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Clearly, from the vitriol pouring forth from the ruling class, Trump's not one of them. He's flying our flag, fighting our battles, and taking the enemy down. No, he's not one of them, he's one of us.

Trump’s Secret - He’s One of Us

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By —— Bio and Archives September 4, 2015

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I’m told that in supporting Donald Trump, I’m advocating for a civil war within the Republican party.  Let me be clear, I’m not trying to start a civil war, I’m simply joining a revolution.  I’m taking up arms (in my case a pen) for the conservative cause against the ruling class of Washington insiders, the UniParty (Democrats and Republicans), the media, and activist courts. 

The GOP establishment (GOPe) started the war.  A preview was the 2010 Delaware Senate Primary.  Christine O’Donnell, the Tea Party candidate won the primary but the GOP didn’t approve of the people’s choice.  They openly worked to defeat O’Donnell in the general.  They helped elect a Democrat to the Senate seat.

Then, in the 2014 Mississippi primary, the GOPe fired the shot heard around the world when they denied Chris McDaniel his victory over sitting Senator Thad Cochran.  In an open primary, the GOPe lied, bribed, and coerced Democrats to the polls, many not qualified to vote in the runoff.  In the end they defeated a Republican with Democrat and fraudulent votes. 

Conservatives began to see the handwriting on the wall but the odds are stacked heavily against us.  The ruling class is flush with cash, has media in their pocket and the Republican party name to lend a legitimate air to their treachery.

The GOPe breached our gates in 2014.  Brandishing the “stop Obama” sword, they gained majorities in both houses, planted their subversives throughout our ranks.  Now traitors freely walk among us as they target our freedoms for their selfish ends.  Each day brings a new betrayal as Republicans enable Obamacare, raise the debt ceiling, ignore illegal immigration, and clear the path for a nuclear Iran.  The Republican majorities work in tandem with Democrats and Obama.  Too late conservatives recognized the enemy in their midst. 

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious.  But it cannot survive treason from within.” Marcus Tullius Cicero

Fast forward to the 2016 Presidential primaries.  Disheartened conservatives had resigned themselves to another GOPe victory, Jeb Bush being heir apparent.  The ruling class touted Jeb’s inevitable victory again and again.  Bush himself let it be known he was the de facto nominee, barely tolerating conservatives in the primaries.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the coronation; Donald Trump announced his candidacy.  The ruling class wasn’t worried at first, another day in their politics of personal destruction.  But when each of their missiles blew up in their face, they began to sweat profusely.  Every negative they threw at Trump proved to be a plus with the voters. 

When Trump’s poll numbers rocketed to 30%, the ruling class fought back.  They collectively insulted Trump supporters, tried to shame us into surrender.  They offered different scenarios for why we just can’t get this right.

  1. We don’t really want Trump, we’re just throwing a collective hissy fit because we’re mad at Washington.  Ignore us and we’ll stop. 
  2. We’re felony stupid.  We don’t understand the importance of the Presidency.  Not just any yahoo can fill that office without destroying the country, (Obama a case in point.)
  3. Silly voters, just playing around, having fun with the over-the-top showmanship of Trump.  We’ll “come around” to a “serious” candidate in the end.


But conservatives ignored the talking points and Trump’s numbers continued to soar.  Then, since these pontificating windbags couldn’t insult voters into abandoning Trump, they patiently explained why Trump can never, ever be President. 

Them: Trump’s rude, brash, and politically incorrect,
Us: About time someone cut through the crap.

Them: He wants to send illegals home.
Us: Processed and sent home, not loaded on a bus to Auschwitz. 

Them: We’re letting a fox guard the hen house, Trump was once a Democrat.
Us: Good, he knows how they think.

Them: He was for abortion before he was against it.
Us: But now, he’s against it.

Them: He doesn’t’ have a detailed plan.
Us: Thank you, God! The establishment has buried us in their ‘detailed plans’ for years.  A campaign tool, Irrelevant to their actual intent. 

Them: He’s a billionaire, part of that greedy 1% who’s sucking up all the oxygen on the planet.
Us: Perfect!  No one will own him.

The ruling class went in shock, nothing works against this blowhard.  Tired of trying to reason with the angry stupid mob (that’s us, the voters), the Republicans have taken matters into their own hands.  If the duped electorate can’t see past Trump, the party will come to the rescue. 

So they turn to the states to do their dirty work.  This way the GOP can blame states for the Trump attacks and abdicate any responsibility.  In reality this is no more an out-clause than Caesar washing his hands after sending Jesus to the cross.  It’s obvious who’s driving the bus. 

But state comrades follow orders and move to pass a new election law.  Candidates will have to sign a pledge that they won’t run 3rd party in order to get on the ballot.  Clearly this ‘law’ is to corner Trump since he already refused to take that pledge on national TV.  So, facts in hand, these legislators whip up a brand spanking new law designed to stop a candidate they fear; how very totalitarian of them.

Question, if states don’t want a pastor, can they demand candidates renounce the church to make the ballot?  Will states someday require government experience, a party endorsement, or a party-approved agenda to qualify?

But, ok, Trump joined the other candidates and signed the pledge. But what about the GOP, will they sign a pledge to support the Republican nominee even if it’s Donald Trump?  Will the pundit class give fair coverage even if it’s Trump?  Or will they unite yet again to defeat the outsider for their bought-and-paid-for puppet.

Had Trump refused to sign their conjured-up oath, those states could have kept him off their ballots.  Can’t win if you can’t run.  So keeping Trump off the ballot could have forced a third party bid.

Oops, that would mean a Democrat in the White House, right? Probably, but the dirty little secret is the GOP doesn’t fear a Democrat victory near as much as an outsider with no ties to their big money, a President they don’t own. 

But beware, GOP, there’s revolution in the air and Donald Trump is leading the charge. He’s calling out the traitors among us and exposing their agenda. He’s taking the hits and firing back to unmask the Washington elite for the tyrants they are.

In this revolution it comes down to Washington or the people, them or us.  Clearly, from the vitriol pouring forth from the ruling class, Trump’s not one of them. He’s flying our flag, fighting our battles, and taking the enemy down. No, he’s not one of them, he’s one of us.

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