Butterfly Barry, President's Day

Surviving the King and Queen of Sulk

By —— Bio and Archives--February 15, 2010

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imageIt’s President’s Day in the USA, and in faraway Jakarta, a silly statue of Barack Obama has been booted out of a public park to be re-planted at a school he may have once attended.

Ron Mullers, whose idea it was as chairman of the Friends of Obama foundation to erect the statue, is now playing down the fact that the bronze effigy was hurriedly booted out of the park and sent over to the school Obama allegedly attended from 1967-1971 as Barry Soetoro.

Somewhat ironically, the Obama statue met a similar fate as did the bust of Winston Churchill sent back to England in one of the first moves of Obama as the 44th President of the USA.


Urban legend now has it that the statue’s arrival at SDN 01, Nenteng, Besaki in Central Jakarta was “requested” by teachers, alumni, and students of the elementary school.

“The statue will inspire the children,” concludes Mullers, an American living in Jakarta.

The most salient fact in the Obama statue controversy is that some 55,000 FaceBook petitioners booed Obama right out of the park.

The statue of a 10-year-old Obama, complete with a butterfly poised on the tip of his schoolboy’s finger,  like the real McCoy, inspires nothing but angst.

There is nothing lighthearted and happy about either Barack or Michelle Obama, who have fine-tuned sulking into an art-form.

On President’s Day 2010, Obama’s popularity is in the cellar.

The Hype of Obama is tanking,  courtesy in part to the reality that he does not inspire children but forges ahead on policies which indoctrinate them.

The legacy of Barack Obama on innocent children is a terrible one.  Each child born since Obama has taken office is placed in the cradle mired down by debt.  And that’s the legacy for babies who make it out of the womb.

Even as he boasts of transforming America, freedom lovers on American soil and abroad face three more years of the destructive and most anti-American president ever elected.

In love with his own version of himself, Obama will no doubt visit his schoolboy statue during his March trip to Indonesia, the most-populous Muslim nation in existence.

The butterfly denotes elegance, the sprightly and even the noble, attributes lacking in Barack Obama.

A pall was cast on the White House when the Obamas took up residence there.  It’s a pall that has nothing to do with skin colour but everything to do with attitude and evil intent.

Marxists on a mission, Barack and Michelle Obama lose little time on the human smile. Hedonism, not human happiness, is their style.

Having rode the wave of success right into the White House, they still harbor resentment.

Surrounded by czars whose ideas for change date back to the 1960s, they revel in criticizing America on trips to Muslim lands.

We count on Tea Party commonsense to see us through the next three long years.  On President’s Day 2013, people may be able to celebrate the Obamas’ return to a country like Kenya, Indonesia or Saudi Arabia.

And when future school children are shown pictures of America’s proud presidents, they will be able to identify the departing first couple right away.  Not by their colour, or butterflies poised on fingertips, but because their portrait will show them for what they really are: The King and Queen of Sulk.


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