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Racism. Even in our coins!

Today’s ‘thing that is racist but really isn’t’ - Olympic coin tosses!

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By —— Bio and Archives February 8, 2018

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Today's 'thing that is racist but really isn't' - Olympic coin tosses!, Racism. Even in our coins!
If you don’t know the name Shani Davis, it’s probably an indicator that you’re not a zealous follower of Olympic speed-skating. Davis is, frankly, an amazing athlete. He was not only the first African-American to win an individual gold medal at the winter games, but also the first man ever to win back-to-back gold in the Olympic 1000 meter.  This year, he’ll be competing in his 5th Olympic Games and, evidently, he wanted to carry the flag as our team entered the arena.

As you probably know - coin tosses are super-racist

He’s not going to.  That honor is decided by a vote. This year there were 8 nominated candidates, and the vote ended in a tie between Davis and Luge veteran Erin Hamlin. Hamlin is the only American of all the many, many, genders ever to have medalled in her sport. To break the tie, the decision came down to a coin flip.

Davis is black, Hamlin is white, and - as you probably know - coin tosses are super-racist.

Hamlin will be carrying the flag and, despite saying it’s “no problem,” Davis doesn’t sound too pleased.

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So, remember.  Tie-breaking coin tosses are now racist and their results have something to do with honor and Black History Month.  What exactly that is? ...I’m not entirely sure.

But I figured you’d want to be made aware of today’s ‘thing that is racist but really isn’t.’

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