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Here we go again...

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA): Expect a Supreme Court resignation ‘this summer’

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By —— Bio and Archives April 20, 2017

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From day one of the Trump candidacy, I’ve said “If he denies the Democrats a Supreme Court appointment, his presidency is worth it.”  No matter what else happens, the SCOTUS was and is the key to salvaging the country.  Had Hillary been allowed to alter it, it would have been disastrous.  Fortunately, President Trump won and Neil Gorsuch is now on the bench.

Now, people are starting to wonder just how many bites at the Supreme Court apple Trump is going to get. He’s already had one. If Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley is right, a second is virtually guaranteed, and we can start speculating about three or four.

From the Muscatine Journal:

During a visit to Muscatine Tuesday morning, U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said he expects a Supreme Court Justice resignation within the year.

“I would expect a resignation this summer,” he said.

An upcoming resignation has been “rumored,” he said, but he did not name a justice. The question was posed to him during a question-and-answer session at Kent Corporation headquarters, by Kent employees, National Association of Manufacturers members and elected officials at Kent Corporation headquarters.

A person would likely be nominated from the same list from which recently appointed Justice Neil Gorsuch was chosen, Grassley said, most of whom he said are well-qualified.

“I don’t know about racial and ethnic divisions, but there’s some very good females on there that would make good Supreme Court Justices as well,” he said.

Earlier in the year, Ted Cruz made similar comments when he claimed that “odds are very good” that a vacancy would present itself during the summer months.  Whether these Senators have some inside info, or are just playing the odds, remains to be seen.

Either way, it’s not a huge surprise, since a quick look at the ages of four justices will give you a good indication that the court is about to undergo a major shake-up.

Justice Breyer: 78
Justice Kennedy: 81
Justice Ginsburg: 84

Those ages indicate that, if Trump gets another term, he could end up filling as many as four seats during his presidency.  Thanks to Harry Reid, they’ll all be confirmed with a simple majority.

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