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The dream is still alive?

Oh good: Hillary aides launch new super PAC ‘Party Majority’

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By —— Bio and Archives November 13, 2017

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Hillary aides launch new super PAC 'Party Majority'
Know this, as if you didn’t already: The Clintons and those associated with them almost never tell the truth about what they’re doing or why. They say what they think they can get away with saying, and then when the moment comes when the truth must be revealed as something totally different . . . oh well!

So when they tell you they’re forming a PAC to support candidates across the country, but not themselves - even though the Democratic Party already has an apparatus to do that - do you believe them? Not if you have a brain:

Former aides to Bill and Hillary Clinton are launching a new super PAC to upgrade Democratic organizing and fundraising in support of the party’s candidates around the country, NBC News has learned.

The new group, called Party Majority, would act as a parallel structure to Democratic Party committees at the national and state levels while coordinating with them. Its creation comes at a time when party committees are struggling to maintain their relevance as donors increasingly push money to political organizations that can raise and spend money with less regulation.

“Democrats are motivated to fight the Trump agenda, but without fully funded organizing operations, we won’t maximize our opportunities next year and every year thereafter,” said Party Majority co-founder Mike Lux, a former aide to President Bill Clinton who has helped build a series of progressive organizations over the last two decades.

“Party Majority PAC will fill in holes to make sure activists on the ground have the resources they need to be successful, working with existing organizations both new and old to ensure resources are used effectively,” he added.

Despite its obvious ties to the Clinton world, the group is expected to announce soon a larger set of leaders from across the Democratic political universe.

Lux and the other co-founder, Adam Parkhomenko, who built Ready for Hillary, later served as director of grass-roots engagement on Clinton’s presidential campaign and is currently a paid adviser to Clinton, have been frustrated by the lack of coordination and continuity in Democratic campaigns. Every four years, a presidential campaign builds infrastructure across the country only to see it wither by the next set of elections or as new crews take over leadership roles at party committees.

So does this mean Hillary remains delusional enough to think she could still become president, and that this super PAC was really created with that in mind?

Maybe. There’s no doubt in my mind that Hillary is that delusional. But there could be other reasons the Clintons are doing this - primarily related to power and influence within the Democratic Party. Before Donna Brazile started squawking about how Hillary had essentially rigged the primaries, she was still held in pretty high esteem by most rank-and-file Democrats. That, combined with the Clintons’ influence with big-money donors, meant Hillary maintained a pretty lofty status in the minds of most Democrats.

But that changed a lot over the course of the past week. Democrats were willing to overlook her lifetime of corruption and even her loss to Trump because she was the first female nominee and whatever else. But Democrats have a lot of affection for Bernie Sanders for whatever reason, and when they found out Crooked Hillary cheated him every bit as much as she cheats everyone else who comes across her path, that seemed to be enough to embolden the DNC to take the gloves off and start treating her like the abscess she is.

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So forming a rival super PAC gives the Clintons a vehicle they can use to go head-to-head with the DNC establishment that’s finally had enough of them and is ready to move on. They can pick out their own preferred candidates and funnel money to them, and wield lots of leverage and influence in the process. That’s not hard to understand. The better question is why they would want to at this stage of their lives.

The Clintons are in their 70s. Their time is past. They had eight years in the White House and then she had eight in the U.S. Senate followed by four as Secretary of State. That’s a pretty full life for most people, and you’d think you could fade into the background with a lot of satisfaction that you’d done a great deal in your life.

But I don’t think that’s the way they think or operate. For both Clintons, the thirst for power and prominence is insatiable. There’s no such thing as recognizing it’s time to become lesser while someone else becomes greater. They have to be influential power brokers because without that their lives are incomplete.

The difference between the two of them, of course, is that Bill actually reached the pinnacle and for the rest of his life no one can take that away from him. You could see from the moment Bill became president that Hillary thought she had a divine right to be his equal, and that she would consider it a travesty if she didn’t also become president. That didn’t happen, and it’s not going to happen, and even the most casual observer of her can see that she struggles to be at peace with the nation’s rejection of her.

So if you can never be president, and you can’t let it go, then you find something, or some way, to wield your influence. And hey, if you’re Hillary, you’re never really fully convinced the dream is dead. I think the Democratic Party would rather nominate almost anyone but her, especially after what we’ve learned in recent weeks, but I’m also convinced Hillary still thinks she’s entitled to the presidency. And if she thinks for a second she has a chance - no matter how delusional that belief may be - she’ll try it again.

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