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Eating their own!

So, did the Democrats lose ‘bigly’ with their ridiculous shutdown? Let’s see what the media thinks..

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By —— Bio and Archives January 23, 2018

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So, did the Democrats lose 'bigly' with their ridiculous shutdown? Let's see what the media thinks….
Last week, the media was salivating over the prospect of a federal shutdown.  They were, like the Democrats, 100% sure that Republicans (and specifically Donald Trump) would catch the blame just like they did back in 2013.  Unfortunately for them, it didn’t work out that way.

It became immediately clear that the “shutdown” was a Schumer-orchestrated ruse, designed to tie virtually everything the government does to illegal immigration.  It was pig-headed, unnecessary, and ill-conceived.  Like most of the stunts Dems have tried over the course of the last year, it was representative of a party desperately overplaying its hand.

Schumer & Co caved in spectacular fashion

In the end, Schumer & Co. realized they were getting the blame and began frantically searching for an exit.  They caved in spectacular fashion and achieved exactly nothing.

Don’t believe me? Fine. Maybe you’ll believe it when you hear it from a gaggle of Democrat-friendly propagandists who hail from all points on the media spectrum…


Watching the news hasn’t been that much fun since the anchors all started crying on election night.


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