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I like that our President is striving for real solutions on the border debate

Jan 16, 2019 — Guest Column

I like that our President is striving for real solutions on the border debate and not accepting the temptation to prolong the problem by kicking the can down the road.

He was elected in large part because of his position on border security. Much has been written about why the Democrats have changed their minds on the subject

but regardless, they cling tenaciously to their obstructionist stance.

The people are sick of it.  They want an end to the looping news coverage and analysis. Further, we want an end to the uncertainty. Are we secure or are we not? Do we know who walks our streets, attends our schools, accesses our benefits and commits our crimes? Do we know what new diseases are being seen in our healthcare facilities? Do we know what drugs are on our streets and who is peddling them? Do we believe in the sanctity of our nation? Do we support our immigration policy? This debate has dragged on since the mid-1980s. It is time for a lasting solution.

So, while the process is painful, it is necessary.

The male of our species is endowed with testosterone, the female with estrogen

Jan 15, 2019 — Guest Column

The male of our species is endowed with testosterone, the female with estrogen. Testosterone is responsible for most characteristics considered “male”, muscle mass, facial hair, deep voice. Conversely estrogen is the main hormone responsible for reproductive characteristics in women. It is these 2 hormones that tend to make women nurturing and patient nesters and make men aggressive and protective providers.

It has only been in recent history that those roles have been challenged, denigrated and demonized. Women’s rights have not just allowed but pushed and encouraged women into traditionally male roles. The male has been deposed of his position as sole provider. Now we are moving even further away from nature by demonizing male traits. For example, “toxic masculinity”, what exactly is it? How does one become too masculine?  I have yet to hear the term, “Toxic femininity” but it most assuredly exists. Some women use their feminine wiles to seduce, entrap, and manipulate men.

We seem to believe that by celebrating the differences nature has provided we create women victims and male abusers. Are there both? Absolutely. But, I think it could be successfully argued that societal changes like lack of strong male role models, the obsession with the idea of equality, working mothers, etc. have been the culprit not the hormone levels.

As we approach the new challenges of life in the 21st century, we need to seek a balance where the natural instincts are appreciated and true bad behavior punished.

We won’t benefit by painting either side with the broad brush that we have been using.

You only get one chance to make a first impression

Jan 8, 2019 — Guest Column

Advice from a woman to the new batch of women legislators in Washington DC, you only get one chance to make a first impression.  You carry the hopes, dreams and opportunities of women and immigrants on your shoulders.  You can either be humble, learn, be a team player, set a good example and participate in accomplishing great things or you can be an attention grabbing, crude, loud mouth, who ruins it for those who come after you.  So far, I fear you are the latter.  Just because you got elected, does not mean you will be any good.  Only time will tell.

In reality, the cost of the border wall would a very small percentage of the federal budget.

Jan 7, 2019 — Guest Column

In reality, the cost of the border wall would a very small percentage of the federal budget. It is conceivable that the cost savings from
Homeland Security would offset some because of less need for ICE agents and border patrols, the saving on troop withdrawal from Syria could help, the sale of timber from Federal lands being cleaned for fire mitigation could be considered, and any number of other cost saving measures are certainly possible.

Even though 5.8 Billion dollars sounds like a lot of money (and it is) it is very small when compared with the total we spend annually. This has never been about the money, except as it acts as a control. It is about a philosophy, one where it is difficult to see any compromise. It is a battle between globalism and nationalism.

Prodding Trump’s EPA to reexamine Endangerment

Jan 7, 2019 — Guest Column

Campaign rhetoric strongly suggested that the Trump Administration would redress the Obama Administration’s insane attempts to regulate every aspect of society in a futile attempt to control nature and climate. President Trump withdrew from the Paris Accord, initiated repeal of the Clean Power Plan, sought a reasonable replacement for the plan, and turned off the regulatory fire hose. Great start!

But two years in, it is clear that the administration has stalled on dealing with the most significant part of Obama regulatory overreach: the 2009 Endangerment Finding – the Environmental Protection Agency’s declaration that plant-fertilizing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere threaten the health and welfare of current and future generations.

President Trump is taking a lot of heat for reducing troop levels in Syria

Jan 1, 2019 — Guest Column

President Trump is taking a lot of heat for reducing troop levels in Syria. Sort of makes me wonder, how long do those people think we should
keep troops in a country that commits human rights atrocities, who doesn’t like our country and who cozies up to Russia and Iran? We have all but rid
Syria of ISIS and trained their troops to continue what we have started. If not now, when? If not us, who?

We cannot afford to continue policing the world. We carry the burden of too much babysitting of others. Our military is stretched too thin, endangering our soldiers and stressing our resources.  We need to take care of our own people, secure our own land, reduce our own deficit and mind our own business. Again, this should not be a surprise, President Trump campaigned on this issue. Giving a hand up is one thing. Holding their hand forever is quite another.

Congress has passed 7 amnesty acts since 1986

Jan 1, 2019 — Guest Column

Congress has passed 7 amnesty acts since 1986. Under President Reagan the 1st included provisions to strengthen enforcement and border control. 6 more amnesties were granted 1994, 1997, 1998 (2),  and 2000 (2).  After this there were 2 failed attempts by Congress thanks to a massive push back by the American people. Then in 2014, Pres. Obama took matters into his own hands, unilaterally granting amnesty to about 5 million more people.

It against this backdrop that compromise becomes difficult if not Impossible. If we did not have the trail of broken promises and track record of repeated amnesties, we might be able to agree. But, you see, we don’t trust that this will be the end, that borders will be secure and immigration laws enforced. We would be foolish to think that what is being offered will be done.

This breach of faith must be addressed. It must be acknowledged.

Few people understand sacrifice better than triple amputee and purple heart recipient Brian Kolfage

Dec 24, 2018 — Guest Column

Few people understand sacrifice better than triple amputee and purple heart recipient Brian Kolfage. He also understands the need for enforcing our laws and protecting free speech. Brian has taken on another battle-to do what Congress refuses to do,raise the money to secure our southern border.

But, instead of being ashamed of their gutless response to the American people, the liberal elite are trashing Brian and his family. Who the heck do they think they are? They are the worst sort of people who cannot compete on the field of ideas and beliefs so they resort to threats and name calling. Typical school yard bullies.

But guess what, a lot of Americans believe Brian is on the right track. They are sending their money and signing their names. Jimmy Kimmel says those people are dopey meth users. There are so many things I would like to say to Mr. Kimmel. None are fit to print. Suffice it to say that I believe we need more Brian Kolfages and less Jimmy Kimmels in our world.

Germany’s green transition has hit a brick wall

Dec 20, 2018 — Guest Column

Germany's green transition has hit a brick wall
More people are finally beginning to realize that supplying the world with sufficient, stable energy solely from sun and wind power will be impossible.

Germany took on that challenge, to show the world how to build a society based entirely on “green, renewable” energy. It has now hit a brick wall. Despite huge investments in wind, solar and biofuel energy production capacity, Germany has not reduced CO2 emissions over the last ten years. However, during the same period, its electricity prices have risen dramatically, significantly impacting factories, employment and poor families.

Unfortunately, you and I will be collateral damage

Dec 18, 2018 — Guest Column

The press have not been able to do it. The Hollywood elite haven’t been able to do it. Rumors and accusations haven’t been able to do it.Now the Federal Reserve is taking a crack at bringing our President down. No doubt a crash or even slowing of the economy can do him a lot of harm. Unfortunately, you and I will be collateral damage.

Because the truth is, a healthy economy makes for happy voters. The Supreme Court nominees, renegotiated trade deals, a more stable Korean peninsula,lifting of onerous regulations, and the return of jobs to our soil are very important. But for working families, more jobs, and less taxes have fueled a boom in consumer confidence. And Trump haters can’t stand it.

Too much monkeying by the fed might just send us back to the Obama economy.

Our President is trying to negotiate with people who don’t care if a deal is reached or not.

Dec 17, 2018 — Guest Column

When 2 business people sit down to hammer out a deal, both have something to win and something to lose.

They weigh the gains against the loses. Ideally, both sides come away feeling like winners. This is the world President Trump understands. This is the way he has been successful. It is also the way rational people expect their Congress to function.

We expect them to sit across from each other and stay there until a problem is solved. We want them to do the hard work. In doing so, they will learn about the motivation of the other side and they will gain respect. That’s why business people often say they like one another.

Here’s the problem. Our President is trying to negotiate with people who don’t care if a deal is reached or not. They have no skin in the game. Of the 12 wealthiest Senators only 3 are Republican. Taking an unyielding position on anything from immigration to gun control has no impact on these people. They fly in private jets, have drivers, have multiple homes, domestic help, the finest of healthcare, clothing and food. They give no thought to having money for food, utilities, insurance, or anything else. What would motivate them to compromise? Not a darn thing. They can grind things to a halt with no pain to themselves. That is why we are deadlock in this country.

Baby it’s Cold Outside

Dec 8, 2018 — Guest Column

This entire time wasting, headline grabbing, pure nonsense faux indignation about the song, “Baby it’s Cold Outside” has got to stop.
And any other ridiculous things like banning Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

Regarding the aforementioned song, talk to me when you are done cleaning up and banning the disgusting filth, by Eminem and many others, that passes for rap music these days. I tried to find some that could illustrate my point. None were printable.

Dr. Willie Soon versus the Climate Apocalypse

Dec 1, 2018 — Guest Column

Dr. Willie Soon versus the Climate Apocalypse
“What can I do to correct these crazy, super wrong errors?” Willie Soon asked plaintively in a recent e-chat. “What errors, Willie?” I asked.

“Errors in Total Solar Irradiance,” he replied. “The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change keeps using the wrong numbers! It’s making me feel sick to keep seeing this error. I keep telling them – but they keep ignoring their mistake.”

Astrophysicist Dr. Willie Soon really does get sick when he sees scientists veering off their mission: to discover the truth. I’ve seen his face flush with shock and shame for science when scientists cherry-pick data. It ruins his appetite – a real downer for someone who loves his food as much as Willie does.

America controls our oil industry - SHAME!

Nov 14, 2018 — Guest Column

News confirms that Big Business in USA is manipulating the resistance to Canada’s pipeline to devalue and control Canada’s oil resource. We all know that Canada is losing billions of revenue each week due to the cancellation of pipelines to outside markets. These projects were critical to get our oil to other markets other than the USA. Reports confirming that cheap Canadian oil is subsidizing the American public is sickening.

It is time for our PM to get both east and west pipelines going ‘as a national ‘ issue. IS our country so meek that we let outside interests stop our industries from making a decent profit? Do Canadians not ‘get’ that money from oil is needed to develop new technology by funding ‘research and development’ of sustainable energy?

Although I am NOT an NDP supporter but I am also tired of people blaming Notely for this mess.  It is clearly our Federal government that has not “ponied’ up to the reality that it is CANADA that is being hoodwinked by American businesses. If that is not enough to stoke some NATIONAL action and get those pipelines done, I don’t know what will.

President Trump “setting the tone” for our nation

Nov 5, 2018 — Guest Column

I hear and read a lot about President Trump “setting the tone” for our nation. But I wonder, since we are a nation of, by and for the people, should we not set the tone and then demand it from our leaders? President Trump was elected by an angry and determined middle class that had been used, abused and forgotten. We wanted and needed a fighter, someone who liked and respected us and who knew how to fix things. We chose him, understanding his imperfections as well as his strengths. We are the backbone of America. The early to rise, late to bed, hardworking, family people. We take care of our own business and often suffer in silence. For the first time in many years we saw a leader who would represent us.

There is enough incivility to go around and it didn’t start, nor will it end with one person or one party. Both sides can point a finger at numerous examples of poorly chosen or downright nasty remarks. You and I can only control ourselves, so that is what we should do. Don’t rise to the bait at email postings. Don’t engage in arguments, political or otherwise with family and friends. Listen to others. Listening doesn’t constitute agreement and often is all that is needed.

We can also exercise our vote to bring people on board who play well with others. United we stand, divided we fall. Those are not just words, they are a philosophy to which we should all aspire.

Bernie Sanders opened the door that empowered people to embrace socialism

Nov 5, 2018 — Guest Column

I am a grandparent who had an epiphany today when reading a piece about how Bernie Sanders open the door that empowered people to embrace socialism. My awaking was a sucker punch to the gut-this is my fault and that of many grandparents. Let me explain.

As a child, I knew without a doubt that money didn’t grow on trees and that anything but food and shelter was a luxury. Charity and sharing were part of our everyday life but we knew it was limited by our income and would require sacrifice. I knew that the only way to have food and shelter was to work hard. Things like dental braces, name brand clothing, and college were not part of our necessities.

I wanted better for my children. I wanted them to be free of financial worries in their youth. I wanted them to have an easier life. As a result their children have no concept of how the bicycle, school pictures, extravagant birthday parties, baseball equipment, or annual vacation are paid for. They take them for granted. So the idea of socialism has no meaning to young people who have no understanding of the rewards of work, saving, sacrificing and budgeting.

How many would be sold on the notion if they knew that it would mean a lower standard of living for them? Even those of us who get it and who could deal with going without really don’t want to anymore. It isn’t glamorous. But much of this generation has no idea in the world how to live without frills, much less actual necessities. We have to do better.

Maga Bomber

Nov 5, 2018 — Guest Column

Here in the states, many of us are not buying the story that this was of his doing and by himself..  Other things are, how is it someone like him knew the personal address of Soros or Clintons?  That isn’t public info.  Or how did he hand deliver these pkgs to some of these victims,  in NY state like Soros, while he was still in FL?  Or reported that he was broke and living in his van, yet, had the means and money to send these pkgs, without so much as a USPO cancellation on such?  Which adds to your report pristine decals on a van? These don’t look like ordinary decals, more like a custom job.  Nope.  Whole thing smells fishy.  Sounds like an inside job from the Democrats.  Maybe Hillary had her groupies make these party favors and deliver them personally.  She is Soros neighbor!

This smells like another false attempt by the Democrats to play the victim card, by finding a nobody who wants to be somebody and take the rap.  As you know latest, accusers on Kavanagh have now confessed to lying…No surprise there! 

Hope you keep reporting on this big lie, as it unravels it will lead back to the deep state people still hiding in the FBI and Clintons and Soros, not to mention some Senators that need to be held accountable also.  Hope we see them in orange jumpsuits in Gitmo someday…

A Montana Resident

I don’t care, and I doubt few Americans do care, what Senator Elizabeth Warren’s ethnicity is

Oct 17, 2018 — Guest Column

I don’t care, and I doubt few Americans do care, what Senator Elizabeth Warren’s ethnicity is. But I do care and am troubled by her
rabid need to be Native American. Why is this so important to her that she would make the outrageous claims she has made? It has been
often noted that probably most Americans have a drop or two of American Indian blood. Even a cursory knowledge of American history would
lend credibility to that claim.

Tribal registration requires proof that one has at least 25% blood of that tribe. No less. So while Ms. Warren may have a drop of Native American
blood, big deal. Is that all she has on which to hang her political future?

Being a true member of an native tribe holds special significance that should not be belittled or diminished. We have taken everything they had.
Do we really need to steal their heritage? That feels to me like the final insult.

Cast your vote accordingly. It will have a long term effect.

Oct 16, 2018 — Guest Column

Typically, midterm elections are low turn out and give an edge to the party that is out of power. Presidential elections draw many more people.
This November that may not be true. The deep philosophical differences and the success of the Trump administration coupled with the rancor over the Kavanaugh decision seems to have fired up voters on both sides. In Florida, the voting is also spurred by ecological and natural disasters. Participation is good. Ill informed, party line participation is not.

In our Governor’s race, look at who has a record of accomplishment, who has demonstrated an ability to work well with others, who has a plan of how to solve problems going forward, and who has an understanding of the challenges facing the people of Florida. Ron DeSantis doesn’t believe that socialism solves problem, Gillum does. Cast your vote accordingly. It will have a long term effect.

CNN Claims Mob Harassment is First Amendment Right

Oct 11, 2018 — Guest Column

Re today’s GOPSUSA article “CNN Claims Mob Harassment is First Amendment Right”, check this out from the Daily Signal’s J. Christian Adams, a former Justice Department lawyer, asserting that the threats and interruptions of Senate business amount to a federal crime.

“These are not protesters. It’s a crime to disrupt the U.S. Senate,” Adams told The Daily Signal. “The U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia, Jessie Liu, needs to start enforcing criminal law.”

“If the law isn’t enforced, it’s going to keep happening and get worse. It won’t stop at the Senate; they’ll disrupt the Supreme Court, too,” Adams said.

Such behavior is punishable upon conviction by a maximum of six months in prison, he said.

Adams referred to U.S. Code 4, Section 5104, which says in part:

Violent entry and disorderly conduct.—An individual or group of individuals may not willfully and knowingly … enter or remain in the gallery of either House of Congress in violation of rules governing admission to the gallery adopted by that House or pursuant to an authorization given by that House … with the intent to disrupt the orderly conduct of official business … utter loud, threatening, or abusive language, or engage in disorderly or disruptive conduct, at any place in the Grounds or in any of the Capitol Buildings with the intent to impede, disrupt, or disturb the orderly conduct of a session of Congress[.]