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A Battle For The Soul Of The American Republic

By —— Bio and Archives--November 1, 2018

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A Battle For The Soul Of The American Republic
My fellow Americans, the stakes could not possibly be higher for our beloved country, with respect to the upcoming ‘ 18 national mid-term elections. The critical choice to be made between the Republican or Democrat candidates before you, could not be more brutally stark or patently obvious.
All too frequently, American mid-term elections are treated as an annoyance of sorts, in which many voters decline to participate. However, in this case, your decision to either not participate in the election process or to vote for the wrong candidate could comprise the functional equivalent of plunging a knife into the very soul of America.


Pitched battle for the very soul of our country

I can assure you that I’m not being overly dramatic or engaging in mere hyperbole, when I make such a claim. Like it or not we are truly engaged in a pitched battle for the very soul of our country. Forgive me for being so blunt but the truth can really hurt.

The sick and toxic contemporary version of the Democrat Party has effectively declared war on the most honored and virtuous attributes, virtues, mores and guiding principles which have made America the most exceptional country on Earth.

The virtually sacrosanct concepts of truth, honor, veracity and dignity have been completely discarded by the Left in America, as they continue to engage in their insatiable quest for political power. The Democrats are in a virtual state of personal and societal decay which unfortunately is extremely contagious. A contagion which is especially dangerous for millions of gullible, naïve or simply ignorant voters. Individuals who tragically choose to detach themselves from and ignore truth and reality.

The Democrats, who have now moved into the fanatical realm of radical left-wing extremism, have also chosen to crush the few remnants of the moral, ethical and spiritual compass, which they used to possess many years ago. They are now trapped in a truly sinister cycle where they are continually and futilely compelled to defend the indefensible, excuse the inexcusable, deny the undeniable and refute the irrefutable.

For almost two years their leadership in the halls of Congress have been engaged in a despicable, reprehensible, mendacious, vile, obsessive and insidious campaign to destroy a duly elected President and his extraordinarily positive agenda for America. Not so long ago, it would have been hard to imagine a President who actually keeps the promises which got him elected.

Democrats, who have now moved into the fanatical realm of radical left-wing extremism

It would have been almost impossible to imagine a President who has compelled North Korea to the bargaining table, who has destabilized the utterly hostile radical Islamic terrorist threat represented by the regime in Iran, who has obliterated the ISIS caliphate and who has created the greatest economic boom in American history.

A President whose incredible record of achievement and success in the overall domestic and international political and economic spheres is unprecedented in our entire nation’s history. A record achieved even in the face of constant and completely fraudulent attacks by the Democrats, their odious allies in the so-called deep state and their now official and totally biased propaganda arm otherwise completely mischaracterized as the mainstream media. All comprising a perfidious record of treachery and betrayal on steroids.

To be brutally honest, if the mainstream media had not been completely derelict in their duty to report the truth in an unbiased and objective manner during both the Obama and Trump administrations, the Democrats would be obliterated in the upcoming mid-term elections.

Not only do the Democrats get absolutely no credit for our country’s amazing success stories since the election of Donald Trump, they actually resisted, impeded and obstructed our successes every step of the way. By every logical and rational metric, his positive achievements for America during his Presidency have been nothing short of miraculous.

As the Republicans endeavor to rebuild the promise of America, the Democrats do everything in their power to tear our country down. The recent Republican political campaign phrase, “ results versus resistance “ could not be more applicable or appropriate to describe our current state of political affairs.

With respect to this President, Democrats, who are fatally consumed by a totally misguided and misplaced sense of hatred, have engaged in an unprecedented campaign of vitriol, vindictiveness, resistance, obstruction, hypocrisy, sedition, subversion and sabotage against our President, the Republicans in Congress and our Constitution. The President’s own family members have routinely been subjected to the same types of vicious, malevolent and unconscionable personal attacks. Democrats clearly have no sense of shame as part of their conscience or psyches.

Stop embracing and enabling evil and send the Democrat Party and the Left in America into the oblivion they so richly deserve

What is also clear is the so-called agenda which will be executed if they successfully take control of the U.S. House and/or Senate. There are absolutely no positive features or solutions in their agenda which are designed to benefit our country and its citizenry. Their intent is simply to continue their efforts to destroy this President and his remarkable record of success by any means possible.

They will continue to sow discord among our citizenry and paralyze our nation’s recent success stories and the President’s ability to continue with his efforts to make America even more prosperous and safer. Hence, by design or omission, they will inflict as much damage and harm upon our nation as they can along the way. Simply put, by supporting virtually any Democrat for political office, you will be engaging in one of the most senseless, reckless and irresponsible acts imaginable. Do you really want to push a self-destruct button which will undoubtedly cause grievous harm to you, your family and nation?

For any potential voter who actually believes that the conduct and performance of the Democrat Party in this ongoing debacle are, in any way, positive, constructive, beneficial or healthy for America, you’ve been infected by the soul killing contagion I described above. Fortunately, the cure is readily available to you, but only if you’re willing to seek out the truth and voluntarily reenter the world of reality. For you see, the famous old adage, “ the truth will set you free “ has never been more applicable than in this context.

I can only pray that every American will see finally see the light, stop embracing and enabling evil and send the Democrat Party and the Left in America into the oblivion they so richly deserve.


Helpless children sacrificed on the sacrosanct altar of the Left could not even raise a finger to defend themselves

To adequately illustrate the clear and present danger the Democrats pose to America’s future, every voter simply needs to imagine the following standard message at the end of virtually every Democrat’s political campaign advertisement. In lieu of the candidate’s voice, simply substitute an ominous voice starkly declaring, “ I am the Father of Lies and I approve this message. “ I hope this gets the actual point across about the true nature and extent of the peril our country is facing.

The valid question at his point of time for all voters to ask is how the Democrat Party fell into this insidious realm of darkness. Although I previously addressed the current and odious structural nature of their Party, we also need to evaluate the even more odious foundation on which this structure has been erected.

In the most cruel and diabolical fashion imaginable, this foundation is comprised of the corpses of over sixty million completely innocent unborn children. Precious babies who have been slaughtered in their mother’s wombs or partially emerged therefrom.

To put this appalling and horrendous statistic into a proper perspective, please take notice of the staggering fact that approximately the same number of individuals lost their lives as a direct result of World War II. Many of these millions were combatants that could at least put up a fight, but the innocent and helpless children sacrificed on the sacrosanct altar of the Left could not even raise a finger to defend themselves.

A political party which so openly embraces, supports, encourages and rationalizes this singularly profound example of evil has unquestionably lost its soul

A political party which so openly embraces, supports, encourages and rationalizes this singularly profound example of evil has unquestionably lost its soul. The Democrat Party now embodies and personifies the most horrific form of evil imaginable, to its eternal shame. I shudder to imagine what God eventually has in store for the individuals who have so actively and deliberately turned the hearts of millions of mothers against the hearts of their innocent unborn children.

It is so easy to discern, on a comparative basis, that any American who supports, condones or rationalizes this monstrous form of evil, will find it abundantly easy to support, condone or rationalize the other types of evil misconduct routinely displayed by the Democrats as described above.

You also need to ask yourself a couple of other questions of an entirely practical nature. Are you, your family and nation in a far better off position than two short years ago? If we allow the Democrats to take control of the House and/or Senate in the mid-term elections will you, your family and your nation be in a far worse position two short years from now. If you’re honest with yourself, the answer to both questions is an unqualified yes.

As harsh as this reality may be, as I previously stated, the truth will set you free. May God bless and save America.


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