September, 2017


For most of their 50 years, the New Orleans Saints have been a losing professional football franchise. It took 20 years for the team to make the playoffs and other another 13 years to secure their first playoff victory. It took 42 years for the team to finally win the Super Bowl.

Through the suffering, the great New Orleans Saints fans have remained loyal to their beloved team. However, that loyalty is being threatened by the actions of selfish players and the inappropriate comments of the Saints ownership and Head Coach Sean Payton.

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Robbing Peter to Pay Pablo

Nearly 11 million undocumented immigrants currently live within our borders. That’s 11 million people living in the shadows whom we know next to nothing about. —Congressman Steve Israel, D-NY

A “Fair Share” for the Shadows

Progressives consistently claim that many American’s aren’t paying their fair share. Eating the Rich supposedly solves income inequality in every socialist utopia, yet as Jerry Brown and his progressive comrades have proven, eating the rich through higher taxes and progressive economic and open-border policies, have equalized income by making more Californians poor and dependent. One in five Californians live in poverty, an 8% increase in just 7 years. Representing 10% of the states population, 3 million illegal aliens and their children consume $23 billion dollars a year, 20% of the California budget, paid for by the legal taxpayers who have yet to flee the state.  In FAIR’s latest report, the explosion of illegal immigrants and sanctuary communities across the country are costing American taxpayers $135 billion a year to house, feed, educate, treat and incarcerate those who “live in the shadows.”  If $135 billion isn’t fair, what is the price of fairness?

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“It’s a jungle out there. Disorder and confusion everywhere. No one seems to care.”

The lyrics from a Randy Newman song begins: “It’s a jungle out there. Disorder and confusion everywhere. No one seems to care.” 

Well I do. Hey, who’s in charge here?” That’s all I can think when I watch the United States Congress in action. The icing on their dysfunctional cake is when they play it out in front of the whole world such as in the latest Healthcare Repeal or Replace fiasco. It’s almost like they can’t stop embarrassing themselves. If and when they ever get their act together on healthcare, I certainly hope they do their homework and have the votes for passage before it gets paraded out in front of the media and the American people. 

At a 13% approval rating, Congress should have gotten the message long ago, we are not happy with them.


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Partisan Politics harm the people

Dear Editor

I have tried to remain non-partisan because the federal tax initiative is so important to Canadians…here’s what happened when I did a 10 minute info session at a meeting…

On Tuesday September 26, 2017 I attended a seminar, hosted by BDO Accountants, on the new federal Liberal tax Act which will increase taxes on small business and farmers.  From the summary, this tax focuses on:

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Making The Simple Complicated

There must be lawyers involved somewhere in the NFL controversy. Only they can make any issue more complicated than it needs to be. Yes, we have First Amendment rights. Yes, we can say almost anything we want and have it be perfectly legal. With that out of the way, let’s get through all the fog and filthy air.

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Up the Garden Path

Back Yard

  • Backyard blitz is having an adverse impact on our health, warns ABC News from Down Under. Amid regular talk of the need for high-density housing and less urban sprawl, there are concerns that the loss of backyards is bad for our health.

Lawn n’ Order

  • Mark Johnson, 53, of Alburgh, Vermont was charged with spraying liquid manure on a marked U.S. Customs and Border Protection car after confronting an agent about immigration enforcement [The Washington Post]
By Wes Porter - Saturday, September 30, 2017 - Full Story

No Need for a Carbon Tax in Any Tax Reform Plan

Although there is no mention of a carbon tax in the recently released GOP blueprint for tax reform, there had been the familiar chatter of a “grand bargain” wherein Democrats get a carbon tax and Republicans get corporate income tax relief. For example, Edward Kleinbard wrote such an article for the Wall Street Journal earlier in the week.

Because this issue will no doubt continue resurfacing, it’s important to expose the flaws in Kleinbard’s case. He simply ignores the political impossibility of his proposal: why would Democrats agree to a massive new tax falling on poor people, in order to fund tax cuts for corporations? Furthermore, why do we need a “revenue neutral” tax reform plan? As I’ll show, federal spending and taxation are both at relatively high levels, historically speaking. If policymakers want to reduce the deficit, they should trim their budgets, not enact a massive new tax on energy and transportation.

By Institute for Energy Research - Saturday, September 30, 2017 - Full Story

The Jones Act: Distorting American Energy Markets Since 1920

One notable consequence of this hurricane season has been the renewed interest in the controversial Jones Act. Enacted in 1920, it mandates that only vessels that are built, owned, crewed, and flagged in the United States can participate in maritime shipping between domestic ports. In the wake of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, the Department of Homeland Security temporarily suspended the controversial law in order to increase the supply of refined fuel to areas affected by the storms. Yesterday, President Trump also waived Jones Act shipping restrictions to Puerto Rico as they were holding back response efforts to Hurricane Maria. The temporary suspension of the legislation is noteworthy because one of the stated purposes of the Jones Act is to better prepare the country for natural disasters. Waiving these provisions in the wake of these recent hurricanes is an admission that the legislation actually hinders disaster relief by limiting the supply of ships that can legally be used to transport goods between American ports.

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Revisionist History, Fascism, and Holocaust Survivor Eva Moses Kor

As the socialist teachers in the halls of academia around the country continue the indoctrination of American children into the utopian society of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Ceausescu, Castro, the rocket man of North Korea, and other dictators around the world, the Che Guevara t-shirt wearing young Americans have made their way into West Point and Main Street USA, protesting as paid mobs of racist BLM anarchists, fascist ANTI-FA anarchists, and other seasoned communist agitators.

Newspapers of note and the main stream media continue to rehabilitate communism and paint it in a positive light, spinning its non-existent egalitarian and social justice qualities, while hiding communism’s death toll of 100 million people.

By Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh - Saturday, September 30, 2017 - Full Story

Trump’s Solar Tariff Confusion Creates An Opportunity

The solar sector is reeling from confusion, and stock prices are reeling right along with it. The time it has taken investors and traders to wrap their heads around Trump’s industry tariffs and the pyrrhic victory of two solar companies in a case against cheap Chinese imports has seen stocks rally in a big way, and then fall just as hard.

When the International Trade Court ruled in favor of plaintiffs Suniva and SolarWorld in their case against cheap Chinese solar module and cell imports, reactions were polarized: the U.S. solar industry was outraged—as it had been for most of the duration of the court investigation—and investors, apparently, were extremely upbeat for the future of this same outraged industry, sending solar stocks sky-high.

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There is such divisiveness in the United States of America today, you’d think that someone, or some organization(s) were actually fanning the flames of hostility by investing large sums of money to fund this enormous amount of hatred being stirred up between our fellow Americans, simply because one group protests under the guise of social injustices that must! be corrected and the other side disagreeing with their un-American methods of grandstanding. And, if you thought that, you would be right! The NFL kneeling protest has been anything but a spontaneous event by black athletes, who once again are being used as nothing more than pawns—pawns in a much larger game than they will ever know.

By Fredy Lowe - Friday, September 29, 2017 - Full Story

American Patriotism NEVER Takes a Knee, Prof. Hosein

You can bury leftist political activism on Facebook, on Google and Twitter, but you can’t (thank God) hide nefarious political intentions from savvy

‘Exclusive: West Point Professor Who Mentored Antifa Soldier on Administrative Leave’.  (Breitbart, Sept. 28, 2017)

It turns out that the mentor behind pro-Colin Kaepernick West Point Second Lieutenant Spenser Rapone,  who brazenly held up a “Communists will win” sign with a clenched fist while dressed in his West Point uniform, is Professor Rasheed Hosein.

By Judi McLeod - Friday, September 29, 2017 - Full Story

Hurricanes not the result of climate change

A view of His Majesty’s Ship Thisbe, Charles Dudley Parker Esq. Commander at sea in a Hurricane on the 23rd August 1798 in Latitude 44: 00 N & Longd 44: 00 West, by A. Hodge Second Lieutenant

A Washington Post-ABC News poll released on Thursday shows that 55% of Americans think that the severity of recent hurricanes is most likely “the result of global climate change.” That people believe this is not surprising—we are told over and over: man-made global warming has made the Gulf of Mexico warmer and the air more humid thereby making tropical cyclones—called hurricanes in the North Atlantic—more frequent and more intense. ‘We must reduce our carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions to lessen the increasing hurricane threat,’ they claim.

But this is completely wrong. Dr. Roy Spencer, a principal research scientist at the University of Alabama in Huntsville explains that “major hurricanes don’t really care whether the Gulf [of Mexico] is above average or below average in temperature.” Similarly, M. Mohapatra and V. Vijay Kumar of the India Meteorological Department state in their March 2017 research paper, “there is a decreasing trend in the tropical cyclone number over the North Indian Ocean in recent years, though there is an increasing trend in the sea surface temperature…”

By Guest Column -- Dr. Madhav L. Khandekar and Tom Harris- Friday, September 29, 2017 - Full Story


The Black Lives Matter fairy tale that police use black Americans for target practice took another hit as new FBI statistics showed the black homicide rate is skyrocketing and that cops had nothing to do with it.

Apart from the FBI data, four separate studies were published last year refuting the claim that police shootings are racially-biased, but facts often have little effect on committed left-wingers who hate America. Democrats, whose party officially endorsed the violent, subversive Black Lives Matter movement, won’t allow their bubbles to be burst by hard evidence, no matter how persuasive. 

Race-baiting, Trump-hating CNN sued by 175 black employees for discrimination

CNN, which pretends to be a racism watchdog with all its wild, unfounded accusations against President Trump and many others, is being sued by a boatload of current and past employees for racial discrimination, the Daily Wire reports.

News personalities and writers at CNN repeatedly try to paint President Donald Trump as a racist, which is ironic considering that they’re being sued by 175 African-American former and current employees for racial discrimination.

Hugh Hefner: I’m Glad He’s Dead

Is that a mean headline? Deal with it. Those were the words coursing through my mind when I learned the Crown Prince peddler of smut had passed away.  Well, more specifically, I thought of that one scene in the 1989 version of Batman. Jack Nicholson as the maniacal Joker has a board-room sit-down with the other Gotham crime bosses. The well-dressed boss at the other end of the table mocks him with “What’s with that stupid grin?” After he rejects the Joker’s schemes for a citywide takeover, the Joker grabs his hands with a nuclear buzzer and roasts the guy. After clearing the board room, the Joker mocks his charred criminal competitor with: “I’m glad you’re dead!”

By Arthur Christopher Schaper - Friday, September 29, 2017 - Full Story

Trump tweets 13 video clips of McCain promising to repeal and replace ObamaCare

Just devastating, but that assumes McCain cares that he’s exposed as a total fraud. I don’t think he does, and I don’t think his media fans do either. A Beltway-friendly Republican is their best friend and the last thing they’re going to do is call him out for partisan apostasy when he’s doing their work for them:

By Dan Calabrese - Friday, September 29, 2017 - Full Story

SPLC Falsely Defames Another Person

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), which grossly misrepresents and recklessly labels Christian, pro-family and conservative nonviolent groups as “hate groups,” has added Hannah Scherlacher, the program coordinator and a contributor for the Leadership Institute’s, to its so-called “hate list.”

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Report: Provinces woefully unprepared for aging population

CALGARY, AB: Just in time for National Seniors Day (October 1) the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) released a report today that examines how prepared provincial governments are for our nation’s aging population.

“Most provinces haven’t bothered to properly assess how our nation’s aging population will impact their finances,” said Colin Craig, author of the report and Interim Alberta Director for the CTF. “They’re operating like a 63-year-old who has a pile of debt and hasn’t bothered to think about planning for the future. Unless provincial governments start taking the situation seriously, we’re going to see tax hikes.”

By Canadian Taxpayers Federation -- Colin Craig, Interim Alberta Director- Friday, September 29, 2017 - Full Story

Notes On Tricky Use Of Math

A bat and ball cost $1.10 in total. The bat costs $1 more than the ball. How much does the ball cost?

Almost everyone who reads this question will have an immediate impulse to answer ‘10 cents.’ I surely did. As Dan Gardner says, “It just looks and feels right. And yet it’s wrong. It’s clearly wrong—if you give it some careful thought—and yet it is perfectly normal to stumble on this test. Almost everyone we ask reports an initial tendency to answer ‘ten cents,’ write psychologists Daniel Kahneman and Shane Frederick. Many people yield to this immediate impulse. People are often content to trust a plausible judgment that quickly comes to mind.” 1

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