At least 13 dead • Iran cuts social media access as unrest turns deadly • Trump: Iranians ‘finally getting wise’ on their money ‘squandered on terrorism’ • Internet Blocked

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By —— Bio and Archives--December 31, 2017

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Iran protests have violent night; at least 13 dead overall

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Protests across Iran saw their most violent night as “armed protesters” tried to overrun military bases and police stations before security forces repelled them, killing 10 people, Iranian state television said Monday.

The demonstrations, the largest to strike Iran since its disputed 2009 presidential election, have seen five days of unrest across the country and a death toll of at least 13 with the slaying of a police officer announced late Monday.—More…

Iran cuts social media access as unrest turns deadly

Tehran (AFP) - Iran cut access to social media on Sunday in a bid to head off further protests after days of unrest that saw two people killed and dozens arrested.

The interior minister warned protesters will “pay the price” as footage on social media showed thousands marching across the country overnight in the biggest test for the Islamic republic since mass demonstrations in 2009.—More…

Trump: Iranians ‘finally getting wise’ on their money ‘squandered on terrorism’

President Trump said Sunday the United States is keeping an eye out for human rights violations during the deadly Iranian protests, which have entered their fourth day.

At least two people reportedly have died so far, and Iranian officials have warned anti-government protesters will “pay the price.”—More…

Iran protests continue into third night

Tehran (AFP) - Reports of clashes and marches spread across Iran on Saturday as protests spilled into a third night despite government warnings against any further “illegal gatherings”.

Unverified videos on social media appeared to show thousands marching through the western cities of Khorramabad, Zanjan and Ahvaz and many smaller towns, while reports spread rapidly that several people had been shot dead by police in the town of Dorud.—More…

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