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Old Letters to the editor

Jul 17, 2016 — News on the Net

Old Letters to the editor
Letters from before 2008.

Confirmed: The Obama DOJ Had Secret Rules For Obtaining FISA Warrants Against Journalists

Sep 20, 2018 — News on the Net

This has been known for a while: the Obama Department of Justice has spied on journalists. They tracked James Rosen, formerly of Fox News. They seized the phone records from Associated Press reporters.  Now, The Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University and Freedom of the Press Foundation have released document showing that in 2015, the Obama DOJ has secret rules to target journalists under FISA. The Freedom of the Press Foundation and Knight filed a FOIA lawsuit to obtain the memos:

While civil liberties advocates have long suspected secret FISA court orders may be used (and abused) to conduct surveillance on journalists, the government—to our knowledge—has never acknowledged they have ever even contemplated doing so before the release of these documents…—More…

It’s time For Republicans To Grow A Pair

Sep 20, 2018 — News on the Net

Forget a wounded animal, there is nothing more desperate and vicious than a Democrat on the verge of losing a political battle. So when California Senator Dianne Feinstein released a vague statement implying some sort of criminal activity in Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s past, it was not surprising. Republicans did what they always do – they tried to make nice. But this isn’t your father’s Democratic Party, appeasement isn’t possible when they will only accept capitulation. How do you find common ground with someone who wants to destroy you? Do you offer to be half destroyed? One-quarter? No. In fact, Hell no. It’s time for Republicans to grow a pair and govern like they won.

As I’ve written before, there is no bottom for the Democrats to hit. Feinstein, being challenged from her left in her reelection bid, lowered the “Democrat dirty tricks” bar to the point that you’d need a shovel to get under it. But mark my words, they are not done yet.—More…

Dog runs desperately to keep up after his truck driver owner forgets to untie him from tow-bar

Sep 19, 2018 — News on the Net

A County Sheriff’s Office Volunteer became an unexpected hero when he spotted a semi-trailer pulling onto a highway with a dog attached to the trailer bumper.

The volunteer was leaving an Arizona parking lot after a quick break to assist a deputy, when he saw the truck pulling out of a gas station parking lot with the dog in tow.—More…

Four injured, no fatalities in Middleton workplace shooting

Sep 19, 2018 — News on the Net

Four people have been shot, none fatally, in a workplace shooting in Middleton Wednesday morning, City Administrator Mike Davis said. The shooter has also been shot, Davis said.

“It appears the situation is stable now,” Davis said. “The bad news is that there were four injured by the suspect.”—More…

POTUS attends Hurricane Florence briefing in North Carolina

Sep 19, 2018 — News on the Net

FBI, Justice Dept plan to redact Russia documents despite Trump order for full declassification

Sep 19, 2018 — News on the Net

The Department of Justice (DOJ), FBI and Office of the Director of National Intelligence are reportedly expected to propose redactions to a series of documents related to the Russia investigation that President Trump ordered to be declassified this week.

Bloomberg News reported on Wednesday that the agencies are currently doing a methodical review of the documents. There is no official timeline on when their evaluation of the sensitive documents will be finished. —More….

ISIL propaganda video calls Toronto’s Danforth shooting its top foreign operation of the year

Sep 18, 2018 — News on the Net

A propaganda video released by pro-Islamic State media praising terrorist attacks abroad names July’s mass shooting on Toronto’s Danforth Avenue as its most successful foreign operation of the year.

This is the third claim connecting the deadly Canadian attack to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, but there is still no evidence from ISIL or its media affiliates that the gunman acted on behalf of any organizations.—More….

Experts doubt claim of ‘truthful’ polygraph result from Kavanaugh accuser

Sep 18, 2018 — News on the Net

Reports about the woman who claims Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her decades ago state that she took a polygraph test that deemed her to be “truthful.”

But experts interviewed by the Washington Examiner doubt the significance of that finding, and assert that such tests are unable to assess at all whether a person is lying or is truthful.—More….

‘Unprecedented’ Government Spending Spree Picks Up Speed

Sep 18, 2018 — News on the Net

The federal government is primed to spend as much as $300 billion in the final quarter of fiscal 2018 as agencies rush to obligate money appropriated by Congress before Sept. 30 or return it to the Treasury Department.

The spending spree is the product of the omnibus budget agreement signed six months late in March coupled with funding increases of $80 billion for defense and $63 billion for civilian agencies. The shortened time frame left procurement officials scrambling to find ways to spend the money.—More…

TV News Casts Trump as a ‘Furious,’ ‘Volcanic,’ ‘Seething’ Hothead

Sep 18, 2018 — News on the Net

Today we released an analysis spelling out the type of adjectives that news reporters ascribe to President Trump. We looked at every broadcast evening news story about President Trump from January 1 through September 10, and we tracked the amount of times that specific emotional qualifiers were attributed to Trump. The list and the graphic below depict our findings:

In Carolinas, a question as the rivers rise: Stay or go?

Sep 18, 2018 — News on the Net

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (AP) — The river seethed a quarter-mile away, bulging from its banks, so the patrol cars circled the neighborhood three times.

“Get out now,” a voice boomed from a bullhorn. “This is an emergency.”—More…

Tough As Texas Tour

Sep 18, 2018 — News on the Net

Brett Kavanaugh’s Mother Presided Over Foreclosure Hearing Involving Accuser’s Parents

Sep 17, 2018 — News on the Net

The woman behind the letter accusing Judge Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, Christine Blasey Ford, has naturally been herself the subject of much news since her name was made public on Sunday. Among reports coming out, Fox News Channel’s Laura Ingraham tweeted a story a short time ago that says Ford’s parents were defendants in a case that was presided over by Brett Kavanaugh’s mother, of whom he has spoken at length during confirmation hearings.

Judge Martha G. Kavanaugh was the judge for a foreclosure case in 1996 in Maryland, according to the site, which contains mostly embedded tweets from a single Twitter user but also two screenshots from Maryland’s case search site.—More….



Man Waves Flag Outside West Little Rock Nike Store, Police Called

Sep 17, 2018 — News on the Net

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - Shoppers got more than they bargained for Thursday at the Promenade in west Little Rock after police showed up to find man waving a flag outside the Nike store.

“Now what better place to wave the flag than right here in front of the Nike store,” Jimmie Cavin can be heard saying in a video he posted to Facebook.

How to fly to a climate change summit? In a private, carbon-spewing jet

Sep 17, 2018 — News on the Net

One of the hottest spots during the just-concluded Global Climate Action Summit was the private runway at San Francisco International Airport, where SFO spokesman Doug Yakel reports corporate jet traffic was up 30 percent over normal.

Airport sources told us that the carbon-spewing corporate jets nearly filled the landing area’s parking slots and that many had flown in for the conference.—More….

North Carolina 1-year-old found dead after being swept away by rushing floodwater

Sep 17, 2018 — News on the Net

A North Carolina 1-year-old boy was found dead Monday after being swept away by rushing floodwaters from Florence when his mother lost her grip on the child.

The body of Kaiden Lee-Welch was found by police Monday morning after search and rescue teams spent hours looking for him overnight. Kaiden went missing after water from the deadly storm flooded the highway his mother was driving on as she headed east to Wadesboro, North Carolina.—- More….

EU Parliament Votes to Censure Orban’s Hungary

Sep 17, 2018 — News on the Net

Earlier today, members of the European Parliament voted to censure the government of Hungary under EU Rule Article Seven. This is the first time the European Parliament has triggered Article Seven, though the European Commission did it to Poland in late 2017. Over two-thirds of the members of the European Parliament voted for this measure, which accuses Hungary of going against Europe’s “common values.” The motion accuses Hungary of attacking minorities, media, and the rule of law. The motion, if approved by national leaders would start punishing Hungary for their alleged wrongdoings. The worst possible outcome for Hungary would be the complete revocation of voting rights in the European Union, though Poland would likely veto that motion.

Victor Orban, Prime Minister of Hungary, has often been the victim of attacks from the left and center due to his hardline stance on immigration. During the migrant crisis in Europe, Hungary felt threatened by the massive number of immigrants coming through its land to reach other parts of Europe, so it began initiating strong measures to keep migrants out of Hungary, including border security and internal crackdowns. By defying demands from Germany and other European nations to take in massive numbers of migrants, Hungary was somehow going against European values. The idea that Hungary is some sort of racist state has also been refuted heavily in a piece for The American Spectator by Lee Cohen, found here.—More…

This Week in Media Bias History: ‘Radical Christianity’ Is the Real Threat

Sep 17, 2018 — News on the Net

Rosie O’Donnell is a radical leftist and 9/11 truther conspiracy nut. But for some reason, ABC TWICE made her a co-host of The View. We just observed the 17th anniversary of 9/11. So, it’s important to remember this quote from O’Donnell on September 12, 2006: “Radical Christianity is just as threatening as radical Islam in a country like America.”

On September 10, 2006, the late Andy Rooney, then a 60 Minutes journalist blamed the U.S. for terrorist attacks on the country: “It might be better if we figured out how to behave as a nation in a way that wouldn’t make so many people in the world want to kill us.”—More…

Democrat Candidate Refuses To Reveal Source Of Million-Dollar Donations

Sep 17, 2018 — News on the Net

Stacey Abrams, the Democratic nominee in Georgia’s gubernatorial election, is refusing to disclose the origin of millions of dollars donated to two foundations that helped propel her political career.

Former Georgia House of Representatives Minority Leader Stacey Abrams is remaining mum on who funded two tax exempt non-profit organizations. Voter Access Institute and Third Sector Development, both created and led by the Democrat, received a total of $12.5 million in donations from 2013 to 2016. The purpose of Voter Access Institute was to locate “low-propensity” voters and persuade them to go to the polls. Third Sector Development organized a voter-registration initiative that targeted—More….