December, 2015

The fairytales the left will believe

Fantastic parable.  Ha…  “Santa can visit every house in the world in one night using flying reindeer” funny… yet the people who think it’s good to fool their kids about this have no trouble convincing themselves that Al Gore is telling the scientific truth.

By Guest Column Roland Seguin- Thursday, December 31, 2015 - Full Story

Happy New Year! Multiple reports say Obama to go ahead with executive gun control

The issue is not even so much that he’s doing it. Of course he’s doing. Obama always pushes up to the line of his regulatory authority, and then blows past it. The issue is also not whether this will cut down on “mass shootings.” Of course it won’t. This is classic doing something for the sake of doing something.

The real issue is that - although he has no constitutional authority to act without Congress, and obviously he has no authority to restrict your Second Amendment rights - absolufreakinglutely no one cares that he does it. The same ignorance that put him in office in the first place enables him to pull this crap on a daily basis. Whether it’s blanket amnesty for illegals, international agreements without treaty ratification or the shredding of part of the Bill of Rights - it’s all so esoteric and who can be bothered with it when they’re trying to get ready for New Years Rockin’ Eve?

By Dan Calabrese - Thursday, December 31, 2015 - Full Story

Blowing billions on select security while ignoring border security

Though hard to see through all the media hoopla, the British Daily Mail described “fanatics”  London and New York city are bracing against in case of a full-blown terrorist attack are not necessarily going to strike on New Year’s Eve.

You don’t have to be an expert in Islamic terrorism to intuit that terrorists on the rampage are far more likely to attack in places where authorities are not boasting about being out in such huge numbers.

The most terrorist attacks in San Bernardino, California, and in Paris, France, were carried out by terrorists already conveniently nesting in the U.S. and France, in well-armed terrorism cells unknown to authorities.

By Judi McLeod - Thursday, December 31, 2015 - Full Story

George Lucas criticizes universally-enjoyed new Star Wars film as the product of ‘white slavers’

Unless you’ve been living under a rock that’s in a cave out behind the Unabomber’s shack, you know that a new movie called “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” exists.  You’re probably also aware that, despite some reservations about its plot being a retread of the original 1977 film, it’s being universally hailed as a return-to-form for the beloved franchise. In fact, it’s being so widely enjoyed that it’s broken virtually every imaginable box office record in just the first few weeks of its release.

If you know all of that, there’s a good chance you’ve seen the last three Star Wars movies.  Despite a few bright spots, they were almost universally reviled as cold, clunky, and joyless films created by an egomaniac billionaire who’d surrounded himself with too many yes-men. That man’s name was George Lucas and, despite selling the series lock, stock, and blaster-barrel to the Walt Disney Corporation for a staggering $4 Billion, he is not a happy camper.

By Robert Laurie - Thursday, December 31, 2015 - Full Story

Social, Fiscal Values Are Equally Important

“This Constitution was made for a moral and religious people, it is wholly unsuited for the governance of any other”
– John Adams, primary author of the U.S. Constitution and second pres. of the United States

Though the first votes of the 2016 Republican primary are only weeks away, the conservative movement continues to struggling with identity. After losing the presidency in 2008 and 2012, and enduring years of social and fiscal liberalism tearing at the fabric of American society, most Republicans realize the stakes are higher now than at any other time in modern history. The questions before us is, how do Republicans win the general election while maintaining non-negotiable conservative values? And should the focus be solely on fiscal matters to marginalize divisive social issues?

By Col. Bill Connor - Thursday, December 31, 2015 - Full Story

Science and Chocolate- Impressive Results

A young man was walking along a beach by an ocean, when he found a bottle with a cork holding its contents in place. He picked it up, pulled out the cork, and out popped a genie.

By Jack Dini - Thursday, December 31, 2015 - Full Story

Santa Claus:  Not Just His Suit is Red

Another season has passed in which Santa Claus promised big but actually delivered nothing.

It is thus obvious that he is a progressive socialist. Imagine my surprise then in reading an online article entitled “5 Signs That Santa Claus Is Actually a Puppet for the 1%”. Clear slander of Santa Claus, beyond all doubt a beacon of progressive liberalism. Let me state the case.

By Dr. Alexander Nussbaum - Thursday, December 31, 2015 - Full Story

A Tale of Two Cities: Denton versus Stillwater – An issue too important to lose

The U.S. is in the midst of new revolution comparable in scale and impact to other historical shifts that have frankly changed the world. This 21st-century revolution – the shale energy revolution – has impacted global energy markets and balances-of-power much like the internal-combustion engine did during the industrial revolution of the 19th century and as fiber-optics did in the digital revolution of the late 20th century.

Traditionally, oil and gas resources in the U.S. have been produced by way of a vertical drilling process that sought to tap hydrocarbon resources contained in naturally formed pockets or “traps.” Mastering this traditional production process allowed America to become a global leader in early oil and gas production, but the American leadership position began to wane midway through the 20th century as American consumption soared past production in economic expansion during the 1950s and 1960s. Meanwhile the energy center of gravity shifted to the Middle East as massive Arab and Persian fields ramped up production of cheap oil.

By Thomas S. Mullikin - Thursday, December 31, 2015 - Full Story

Iran nuclear deal up in flames already?

Since the Iran nuclear deal was never submitted to the Senate as a treaty, the Obama Administration helpfully explains that there is no legal force behind it. It is, they tell us, merely a set of political promises. So despite the treatment of the deal as “landmark,” how airtight do you suppose those promises might be when one party to the deal is a group of radical Islamic fanatics and the other party to the deal was led by John Kerry?

Most of us figured the deal would never survive the arrival of the next U.S. president, but now it appears it may not make it out of the year in which it was negotiated (I almost said signed, but apparently that never happened) without the commencement of its own demise.

By Dan Calabrese - Thursday, December 31, 2015 - Full Story

China’s New Counter-Terrorism Law

China has just passed a new law requiring technology firms to provide “technical means of support” for the government’s counter-terrorism activities, including to help de-crypt information if the government demands them to do so. The firms are also enlisted in efforts to prevent the spread of incendiary materials that could incite acts of terrorism. Responding to a question regarding earlier criticisms of the law in some Western countries, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lu Kang replied: “I believe double standards have no place to play on this issue.” He added that the new law “is the answer to the latest situation and our objective needs.”

China is indeed facing its own terrorist threat from jihadists, principally from Uyghur separatists operating in the Xinjiang region of Western China. The Uyghur leader said back in 2009, using language similar to what ISIS uses today:

“We have to conquer our own country and purify it of all infidels. Then, we should conquer the infidels’ countries and spread Islam.”

By Joseph A. Klein, CFP United Nations Columnist - Wednesday, December 30, 2015 - Full Story

Propaganda, Totalitarians, and Somnambulism

Propaganda indoctrination springing from totalitarian regimes can have two human reactions:  apathy and indifference to everything happening around you, admitting to yourself that there is nothing you can do about it, or the intense desire to study and understand it as if that process alone begins to redress what is wrong with such a system.

Take for example, the much maligned and hated Christopher Columbus. It is not possible that one single human being had caused all the havoc the leftist academia and their worshippers are heaping upon his memory.

Columbus managed to sail his way to the new world, and on October 12, 1492, sighted land, probably Watling Island in the Bahamas, even though he was looking for a western passage to China and India. There is such rabid leftist and misplaced hatred for this man as if he was the biggest genocidal maniac in the history of the world. The cause of such virulent reactions is likely the decades of propaganda indoctrination in schools masquerading as history.

By Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh - Wednesday, December 30, 2015 - Full Story

Brace Yourself for Barack Obama’s Flash Mob-Style State of the Union Address

After the last dismal seven, hardly anyone’s interested in tuning in on President Barack Obama’s last State of the Union address,  come January 12.  So borrowing from social media,  the Obamas seek to boost viewership by making the 2016 State of the Union Flash Mob style.

What if they threw a party and no one ever came is only Martin O’Malley’s problem.

With millions struggling through the current wobbly economy and spending more sleepless nights worrying about what kind of future Obama is leaving for their children and grandchildren, 2016’s State of the Union is about as welcome as the the next epic flood.

By Judi McLeod - Wednesday, December 30, 2015 - Full Story

William Voegeli’s wonderful defense of Trump supporters

I am a big fan of William Voegeli, who is not a big fan of Donald Trump. Voegeli has been published in various high-profile places, but is best known as editor of the relatively low-profile Claremont Review of Books. With all due respect to the CRB, that’s too bad, because America would be a better place if more people read Voegeli.

And never more so than today, because he offers about the best explanation I’ve seen for why there’s nothing hateful, dumb or crazy about the motivation behind those supporting Trump, even though Voegeli makes it quite clear Trump is not his guy.

By Dan Calabrese - Wednesday, December 30, 2015 - Full Story

Ringside Politics Champion of the year: Donald Trump

For many years, we have bestowed a Ringside Politics Turkey of the Year Award to a worthy celebrity or politician. This designation is anything but flattering, so last year we decided to start a positive award category by recognizing an annual Champion of the Year.

The 2014 recipient was quite deserving, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX). Ever since he burst upon the national stage, Cruz has stood up for conservative values in the midst of withering criticism. He has run a very efficient and effective presidential campaign and is now unquestionably in second place in the national polls of Republican Party voters.

The frontrunner in the national polls is also the winner of the 2015 Ringside Politics Champion of the Year Award, Donald Trump. Even though the past year has been a crazy one in American politics, it has been dominated by one person, Donald Trump, who stole the spotlight from President Barack Obama.

By Jeff Crouere - Wednesday, December 30, 2015 - Full Story

George Pataki finally generates some buzz dropping out of the race

It’s a safe bet to assume that the vast majority of American voters have no idea who George Pataki is. Most polls showed him perpetually stuck at 0.0% for the 2016 race. The only real explanation for numbers so low is “no one knows you’re running.” After all, even support-free candidates like Santorum and Graham have managed to climb to a lofty 0.6% average.

So it’s little surprise that Pataki has decided to call it quits.

By Robert Laurie - Wednesday, December 30, 2015 - Full Story