July, 2017

Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Dem primary challenger accuses her of obstruction of justice

Meet Tim Canova. He’s a New York born Democrat, a law professor, and a guy who’d like to see Debbie Wasserman Schultz lose her congressional seat.  Oh, and he’d like to be the guy who takes it from her. Canova has mounted a 2018 primary challenge designed to send the Florida Congresswoman packing.

Like virtually every sane human being who follows American politics, Canova has noticed that Ms. Wasserman Schultz is deeply corrupt, and he’s using that fact to his advantage.

By Robert Laurie - Monday, July 31, 2017 - Full Story

Identity Crisis of American Left

In psychology, the term Identity Crisis refers to a personal, psychosocial conflict involving confusion about one´s social role and personality. Not exclusive to teenagers, the internal strife can occur in adults and organizations.

From Erikson´s “stages of psychosocial development” (1963), through Engler’s observation on role confusion (2006):”the inability to conceive oneself as a productive member of one´s own society”, the researchers have learned to classify individuals into four categories depending on their “identity status”. Identity Achieved people have thought profoundly about their beliefs and have no problem auto-identifying themselves; individuals in status of Moratorium are trying to determine what their life choices are .Those classified into “Foreclosure category” took an identity copy-cat way, and people who didn´t bother to think about their personal choices are stuck inside the Identity Diffusion box.

By Joanna Rosamond - Monday, July 31, 2017 - Full Story

President Trump- Definitely On the Road to Re-election

For those poor souls who still believe that the Commies stole the election from poor Hillary- and

that Trump’s campaign team colluded with the big, bad Ruskies to take the election from the self-entitled, Hillary, then I have some bad news for you.

Trump will not be impeached. The Russians did not steal the election. Hillary was a terribly incompetent campaigner and deeply flawed candidate.

By Mitch Wolfe - Monday, July 31, 2017 - Full Story

Anthony Scaramucci out as White House communications director

You can call it a “sharp executive decision” or “a well-oiled total train wreck” but, either way, Anthony Scaramucci is out after only 10 days as White House communications director.

Granted, he spent that week giving foul-mouthed interviews and downplaying the idea that he reported to White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly, but still….  A week is a pretty quick turnaround time.

By Robert Laurie - Monday, July 31, 2017 - Full Story

Newest Congressional Perk Comes with Sidearm

The lunatic that opened fire at Republicans practicing for the annual Congressional baseball game may have only succeeded in making Congress even more remote and detached from the lives of the people the members allegedly represent.

Now the Washington Post reports panicky representatives “are traveling the halls of the Capitol — and the streets of their home towns — with security details.” The question is how do they justify the expenditure and the resulting imposition on the public?

By Michael R. Shannon - Monday, July 31, 2017 - Full Story

GuideStar has more to do, if it cares about its objectivity

This month, after a justified public outcry, the online charity evaluator GuideStar quickly reversed its decision to stick the Southern Poverty Law Center‘s discredited “hate-group” labels on GuideStar’s profiles of conservative nonprofits.

That was admirable, but GuideStar has another challenge to overcome if it’s going to keep ideology out of its profiles of nonprofits. In 2014, GuideStar began collecting and including information about “diversity” in its entries, too, as Suzanne Garment and Leslie Lenkowsky reported in a Chronicle of Philanthropy op-ed about its SPLC controversy.

By BombThrowers -- Michael E. Hartmann- Monday, July 31, 2017 - Full Story

Palestinian flags flying over Jewish day camps in America. Insanity!

When a Jewish day camp in America flies the Palestinian flag as Palestinians are killing Israelis you know that PC in the US has gone off the cliff. 

This is what happened at Camp Solomon Schechter.

They claim to be “unabashed pro-Israel.” They should call themselves “embarrassing terror supporters.”

When criticized, they said they did it to “help develop empathy” and a “teachable moment.”

By Barry Shaw - Monday, July 31, 2017 - Full Story

Watch Bernie stammer his way through a terrible non-answer about why blue states can’t afford single

Deep blue states like Vermont and California don’t have single payer healthcare.  Leftists like Bernie Sanders have tried to ram it through, but no one has managed to make it happen.  The reason?  It’s too expensive, and eventually the legislation fails because even socialists are forced to admit that the numbers just don’t add up.  There’s no way to pay for it.

By Robert Laurie - Monday, July 31, 2017 - Full Story

I Hate Okra!

There is a strand of hate that is highly contagious, especially within a family. It is devastating when disagreements turn into a full blown feud. I treat any disagreement with disappointment, but never allow myself to be consumed by hate.

If there is hate in my soul, it is reserved toward okra, despots, stupidity, even within myself, or any evil that will purposely do harm. That person consumed in hate diminishes any fine attribute he or she may possess.

It is sad that some people need to be nourished with hate to exist. It became evident after the 2016 election, when some factions on the losing side refused to accept the constitutional results and responded with vitriol instead of constructive insight to the reason for the loss. Our country is our family. It is up to us whether we live in harmony or sibling rivalry; who gets more!

I have to admit that at times, I have to retain restraint, because some people exercise their First Amendment rights irresponsibly to the discomfort to others in attitude, appearance, mannerism, hygiene and other interactions that may be obnoxious.

By George Giftos - Monday, July 31, 2017 - Full Story

You Can Only Let Go By Letting God!

A couple days ago in a nice neighborhood in midtown Manhattan, a man and his wife jumped to their deaths. The suicides are being blamed on financial problems that were ‘spiraling’ out of control. Both bodies carried ID and suicide notes in baggies in their pants pockets. The two were a mom and dad of a son and daughter, 19 and 20. By all means, pray for those kids. The news hit me especially hard because of my own familiarity with suicide.

When I left college in the early ‘70s I was momentarily involved with a really insidious, pseudo-Christian cult. I was no Bible scholar at that time. But when I discovered the group was demanding that its college-age followers become thieves and prostitutes in order to support the group’s bigamist leader in his lavishly decadent lifestyle, I decided that wasn’t for me. I told them I doubted that God was involved in any of that. At which point I was told I had irreversibly offended God in my so judging - and for that I was lost and guaranteed eternal hell..

By Dave Merrick - Monday, July 31, 2017 - Full Story

Make it ILLEGAL to pay terrorists with taxpayer dollars

The only way to stop politicians such as Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau from making $10.5 million payouts to convicted terrorists like Omar Khadr, who killed one American soldier and maimed another, is legislation making the use of tax dollars for terrorist payouts, illegal. 

The kind of Illegal that comes with the penalty of prison terms for all of those found guilty of using the public purse as a means to enrich terrorism.

Trudeau, wealthy Trust Fund son of former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, used not one penny from his own bank account, but paid Khadr with $10.5 million tax dollars, a public outrage that has no precedent.

By Judi McLeod - Monday, July 31, 2017 - Full Story

DNC Vice Chair Keith Ellison: Trump’s use of Twitter might enable him to ‘pack courts’

Most of the attention to this concerns the comparison to King George, which I guess seems more audacious for the purpose of attention-grabbing. Trump is King George. Trump is Napoleon. Trump is Julius Caesar. Yeah yeah . . . Trump is whatever historical figure you want him to be, as long as it’s someone bad.

That’s pretty pedestrian stuff. But the real news here is that the vice chair of the Democratic Party apparently believes the president has the power to appoint federal judges - and as many of them as he likes - via Twitter:

By Dan Calabrese - Monday, July 31, 2017 - Full Story

Pay attention citizens: We’re being screwed

Health, health care, and health insurance are not all the same, but they are all part of the mess we are in now.

The mess we are in now started with the Democrats in Congress and President Obama shoving ObamaCare down our throats. The law made a 20 percent problem become a 100 percent problem. The market was stable and nearly 80 percent of us had health insurance through our employers, or with our employer’s assistance.

By Herman Cain - Monday, July 31, 2017 - Full Story

From the Temple Mount to the Israeli Embassy in Jordan

The tension on the Temple Mount and the crisis between Israel and Jordan following the attack on a security guard at the Israeli embassy in Amman need more than ad hoc solutions that leave the basic situation – the catalyst underlying these events – unresolved, and the strategic opportunities in efforts to reach an agreement untapped.

Is Social Security a Viable Program or just another Ponzi Scheme?

Ida May Fuller, the first recipient of a Social Security benefit check in 1940, paid a total of $24.75 into the Social Security fund.  Her first monthly S/S check issued in 1940 was for $22.54, almost as much as she paid in.  Over the ensuing 35 years of her life, she collected a total of $22,888.  Her case is reminiscent of the early investors of a Ponzi scheme.  They get paid off from the investments of future dupes (or victims).

Social Security, a well-meaning program instituted to help seniors during their non-working retirement years, has turned into a financial nightmare for the workers of today (not for the present retirees), who are paying F.I.C.A. taxes and not expecting to collect anything when they retire.  The cost of the program has mushroomed over the years from its inception in 1935.  Let’s take a look.

By Chuck Lehmann - Monday, July 31, 2017 - Full Story

The Merit of the Meritocracy

In a stunning display of reverse discrimination Columbia University’s Teachers College organized a conference exploring the “problem of whiteness” and how to combat whiteness.

Three hundred participants, mostly K-12 teachers and principals, were “reeducated” in ways to frame being white as the primary social problem to be addressed in elementary schools. Workshops and presentations titled “Whiteness in Schools,” “Three Ways to Face White Privilege in the Classroom,” “Teaching for Social Justice” are representative of the blatant prejudice and reverse discrimination intrinsic in the conference designed to “Reimagine Education.”

Black history exposes how black children were made to feel ashamed of being black. How does making white children feel ashamed of being white remedy the situation? It can’t.

By Linda Goudsmit - Monday, July 31, 2017 - Full Story

Some As Grace; Some As Mercy

For my stepdaughter Jennifer and me, a stroll around town on Sunday mornings was a big event. Often she would spot coins, give them to me for safekeeping, and race ahead, pigtails swishing, searching the sidewalk.

Before heading for church, we always plopped down on padded benches in front of a café, I to enjoy coffee; she, a soda.

On one of those mornings I challenged her to a little game: “Jennifer, if you find enough coins to make a dollar before we sit on this bench next Sunday, I will double it.”

By Jimmy Reed - Monday, July 31, 2017 - Full Story

Smearing Trump as ‘The Alien’ down Mexico Way

‘President Donald Trump The Alien’, framed in a skeleton image on a billboard, towering above one of the busiest roads in Mexico City, sarcastically urges motorists to “Make America Great Again”.

Take a gander at ‘Donald Trump the Alien’ who looks like a more macabre ‘Donald Trump the bigot’,”racist”  and “misogynist”.

By Judi McLeod - Monday, July 31, 2017 - Full Story