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A Battle For The Soul Of The American Republic

Nov 1, 2018 — Bill Reynolds

A Battle For The Soul Of The American Republic
My fellow Americans, the stakes could not possibly be higher for our beloved country, with respect to the upcoming ‘ 18 national mid-term elections. The critical choice to be made between the Republican or Democrat candidates before you, could not be more brutally stark or patently obvious.
All too frequently, American mid-term elections are treated as an annoyance of sorts, in which many voters decline to participate. However, in this case, your decision to either not participate in the election process or to vote for the wrong candidate could comprise the functional equivalent of plunging a knife into the very soul of America.

Absolutes and Picking Sides

Oct 13, 2012 — Bill Reynolds

With an America in a state of grave peril, with the most crucial election in our nation’s history mere weeks away and with more than three and one-half years’ of time to observe the utterly reckless and woeful Obama Administration in action, we must all finally confront some very bitter facts and observe some profoundly disturbing absolutes.

Although some might say the only absolute in the universe is change, I would submit that a number of additional and particularly sinister absolutes have also befallen America during Barack Obama’s term as President.

Art Horn: The Climate War Should Be Declared Over

Apr 5, 2011 — Bill Reynolds

Energy Tribune

Whether you know it or not the industrialized world is at war, a climate war. The industrialized world didn’t ask for it, it has being forced upon us. The fossil fuel burning world is being attacked by factions that want to extract the wealth of the prosperous nations to pay for a remaking of the world and “save it” from the industrialized nations crime of releasing carbon dioxide into the air.

Preventing National Suicide, Restoring the Republic and Avoiding Another Revolutionary War

Oct 25, 2010 — Bill Reynolds

In Parts 1 and 2 of my Bitter Truth Trilogy of essays, and in keeping with the title of this Part 3, I discussed the irrefutable fact that our nation is currently trapped in a crisis of virtually Biblical proportions and described the essential need for all rational Americans, of good will and conscience, to immediately begin to martial their forces to overcome this epic national tragedy and thereby avoid committing national suicide. I suggest we begin this process by asking God to forgive us of our individual and collective sins, because we will have no chance to overcome all of the formidable obstacles facing us, without his help and blessings.

How We Got Ourselves Into This Perilous Position

Oct 20, 2010 — Bill Reynolds

In Part 1 of my Trilogy, “ The Perilous State of Affairs in Modern America “, I asserted that America is fully immersed in the most perilous and unchartered of waters, our nation has ever encountered.

The Perilous State of Affairs in Modern America

Sep 14, 2010 — Bill Reynolds

As this writer contemplates the essential nature of the following three ancient adages: “ the truth will set you free “, “ the truth sometimes hurts “ and “ there are none so blind, as those who will not see “, you, as the reader, should be prepared to manifest some courage, open your eyes and start actively seeking your freedom. Unfortunately, as you pursue this true path of enlightenment, you should also be prepared to experience an exceptionally harsh, painful and bitter measure of truth and reality, that may literally shock your conscience.

Only in Hollywood

Sep 1, 2009 — Bill Reynolds

Have you heard about the new multi-trillion dollar Hollywood blockbuster that started production on January 20, 2009?  It’s a tragi-comedy that involves the absolutely astounding story about an American electorate, who willing succumbs to one of the greatest frauds perpetrated in human history and recklessly decides to abandon their critical thinking skills, completely ignore the lessons of history, utterly detach themselves from facts, truth and reality and elects an extremist as President, who, by any rational standard, could not possibly be more unqualified, unworthy and unfit for the job.