It should go without saying that all opportunists making it rich just by hating Donald Trump, will be put out of business if the Democrats succeed at Impeaching him as promised

Impeaching Trump Would Drive Entertainment Industry Out Of Business

By Judi McLeod

Impeaching Trump Would Drive Entertainment Industry Out Of  Business
Deep State Democrats in office should stop trying so hard to impeach the president because Impeaching will send too many of their Entertainment Industry friends to the poor house.

You never get to hear about it in the mainstream or social media, but members of the Entertainment Industry including book authors and freelance,  ex-spy dirty dossier meisters have been raking in millions by outwardly hating Donald J.  Trump.

CFP Editor Judi McLeod

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    By Matthew Vadum

    In an early Christmas gift for freedom-loving Americans, a federal court unexpectedly struck down Obamacare, the massive, failing government healthcare program that is driving up costs, crushing patient choice, and shortening American lifespans, finding it unconstitutional because the individual mandate penalty that allowed the program to pass constitutional muster no longer exists.

    Mamas & Grandmas Make Way more Sense than Cultural Marxists Do

    By Judi McLeod

     leaving your porch light on
    Like all other Christmases before it and any of those still to come, Christmas 2018 is a time to remember.  Like the King of Kings, whose Birthday it celebrates, Christmas is forever.

    At this time of year in particular we all remember the loved ones no longer here and the rekindled memories in our hearts bring them back in spirit in a way that seems they never left.

    Brimming with Christmas Spirit

    By Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh

    Brimming with Christmas Spirit
    I met recently a young couple giddy with the jubilant spirit of Christmas. It was a rare encounter as Christmas traditions are under assault and condemned on the altar of progressivism and Islam. He wore a red and green elf vest and a Santa hat over his regular clothes and a big smile of good cheer. His lovely wife had donned a beautiful red dress with sparkling tinsel on the left collar. He told me how much he enjoyed Christmas and decorating trees which he left up every year late into January, even past the Russian Orthodox Christmas on January 6

    “We are still in” totalitarians flunk basic reality

    By Paul Driessen

    We are still in totalitarians flunk basic reality,
    The 30,000 alarmists gathered in Katowice, Poland expected to slam-dunk their report proclaiming a planet-threatening climate crisis, finalize rules for implementing the Paris accords, redistribute infinite billions of dollars from industrialized nations to “climate victim” countries, and solidify their control over people’s energy, jobs, living standards and liberties. It didn’t work out quite that way

    I Am Yellow Vest!

    By Jim ONeill

    I Am Yellow Vest!
    The yellow vest (gilets jaunes) movement in France has grown from a protest against increased gas taxes to a broad coalition of anti-government demonstrators drawing from both sides of the political spectrum. It is truly a grassroots populist movement, with no individual leader or organization directing it—think Tea Party fused with Bernie supporters.


    By Jeff Crouere

    In this holiday season, the leftists who constantly promote politically correct (PC) causes have been working overtime. Instead of just enjoying this special time of the year with their families and friends, liberal activists have been on a search and destroy mission, targeting American cultural classics.

    The Cost of Dirty Politics

    By Ray DiLorenzo
    The Cost of Dirty Politics
    Contentious meeting with Pelosi and Schumer, who refused to look at the President

    For those who have no conscience or integrity, it is a wonderful thing to want something very badly and figure out how to get someone else to pay for it. Why we have an immigration problem is no mystery. It is not the lack of laws or regulations. It is politicians doing what they do best, calculating on how to stay in power.

    The White House Christmas Party for the Press Will Have to be Held at Hillary’s House this year

    By Judi McLeod

    The White House Christmas Party for the Press Will Have to be Held at Hillary’s House this year
    President Donald Trump has made the press the latest “VICTIM”  by cancelling their “decades-old”  White House ‘holiday’ party.  At least according to a Fox News “EXCLUSIVE”.

    Not only is the White House soiree for the press not really a ‘holiday’ party but a ‘Christmas’ party, in the non-Fake News world, the cancellation is a brand new twist on the Christmas Grinch, all because the Grinch may have swiped Christmas, but on behalf of the tired-of-media-carping public at large, President Trump has swiped it right back.

    Border Wall Trump’s Manhood according to Pelosi

    By Judi McLeod

    Border Wall Trump's Manhood according to Pelosi
    President Donald Trump is not Nancy Pelosi’s type of guy. Whine Cellar King Chuck Schumer and those brave boys grown tall hiding behind the voluminous skirts of the #MeToo Movement coyly identifying as ‘feminists’ are.

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