesty she’s demanding.

You can watch her slowly lose her voice here:

...or better yet, don’t. Your eyes will get tired from all the rolling.

The fact is that a deal is probably going to go through.  If that’s the case, Pelosi is most likely doing this so she can pretend she put up a legitimate fight after the inevitable happens.  I don’t plan on wasting my afternoon, but I figured you might want to know its happening.


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