August, 2008

Germany’s anti-Polish ideas in WWII dated back to 18th century

The idea for Germany’s September 1, 1939 invasion of Poland may have originated nearly 200 years earlier, according to Iwo Cyprian Pogonowski, an authority on Polish history and culture and advisor to the Holocaust Documentation Committee of the Polish American Congress.  Prof. Pogonowski is the author of several books and atlases on Poland.

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Resume of a Terrorist: Obama’s Buddy Ayers

While the likes of the New York Times, Washington Post, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and other news organizations have their reporters digging for dirt on Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin, John McCain’s choice for vice president, their savior-in-waiting Barack Obama is getting a free ride at the expense of truth.

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Playing God with “Endangered” Species

In mid-August Barack Obama had this to say about a White House decision regarding the Endangered Species Act: “After over 30 years of successfully protecting our nation’s most endangered wildlife like the bald eagle, we should be looking for ways to improve it, not weaken it.

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By Len Munsil
As the husband of a bright, beautiful and talented wife who, after birthing and parenting our eight children is now earning her PhD in political science, and as the father of five bright, beautiful and talented daughters, I am stunned and somewhat outraged at the “talking points” response of some pundits and Democrats to the selection of Gov. Sarah Palin as Sen. McCain’s running mate.

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Sarah Palin, McCain’s Ticket To Victory

Rather than showing up at the polls just to vote against Obama, conservatives now have a reason to support the Republican ticket - not just a reason, but a good reason. McCain could have gone the other way and chosen a VP who would appeal more to the left, in keeping with this own views, but he not only did the right thing, but the smart thing as well when he picked Alaska’s Governor Sarah Palin for the position.

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Run, DiFi, Run!

Rumor has it that Senator Diane Feinstein (D-Ca)may be giving serious consideration to running for governor of California in 2010.

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REAL-ID: speed-pass to slavery

Shortly after the year ends, credit card companies send out a summary of all the charges made against an account for the entire year, neatly divided into various types of charges to help customers with their income tax preparation.  Every item shows the date, the time – down to the minute – the location, and the amount of the charge.  This information was collected from the insertion, or swipe of a credit card, or the mere touching of a spot with a speed-pass key.

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Nothing is So Blind as a Person with Eyes Who Cannot See

In our more informative years, we read a book by Bertrand Russell entitled, “The Will To Doubt”.  Even though he is a hard author to follow (he writes in very long sentences), his words had a profound influence on our thoughts and philosophy and our rising insight.

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Rev. Emmeran M. Bliemel—Hero of Battle of Jonesboro

imageAugust 31 and September 1, 2008, marks the 144th Anniversary of the Battle of Jonesboro, Georgia which ended the War Between the States Campaign for Atlanta.

The following is dedicated to the unsung heroism of America ’s Military Chaplains.

European, African, Asian, American Indian, German, Hispanic and Jewish American, men and women, helped make this nation great. Please share this story about a German-American who, with no thought for his personal safety, saw to the spiritual needs of his fellow soldiers.

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Navy videotape reveals dramatic scene aboard US ship

Part 57 – AUGUST 28, 1988
‘‘In their campaign against the Kurds, we got the impression that the Iraqis wanted to finish the whole business.’’ - A regional diplomat

After having learned of the existence of a videotape made by the Navy which documents the events that led to the downing of an Iranian airliner by the USS Vincennes on July 3, NBC News requested a copy under the Freedom of Information Act.

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Irradiating Lettuce Will Save Kids’ Lives

For years, our Center has been demanding irradiation for spinach, lettuce, and other high-risk produce—to kill the food-borne bacteria that present a last big preventable risk in our food supply. On August 22, the Food and Drug Administration granted our plea.

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Since Media Won’t Help, Time for McCain to Really Exploit His Stance on Iraq

Some how, the Old Media has missed the good news on Iraq. On August 27, the Rasmussen polling organization published a poll< that showed American confidence is at its highest level ever in support of the War on Terror since they’ve begun tracking in January of 2004. This poll got little notice by the Old Media, of course, but it illustrates an issue that McCain should exploit to his benefit—especially after Obama’s acceptance speech last night.

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Obama and Domestic Terrorist:  Ad Campaign Examines the Relationship

While GOP Presidential hopeful John McCain introduced his new running-mate, Gov. Sarah Palin, American Issues Project wrapped up its first phase of a television advertising and issue campaign, which called into question the long-standing relationship between Barack Obama and unrepentant 1960’s domestic terrorist, William Ayers.

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McCain’s Pick - Sarah Palin


John McCain wins the Vice Presidential selection round for two reasons - better choice and his team executed it with more precision (a.k.a., they know how to be disciplined and not leak). Barack Obama’s choice of Biden leaked the night before.

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Debunking Democrats on Drilling

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi last Tuesday dismissively referred to pro-oil-drilling demonstrators chanting “Drill here! Drill now!” as the “2-cents-in-10-years-crowd.” She may have to revise her insult strategy, since it seems that some mere pro-drilling posturing by President Bush has already helped reduce the price of gas.

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