Special Message from Brigadier General Charles Jones III

A Declaration to Restore the Constitutional Republic

By Charles Jones, B/Gen., USAF (Ret)—— Bio and Archives--October 26, 2011

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“A CALL TO STAND!”—-  Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness should be the goal of every adult American citizen, not only for themselves, but for future generations.


That quest cannot become a reality unless each adult citizen possesses a patriotic mindset.  The facts show that amassing self-serving political power and gaining wealth has displaced American patriotism among our government representatives, resulting in a deplorable lack of integrity and honor from our elected and appointed officials.  Most Americans no longer trust their government.

Concerned American veterans and patriots, spurred to action by flawed and misguided interpretations of the Constitution, are determined to correct these ill-advised, if not traitorous, Constitutional perversions.

In accordance with The Constitution of the United States and the Declaration of Independence, they seek a peaceful solution to the tyranny facing We the People and the generations that follow.

It is apparent, based on many indisputable facts, that individual liberty, possession of property, national sovereignty, national security, and freedom will not survive if the present political power base prevails.

Therefore a course change is now required as determined by millions of Americans, and spelled out in “A Declaration to Restore the Constitutional Republic.” 

The electorate voted for a President, not a tyrant.  They do not want autocrats in any branch of government.  Despots by their nature ignore constitutions and run roughshod over the laws of the land.  Tyrants also over-regulate, and confiscate the citizen’s wealth; the people end up becoming economic slaves.

We The People are the back-bone of The Constitutional Republic of the United States of America.  When 20 to 30 million citizens band together to petition for redress of “a long train of abuses and usurpations,” those grievances must be acted upon.

It must not be forgotten that all Legislative, Executive and Judicial powers are derived from the people.  The restoration of the Constitutional Republic that we were entrusted with now begins by way of the “Declaration to Restore the Constitutional Republic,” and by We The People assembled, banded, and standing together as one unified citizenry.

Charles Jones, B/Gen., USAF (Ret)
Be in D.C. 11.11.11!


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