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When Will Ivanka Trump Wake Up?

Oct 21, 2018 — Judi McLeod

When Will Ivanka Trump Wake Up?
It’s late in the day and a loud and ugly mob mentality is utterly dominating midterm elections.

The Protest that was the legacy of ex-President Barack Obama is no longer out in the town park or on the street, it has moved into the restaurants where average people stop for a bite to eat, the gas station where they go to fill up and in other once safe and public spaces.

All of Obama’s Ideas Swiped from President Donald Trump’s MAGA Notes

Oct 19, 2018 — Judi McLeod

All of Obama’s Ideas Swiped from President Donald Trump’s MAGA Notes
For eight long years the mainstream and social media, controlled by his Party, worked to portray Barack Hussein Obama as “the smartest guy in the room”.

Obama, of course,  was never the smartest guy but only the most devious ‘swiper in the room’.

Obsessed with undermining America from lavish “resistance” headquarters within easy walking distance of the White House, Obama must have been tuned in to President Donald Trump’s midterm campaign rallies, the ones drawing millions of viewers, while he could only bring out roughly 700 to his.

Behind the Honduran March on America: Barack Obama

Oct 18, 2018 — Judi McLeod

What can hidden “Resistance” leader, former President Barack Obama and his handpicked protege for the 2016 presidential election possibly do to the USA from their D.C. underground activism network?

Send a 2,000-and-still-growing march of Hondurans on the U.S.—with a Nov. 6 Midterm Election Day arrival just for sport!

Bottom Line: Trump’s President, Media’s not

Oct 17, 2018 — Judi McLeod

Bottom Line: Trump’s President, Media’s not
Bad Boy President Donald Trump (’That misogynist!’, according to Hillary Clinton) has laid into Stormy Daniels, Lizzy Warren and Lesley Stahl in one week.

Hadn’t Hillary harped that the president would be taking up the whip to drive #MeToo out of Dodge any day now?!

Does media darling Stormy Daniels really look like a “horseface”?

#Close.Christine.Blasey.Ford’s.Open.Trap.Door NOW

Oct 16, 2018 — Judi McLeod

#Close.Christine.Blasey.Ford’s.Open.Trap.Door NOW
All but completely ignored in the aftermath of Christine Blasey Ford’s ALMOST victory in the character assassination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh—the trap door she used to go after him has been left wide open awaiting its next victim.

With Kavanaugh now safely sworn in to the Supreme Court as a Justice and the Democrats lining up to impeach him, the public at large is still caught up in he-said-she said full throttle while too few seem to notice that a gaping wound has been left on America with no one coming forward to try to cauterize it.

Democrats Can Kiss Their Lost White Working Class Vote Goodbye

Oct 14, 2018 — Judi McLeod

Democrats Can Kiss Their Lost White Working Class Vote Goodbye
Mickey Mouse had Goofy, a cartoon character whose full name has occasionally been given as Goofus D. Dawg. Barack Obama had vice president Joe Biden, ‘officially’ known to deplorables as ‘Bite Me’ or just plain ‘Uncle Joe’.

Good thing that someone in the Obama administration had an official name.

Trump Rally Television Viewers: ‘Bite Me, Fox News’

Oct 14, 2018 — Judi McLeod

Coming across Joe Biden’s photo in Leslie Marshall’s Fox piece, ‘I’ve found the Democratic candidate who can defeat Trump in 2020’ almost had me falling off my computer chair in gales of irrepressible laughter.

In most of his pictures ‘Bite Me’ looks like he is: goofy.

Michelle Obama “Spanking” Hillary & Holder With A Feather

Oct 12, 2018 — Judi McLeod

Michelle Obama Spanking Hillary & Holder With A Feather
If Michelle Obama is, as some media describe it, “spanking” her husband’s former Attorney General Eric Holder and his embittered protégé Hillary Clinton for claiming it’s high time to throw civility out the window, then she must be doing it with a feather.

There is no doubt about where Holder and Clinton are coming from.

It’s Midterms 2018—and YOU Are There

Oct 11, 2018 — Judi McLeod

It’s Midterms 2018—and YOU Are There
It’s the middle of the Midterm Election Campaign and President Donald Trump is drawing tens of thousands of patriots to his rallies.  That’s hundreds of thousands if you add them all up.

People line up for hours to get into the rally venues and stand outside. sometimes in the chill and rain for hours as they did in Council Bluffs, Iowa on Tuesday night.

Indeed, they’re even lining up the night before.

And the Oscar Now Goes to—Salacious Christopher Steele

Oct 10, 2018 — Judi McLeod

Christopher Steele
Ex-British Intelligence officer Christopher Steele has come slithering back out of his hide-y-hole to accept his No. 38 place on Vanity Fair magazine’s list of the “100 most influential people in the media, politics, entertainment and finance, according to Sky News.

In other words the salacious-loving Vanity Fair is awarding Steele, the defamed author of the debunked dossier about Donald Trump’s ties with Russia via the ‘Golden Shower’ trash story, high praise for what should rightfully be called its ‘2018 Filth Award’.

Is Hillary Clinton’s cough a curse?

Oct 9, 2018 — Judi McLeod

Is Hillary Clinton’s cough a curse?
During an epic 2016 presidential election campaign whose results were to dump Hillary Clinton further back into the nether regions of Never Never Land,  histrionic-geared Hillary coughed and went Whoopsie!  falls the whole way through.

Never before had a presidential candidate coughed their way all the way through a campaign.

Fr. Z outs Colbert’s Show Priest Jesuit James Martin in “Glad We Ruined Kavanaugh’s Life” Tweet

Oct 8, 2018 — Judi McLeod

Fr. Z outs Colbert’s Show Priest Jesuit James Martin in “Glad We Ruined Kavanaugh’s Life” Tweet
Secular media—including Fox News—would be more up to date if they read newsworthy blogs like Fr. Z’s.

The witty and often savvy Fr. Z points out that Ariel Dumas, a writer for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, who posted on Twitter “Whatever happens, I’m just glad we ruined Brett Kavanaugh’s life”, later locking her account,  shares birds-of-a-feather status with homosexual activist and Jesuit priest, Fr. James Martin.

Impeach “Resistance” Leader Barack Obama

Oct 7, 2018 — Judi McLeod

Impeach Resistance Leader Barack Obama
That was Barack Hussein Obama’s “Resistance” creating the unhinged ruckus on the steps of the Capitol and pitching hissy-fit screeches from the gallery as votes were called on the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation yesterday.

It was a raucous scene forced on the masses whether wanted it or not.

The Camera Doesn’t Lie Because Seeing Is Believing

Oct 5, 2018 — Judi McLeod

The Camera Doesn’t Lie Because Seeing Is Believing
A maxim seemingly lost on Brett Kavanaugh scandal monger Dr. Christine Blasey Ford: “Seeing is Believing”.

“Seeing is Believing”  worked for untold numbers in the public masses who got to watch this video depicting Senator Dianne Feinstein within moments of her having seen the results of the supplemental FBI investigation, which came up empty.

When the Braying Democrat Jackass Cries Wolf One Too Many Times

Oct 4, 2018 — Judi McLeod

When the Braying Democrat Jackass Cries Wolf One Too Many Times
Thank you,  Christine Blasey Ford.  The uncorroborated scandal in which you played the leading role, the one meant to take down Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh, backfired and is taking down the Democrat Party instead.

It’s never prudent to run away and join the circus even when it’s the likes of Democrat trusty Dianne Feinstein waving the carrot under the donkey’s nose.

Christine Ford ingénue Flake Continues to Write The Kavanaugh Narrative

Oct 3, 2018 — Judi McLeod

Christine Ford ingénue Flake Continues to Write The Kavanaugh Narrative
The mega hyped Christine Blasey Ford sexual assault scandal against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, played out on television for millions,  has delivered a desperately needed oxygen tank to the Robert Mueller III-headed Special Counsel probing the failing Russians-Stole-The Election conspiracy.

On death watch for the past 18 months, the counsel lacked as much oxygen as it did evidence.

While Ford was giving sworn testimony that even Fox News repeatedly claims was “convincing”, her ingénue Senator Jeff Flake was readying himself to enter Stage Left from an elevator where he was overtaken by the latest two new victims for the FBI Kavanaugh investigation he masterminded on Friday.

How the Democrat (Resistance) Hijacked the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court Nomination

Sep 30, 2018 — Judi McLeod

Christine Blasey Ford
The Enemy of the State—Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and other Deep State riffraff—walk in digital footsteps, which can always,  like footsteps in the snow,  be brushed away at will.

But the painstakingly hidden truth, can always be unearthed by those willing to blow away the layer of ash that covers it.

More Like a Hijacking Than A Democracy, Senator Graham

Sep 29, 2018 — Judi McLeod

More Like a Hijacking Than A Democracy, Senator Graham
Something truly game-changing happened in the Senate yesterday.  Due process and what millions thought was Rule of Law went out the window with Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, whose hearing was stalled for at least another week.

We’ve reached the perilous stage where anyone with an axe to grind, driven by political, or any other motive,  can destroy anyone’s reputation, family and career with unproven allegations, splashed liberally throughout the media, with the help of elected officials.

Message to Senate: Wake us up when it’s over

Sep 27, 2018 — Judi McLeod

Christine Blasey Ford Surfs Into Washington
Today’s Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court Hearing is destined to go down as ‘The Crowning Glory of Entertainment News’, the big finale of what the mainstream and social media have been building on for more than the last decade.

Entertainment is News.

They’ve even borrowed the teaser from television serial finalés, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats, never knowing what comes next.

What gives here?

Sep 26, 2018 — Judi McLeod

Beth Wilkinson
Is Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh so caught up in the sewer into which crazed Democrats have thrown him that he may have chosen hearing legal representation capable of tanking his chances of being appointed?

“Beth Wilkinson, the attorney for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, tells CNN’s John Berman she does not think Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford ran in the same social circles, but says it’s possible they “may have met.” (CNN, Sept. 26, 2018)