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"Golden/Platinum Plan"

A challenge for all MP’s

By Chris Gilmore —— Bio and Archives--January 31, 2012

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Honourable Members,

As a taxpaying Canadian, who is nearing retirement, I am very disturbed by the news of impending changes to our pension plans. Before any Government looks at the plans of the Canadian citizens, I strongly feel there needs be a rewrite of the “Golden/Platinum Plan” that the MP’s have.

Reducing the taxpayer portion of matching dollar from $23.00 down to $1.00 for every dollar the MP contributes, is fair enough compensation.

I also feel strongly that the MP should have to wait until the age 65, or what ever you change ours to, before being able to draw pension.

We do appreciate your contributions to our society but the time has come for common sense to prevail and stop this blatant money grab. Those MP’s who have reform roots should realize we still remember those old promises that were made.

All MP’s of all stripes had better realize Canadians have had enough abuse in this area of our taxpayer dollar! Don’t even think of changing ours without “major” reforms on yours first!

Show us how it is done by example!

Thank you,
Chris Gilmore
Logan Lake, BC

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