March, 2017

HuffPo, Twitter mock Mike Pence for respecting his wife in his dealings with other women

If you don’t know anything at all about Christian ethics or faith-related teachings on marriage - and judging from the Twitterverse and fans of the Huffington Post, they don’t - you might find it strange that Mike Pence restrains his behavior in certain ways out of respect for his wife. Now, if you were a serious person, or even just a curious one, you might want to learn more about why he does these things. He’s had a pretty darn successful marriage, after all, so the Pences must be doing something right.

But if you’re the type of people who dominate these corners of social media, you’ll skip all that and just go straight to mockery. Because that’s the kind of person you are. How much does Mike Pence respect his wife Karen? A lot. So much, in fact, that he voluntarily avoids certain situations that would almost certainly be innocuous, just to go the extra mile and ensure there is never even the slightest hint of broken trust in the marriage. This is known among Christians as the Billy Graham rule, because it tracks with limits Rev. Graham has long placed on his own behavior.

By Dan Calabrese - Friday, March 31, 2017 - Full Story

First They Came for Judge Napolitano

An admitted CIA mouthpiece writing for The Washington Post receives classified information and publishes it. He remains in good standing at the paper. Yet the Senior Judicial Analyst for Fox News offers his informed opinion that the British helped conduct surveillance on President Trump and is suspended for several days from on-air appearances.

This action by Fox News reflects disrespect for someone who has worked for the channel since 1998. It sends a message that the intelligence community, here and abroad, cannot be investigated.

By Cliff Kincaid - Friday, March 31, 2017 - Full Story

Paul Ryan and friends subverting healthcare reform and Trump

Donald Trump is being very poorly served by at least one of his most senior advisors, and it is not difficult to tell which one.

Yesterday the president tweeted out a threat to members of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, warning them that they had to get on board with his agenda or else.

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How ridiculous is the Democrat hypocrisy on the Gorsuch filibuster? This ridiculous.

A few short years ago, Republicans were “political terrorists.”  They were also “showboaters,” “hostage takers,” and were “refusing” to accept the results of the last presidential election.  Those were among the claims made by a wide variety of Democrats - all of whom were accusing the filibustering GOP of the worst sorts of selfish, hyper-partisan, passive aggressive behavior.

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Max Boot’s “GOP is the White Nationalist Party” Smear

Pseudo-conservative Foreign Policy blogger Max Boot is making the outrageous claim that the entire Republican Party has been taken over by a dangerous racist fringe.

Boot’s insane argument rests on one core contention: that because Republicans tolerate, even like, Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), a patriot and a truly courageous conservative champion, their party has therefore fallen into the hands of white nationalists. The fact that King isn’t actually a white nationalist or a racist, which is the real thing Boot is accusing the lawmaker of, in no way hinders the writer from making his pitch.

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LA Times Blasts CA AG Over Indictments

SAN FRANCISCO - The Los Angeles Times Editorial Board has blasted California Attorney General Xavier Becerra’s recent criminal indictment of the two pro-life journalists, Sandra “Susan” Merritt and David Daleiden, based on their undercover videos of Planned Parenthood.

The core of the indictment claims that Daleiden and Merritt wrongly recorded alleged “confidential communications” at public conferences and at public restaurants. However, the Washington Street Journal published Noah Rothman’s statement from the Commentary Magazine: “Planned Parenthood’s President Cecile Richards confessed under oath before Congress that these tapes were recorded in ‘a nonconfidential area.’”

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Sunshine List Shows Big Jump in Bureaucrat Pay

TORONTO, ON: The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) calling on the government to get a grip on bureaucrat pay, after todays release of the Sunshine List of government employees earning more than $100,000 has grown by 7 per cent in the last year.

This year’s list, released on March 31, 2017, shows that the number of bureaucrats earning six figures has a record 123,410 government employees on it.

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New Continental puts Lincoln firmly back on the map

It doesn’t wallow, nor does it feel like a car my grandfather would drive. In fact, it looks as if Lincoln has thrown down a gauntlet with the 2017 Continental, announcing to the world that the famed marque is not only back, but capable of taking on the competitors head to head.

When was the last time you read that about a Lincoln Continental?

It’s something I had never written before, let alone thought.  Oh, I liked the MKZ I drove last fall a lot, but as nice as it was it still felt like a “gussied up” Fusion (which it is, really), whereas after spending a week in the grand new Continental I came away excited for the future of the famed nameplate, which had kind of gone to sleep as a major luxury brand.

Whatever Happened to ‘Evelyn Farkas Outs Herself’ Story?

Long before ex-Obama official Evelyn Farkas self-outed as a participant in an under cover surveillance of Trump campaign staff conducted by the Obama administration, she had a prominent persona in the Russian conspiracy meme played out ad nauseam by the mainstream media.

In fact, before she curiously outed herself,  Evelyn Farkas may have played The starring role in the ongoing drama called ‘Vladimir Putin Stole the Presidency from Hillary Clinton’.

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Democrats Joe Manchin, Heidi Heitkamp bail on Schumer’s Gorsuch filibuster - They’ll vote to confirm

What have we here?  Well, we have two Democrat Senators, both from states Trump won in 2016, both up for re-election in 2018, both of whom have decided that Neil Gorsuch will make a fine Supreme Court Justice. Joe Manchin (W VA)  and Heidi Heitkamp (SD) have announced that they’ll vote to confirm Gorsuch, in defiance of Chuck Schumer’s planned filibuster.

First out of the gate was Manchin, who posted the following to his Twitter feed.

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Socialist Venezuela now a dictatorship as Maduro’s hand-picked judges oust legislature

We’ve been talking a lot here lately about the danger of left-wing judges who basically ignore the law and the Constitution in search of any pretext, however flimsy, to toss out perfectly legal actions taken by President Trump. This is why Democrats are so terrified by the rise of judges like Neil Gorsuch, and even more so, the opportunity Trump will have throughout his presidency to give lifetime appointments to conservative judges at other levels of the federal judiciary. The courts are often the left’s end run around the legislative process, but that end run is only available to them if they have enough left-wing judges on the courts to do their work for them.

If you want to see where this can lead if taken to its logical conclusion, let’s go once again to Venezuela. The most recent legislative elections did not go well for the socialist government of Nicolas Maduro, who has presided over an economic and societal breakdown so severe Venezuelans struggle to access even basic day-to-day goods. It’s so bad that the nation with possibly the greatest petroleum reserves in the world faces a gasoline shortage.

By Dan Calabrese - Friday, March 31, 2017 - Full Story

Despite what you heard, Congress did not defund Planned Parenthood this week

You probably heard over the last couple of days that Vice President Mike Pence cast a tiebreaking vote on a bill related to the funding of Planned Parenthood. That’s true. He did. But if all you saw was some headlines and people’s comments on social media, you might have been left with the impression that the bill ended federal funding of Planned Parenthood.

I wish I could tell you that was true, and it may still happen. But that is not what this bill did:

By Dan Calabrese - Friday, March 31, 2017 - Full Story

John Cox: Putting Citizens Back in Charge of Government

California’s promise of opportunity for everyone has been all but eradicated by gross political mismanagement, political corruption, and watered down representation. It’s time to drain the swamp in California politics.

While California voters overwhelmingly supported Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election, when polled, Californians show strong signs of wanting political reform in the Golden State.

They may get their wish if John Cox has anything to say.

By Katy Grimes - Friday, March 31, 2017 - Full Story

Israel’s silenced majority

During Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s meeting with US President Donald Trump at the White House in February, the premier was reportedly taken by surprise when Trump gently prodded – ahead of their meeting – for Israel to “hold back on settlements for a little bit.”

Since their meeting, Trump’s prod that Israel curtail the property rights of Jews in Judea and Samaria has been the central issue Trump’s chief negotiator Jason Greenblatt has discussed with Netanyahu and his representatives.

By Caroline Glick - Friday, March 31, 2017 - Full Story

UN Watch director’s challenge to Arab regimes:  “Where Are Your Jews?””

GENEVA, March 30, 2017—Tonight Israel’s i24News TV will interview UN Watch executive director Hillel Neuer about the video of his U.N. clash last week with Arab regimes which is now going viral on social media and the blogosphere, viewed more than 2.5 million times worldwide on Facebook and YouTube.

At a U.N. Human Rights Council meeting last Monday that focused only on Israel, Arab states echoed the report by Richard Falk that accused Israel of “apartheid.” The report was deleted by the U.N. under pressure from U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley, as she described to an audience on Monday at the AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington.

Never mind the bollocks, here’s The Donald

BombThrowers:  Is Sid Vicious spinning in his grave?

The former lead singer of the Sex Pistols, Johnny Rotten (née Lydon) supports Donald Trump and Brexit.

During an interview on “Good Morning Britain” last Monday, Rotten, who is now an American citizen, asked, “Is [Trump] the political Sex Pistol?” He hailed Trump because he “terrifies politicians and this is joy to behold to me.”

Israeli-Sponsored Anti-BDS Conference Held at the United Nations

Anne Frank has been quoted as saying, “Look at how a single candle can both defy and define the darkness.”  That is precisely what happened for one rare day this week at the United Nations, the international body that was once instrumental in creating the state of Israel but is now being used by Israel’s enemies as an instrument to destroy the Jewish state. A ray of light shone through the darkness of anti-Semitism that too often descends on the UN’s chambers.

Over 2,000 representatives from organizations, pro-Israel activists, diplomats and students filled the United Nations General Assembly hall on March 29th to speak out against the unrelenting campaign of hatred launched against Israel at the United Nations and on college campuses around the world. The event was sponsored by Israel’s Mission to the UN, the World Jewish Congress and various pro-Israel organizations. The event focused in particular on the evils of the so-called boycott, divestment and sanction (BDS) movement against Israel.

By Joseph A. Klein, CFP United Nations Columnist - Friday, March 31, 2017 - Full Story

What the Online Privacy Vote Is Really About

If you’ve been watching TV or on social media, you’ve heard that “Republicans are going to let Internet providers sell your browser history.”

It’s not true.  Not even close.

What’s really happening is that a corrupt Google power grab from the Obama administration is being overturned.

By Guest Column -- Phil Kerpen- Friday, March 31, 2017 - Full Story

One Helluva Bad Day

It was a torrid July day in the summer of 1961. On my father’s Mississippi Delta farm, a huge field was covered with 80-pound hay bales that had to be loaded by hand onto trailers and hauled to the barn. 

At five o’clock, Dad opened the bedroom door. “Hay time, boys, git up. Jaybird is waiting outside for y’all.”

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