A blessed Christmas to one and all

A ‘Christmas Card in the Christmas Eve Morning Sky’

By —— Bio and Archives--December 24, 2015

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The best ‘Christmas Card’ in the sky ever seen could be viewed through my windows at quarter to three this morning.  Something awoke me early, and I when I made my way out to the great room, it was flooded with a strange and lovely kind of light.  A look outside the windows showed a huge silver moon, and stars ever so bright, one of them the brightest of all, recalling that one special night in Bethlehem to mind.

Even though the winds were high,  Lake Huron to the west in my view looked like a huge moon-polished mirror.

It was a rare and breathtaking view, a ‘Christmas Eve Morning Christmas Card’ sent from the Creator.

How I wished I could have captured it in a picture, framed it, and sent it on to anyone who could find Canada Free Press..

No other Christmas card, no matter how beautiful, could ever match it.

Three hours later after talking on the telephone with my friend Cathy in South Carolina, the brightest planet I had ever seen, hung lamp-like,  hovering outside my windows.

Like everywhere in the north east, this Christmas is more like Easter, weather wise along the usual frigid-in-December shores of Lake Huron.

The day time skies as I am writing this is a cloudless blue and sunny one with gentle breezes playing through the trees, all of it making it hard to believe it truly is Christmas Eve.

If the weather holds, the same kind of luminous silver moon and stars will be on view on our way to and from Midnight Mass along quiet country roads tonight.

If the forecasted rains don’t come, being out on the deck moon and star gazing will take us to faraway Bethlehem where Mary, Joseph and the Christ Child once were on this holiest of nights. 

It’s been a Christmas Eve morning as outstanding in its own way as the one we spent in a Massachusetts cemetery in 2008, about which I wrote a column that will be posted tomorrow.

All day today, I will be waiting to catch O Holy Night, which always brings goosebumps, on Sirius XM Radio.

Meanwhile, my ardent but impractical wishes to have been able to frame and send the ‘Christmas Card’  I saw in the sky this morning have already come true.  God’s ‘Christmas Card in the Christmas Eve morning sky wasn’t just left there for me.  It was there, and may come again tonight for all who believe.

A blessed Christmas to one and all.


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