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Here is my issue regarding the Judge Jeanine, Fox news controversy

Mar 19, 2019 — Guest Column

Here is my issue regarding the Judge Jeanine, Fox news controversy. I listened to the monolog, and, yes, she was asking some tough questions but I thought they were fair. We are in 2 camps on this. There are those who believe that the Muslim people are peace loving, refugees, anxious to start a new life in our country and that they are willing to live by our laws. There are those who believe that at least some Muslims in this country
will never live by our laws, will never assimilate, and in their heart of hearts, wish us ill.

It is not that we are different. We are used to differences. What we have trouble with is the establishment of “No go zones” where we are prohibited from enforcing the laws of our land. Or the special exceptions afforded to Muslims such as changing the dress code in Congress. Or the lack of censure of a Muslim for behavior that would have landed a Christian in boiling water. Or special airport screening rules. All of these things point to a group that is unwilling to adapt to our culture and laws. When you couple that with the extreme teachings of the Quran, only a fool would not be at least a little concerned.

Then, there is the most troubling aspect of all, silencing the voices that ask the hard questions.

Doug Ford has turned his back on rural Ontario

Mar 17, 2019 — Guest Column

Doug Ford has turned his back on rural Ontario so I would encourage rural Ontario to turn their back on
premier Ford.

MPP Randy Hillier was elected by his constituents as their representative at Queens Park not to be Ford’s puppet.

Randy has served his riding with great dignity and loyalty to the people.

Due to Ford’s bad judgment on kicking Randy Hillier out of the party, I can longer support the provincial Conservative party and have torn my party membership up.  I urge others to do the same and stop all donations to the party and to stop volunteering for the party.

The Province of Ontario should not be run by a dictator and a bunch of yes people to please Ford.  Our MPPs must be able to speak freely to attain better results.

A couple engages in consensual sex. She gets pregnant. She gets to decide to keep or abort

Mar 12, 2019 — Guest Column

A couple engages in consensual sex. She gets pregnant. She gets to decide to keep or abort. He has no say. But, if she carries the baby to term, he is responsible to support the baby. She has all the power, he has all the responsibility. If she decides to abort, he has zero options. If she opts for adoption, he is consulted. What a screwed up system. We talk a lot about family values yet we marginalize fatherhood in so many ways.

A child has 2 parents. Those parents should have an equal place at the parenting table. If not, you are saying a father is nothing but a sperm donor and check. They are so much more. It is time to recognize that fact.

We can add babysitting to Speaker of the House, Pelosi’s responsibilities in this new Congress

Mar 12, 2019 — Guest Column

We can add babysitting to Speaker of the House, Pelosi’s responsibilities in this new Congress and it may prove to be the hardest job she has. Under her wings are a flock of freshmen representatives who are drunk on power, are inexperienced and each with a special axe to grind. It is actually fun to watch the matriarch try to control and excuse them as they become more outlandish everyday. Her latest tactic with Ihan Omar is to say that she doesn’t understand the weight of her words. Awesome. I hope she is never in a position to speak to a foreign leader, be involved in a committee negotiation, or represent us at an event. Then there is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her New Green Deal. Taking on her is to also take on her puppet master because there is no way she came up with that document without help. Then there is Rashida Tlaib’s potty mouth.

Well, you get the idea. Call it Karma or sweet justice, Nancy isn’t going to have an easy year.

I applaud and support the move in some jurisdictions to establish sanctuaries for gun owners and unb

Mar 12, 2019 — Guest Column

I applaud and support the move in some jurisdictions to establish sanctuaries for gun owners and unborn babies. The rationale makes perfect sense and is right out of the Democrats’ playbook.


I agree with President Trump on this-no free speech, no taxpayer money

Mar 8, 2019 — Guest Column

What a novel idea, the notion that those who feed at the trough of taxpayer funds should abide by the Constitution by respecting the rights embedded within. For too long American History and civics have been left out of Elementary and High School education. At the same time liberal, progressive, and even socialist doctrine have reigned over college campuses. All the while, education on all levels is supported by people who don’t believe in the curriculum. If we are going to fund higher education with taxpayer dollars, then taxpayers or our representatives should have a say in what goes on. Free speech being the most basic. I agree with President Trump on this-no free speech, no taxpayer money.

Democratic Primary participants are refusing Fox news a place at the table

Mar 8, 2019 — Guest Column

It is completely astounding to me that, if reports are correct, Democratic Primary participants are refusing Fox news a place at the table. Seriously? Remember under Pres. Obama CBS News President David Rhodes and ABC News President Ben Shapiro both had siblings that worked under Obama at the National Security Council. Can you say Benghazi coverup? White House Press Secretary Jay Carney was married to ABC new contributor Claire Shipman. CNN President Virginia Moseley was married to Clinton Deputy Secretary Tom Nides. And the list goes on.

Apparently, conflict of interest doesn’t cause Dems any concerns when it is on their side, only when it can be conveniently used to slant a debate result. They must be so proud. Look what we did, we stopped all the hard questions, quelled unfriendly voices, flexed our muscle again. No. No you didn’t. You are coming off as scared, confused bullies whose only hope of winning is to play dirty. I’m quite certain the President, Fox News and the RNC are all doing a happy dance right now. If this is you “going high” can’t wait to see what comes next.

What happens in the real world is corruption, poverty, and despair

Mar 1, 2019 — Guest Column

The thing missing from the discussion regarding socialism is this: supporters assume a benevolent leader. Yet history belies that assumption.

What happens in the real world is corruption, poverty, and despair. Leaders are or become corrupt, they have unlimited ability to syphon off
the riches leaving the people hungry and poor. Taxes are very high while goods and services climb as well.  If it worked as planned, a 70% tax rate
would, in return, give the citizens great medical care, the best in fire, Ems, and police protection, affordable high quality housing and low fuel and utility rates,
in other words, for your 70% donation to the government, the government would care for you well and compassionately from cradle to grave.

Again, that is assuming a benevolent leader. Even ones who might start out that way will end up seduced by the unlimited wealth available to them.

Human nature rarely lives up to our hopes and dreams. People are competitive, egotistical, and opportunistic. A good example of socialism is the Catholic Church
where Priests are given everything they need to live in return for service to God. That has not stopped depravity or corruption from the highest on down as they
attempt to cover up crimes in order to protect the institution.

“All power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Lord Acton

Covering up paintings of Columbus imprisons history

Feb 27, 2019 — Guest Column

Covering up paintings of Columbus imprisons historyASHLAND, Ohio — The University of Notre Dame plans to cover murals depicting Columbus as benevolent toward Native Americans because they offend some people. Is this a silly example of political correctness?  Yes, and it’s harmful too.

A Christian school should be concerned not to offend others, of course.  But to paraphrase Thomas Aquinas, the patron Saint of academics and universities, there is something more important than not offending others, and that’s honoring the truth.  If we do not honor the truth above all, then we build on falsehood, and nothing good, not even enduring concern for others, will come of that.

How long have there been allegations of pedophilia among priests?

Feb 26, 2019 — Guest Column

How long have there been allegations of pedophilia among priests? At least 20 years. During that time Priests have been moved, reassigned and maybe given a stern lashing with a wet noodle. It took years and mountains of testimony for the church to even admit a problem. And even longer for there to be a smattering of real consequences. All the while, children grew to adulthood without the benefit of protection, apology or any sort of justice.

As a Christian, I find this appalling, that an organization based on Christianity would turn a blind eye to depravity within their own churches, against their own children.

It is hard for an outsider to fathom that no parent, church secretary, teacher, or member of the congregation saw or felt anything concerning. Or if they did have suspicions why they didn’t push the point. Even worse is that there was very little coverage of the situation or in depth investigation by news agencies.

It has taken Pope Francis 6 long years to condemn priest sexual abuse and to “Launch an all out battle” which seems to be long on words but short on an action plan.

In the meantime, I hope local law enforcement agencies will do what the church has been unwilling to do-punish the offenders to the full extent of our laws. This is one area where we can and should be a leader on the world stage.

What I often hear from my liberal acquaintances is that a wall is not a message we want to send

Feb 24, 2019 — Guest Column

What I often hear from my liberal acquaintances is that a wall is not a message we want to send.  It does not represent our values.  Those same people support abortion.  Should I glean from this that approving the murder of babies is a message we do want to send?

The issue about the wall has nothing to do with messaging, right or wrong, rule of law, or, in fact, what they actually believe.  It is all about thwarting a duly elected President, because he is doing things they don’t like.  If it were really about our image, there are other things that send negative messages, but are okay with Dems.

It would be refreshing if we could all be honest about our motivations.  Or, at a minimum, articulate the rationale.  For me, killing babies is not OK.  And, yes, protecting our sovereignty is OK.  I am not ashamed to say so.  And I can explain why.

Jussie Smollett’s Hate

Feb 21, 2019 — Guest Column

Conservative pundits have pointed out that Democrat elites and the so-called “mainstream” media were quick to accept actor Jussie Smollett’s story of being assaulted by two Trump-supporters.

It is clear now that he lied. Smollett said his attackers were white and that he would have been believed without question if his assailants had been “Muslim,” “Mexican,” or “black.” They were black.

Australia Facing a Brick Wall of Blackouts

Feb 20, 2019 — Guest Column

The Chairman of the Saltbush Club, Mr Jerry Ellis, today warned that Australia needs more reliable baseload power.

“With the population and the economy growing, but with electricity availability and reliability in decline, we are racing headlong into a brick wall of blackouts.

“Recession and disruption will probably follow, bringing to mind those memorable 1990 words of Paul Keating: ‘This is the recession we had to have’. Except in this case the recession will be self-inflicted.

I have a dream. If dreaming is still allowed?

Feb 18, 2019 — Guest Column

I have a dream. If dreaming is still allowed?  In my dream, babies are afforded the same rights as Guantanamo Bay detainees, war criminals, animals in shelters, snail darters, manatees, and unauthorized trespassers into our country. I dream that a life conceived will be loved, sheltered, nourished, humanely treated and protected from murder. I dream that we will one day soon accept responsibility for the unborn child. I dream that we will have the courage to talk to young people about the rights and responsibilities of being sexually active and that we will help them through difficult times with compassion so that they don’t feel they have no option except abortion. I dream that soon we will understand that abortion, certainly after the first trimester, cannot be called anything except murder. I dream that we will become the people we pretend to be, a people who live their human rights not just spout words.

Boy, talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

Feb 18, 2019 — Guest Column

Boy, talk about shooting yourself in the foot. The protesters in New York who object to Amazon getting tax breaks or economic incentives have killed the goose. Now some other lucky state and city will benefit. Where were those protesters when sports stadiums received huge incentives? In this case we are talking about jobs and tax revenue and economic vitality.

I have never been a fan of bribing business to come to any area. The benefits to both sides should be all that is necessary. But we have evolved into a practice of incentivizing business. And we have a segment of our population who, in the absence of an understanding of the business world, oppose businesses based on the belief that “businesses are too wealthy”. Driving away business based on erroneous beliefs is (to be kind) misguided.

This is a great opportunity for a public discussion and education.

To what end will the “Russia Collusion” issue continue?

Feb 17, 2019 — Guest Column

To what end will the “Russia Collusion” issue continue? Do we not trust our Senate Intelligence Committee? Or do we only mistrust our oversight regarding Donald Trump? We are supposed to trust the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs regarding Hillary Clinton’s emails. We are supposed to trust the House Select Committee on Benghazi. We are supposed to trust the FBI that there is no evidence of IRS targeting conservative groups even though a settlement was paid.

Even the most ardent Trump hater has to admit that there is a point where we say that the people charged with investigating find nothing (or say they find nothing) so we have to move on. And, hey, we’ve been in your shoes, we understand.

The Roar of Waste

Feb 10, 2019 — Guest Column

Watching the Burdekin Falls Dam with around six metres of water going over the spillway following flood rains in the catchment, we must remember that this is not a rare occurrence.

The Roar of WasteAs far back as 1875 there are records of the Burdekin River rising over 18 metres in just a few hours and repeated reports of 1 to 6 metres of water above the bridge deck at Inkerman. Records of high river flows lasting weeks and months are not uncommon. Following a cyclone in December 1974 the river remained at flood height until April 1975.

These flood flows can exceed 5 mega-litres per second (almost half a million ML every day). This is sufficient to fill our oldest irrigation storage, Burrinjuck Dam, from empty, every two days.

Uncle Sam plays taxpayers for suckers by subsidizing the ultra-rich!

Feb 7, 2019 — Guest Column

Uncle Sam plays taxpayers for suckers by subsidizing the ultra-rich!WASHINGTON, D.C. — Relatively few Americans have electric cars.  But every American taxpayer has helped pay to buy them and keep them on the road.

That’s because Uncle Sam subsidizes those buying electric vehicles with a $7,500 tax credit.  Add in-state and local government incentives and the “free money” can easily top 10 grand.  And it keeps flowing in the form of perks like subsidized charging stations and access to HOV lanes. 

Who benefits most from these government giveaways?  Primarily people who don’t need help buying a car.

Roe v Wade is a law passed in 1973 that essentially protects woman’s right to make decisions r

Jan 29, 2019 — Guest Column

Roe v Wade is a law passed in 1973 that essentially protects woman’s right to make decisions regarding their pregnancy. It followed the 60s where the country burst out of a puritan heritage into a free love, drugs and music era of Woodstock. It could be viewed as a cultural revolution that emboldened the young people to live a less restrictive lifestyle. As a result, the awareness of unwanted pregnancies and the dismal choices propelled a movement to protect women from back alley abortion clinics.

So, they demanded and won the right to choose abortion and to have those abortions in a safe environment. What has evolved from there is nothing less than shameful. 37 years later we are not educating youngsters on abstinence or prevention effectively enough to greatly eliminate the need for abortion. We are not educating them about the realities of abortion. Instead we protect Roe v Wade so rabidly that we now sanction full term abortions in many places.

It seems to be the prevailing belief that anti-abortionists are Bible toting, fundamentalist so we can turn a deaf ear to the message.

In this day and age, the need for abortion should be all but eliminated. There are ways to prevent unwanted pregnancy. But that can only happen when the population is taught responsibility and educated on the realities of their choices. And it sure won’t happen when there are no consequences.

Well, now Nancy Pelosi not only speaks for us but tells us what we are thinking

Jan 27, 2019 — Guest Column

Well, now Nancy Pelosi not only speaks for us but tells us what we are thinking. She announced recently that the State of The Union address is “so unimportant” for Americans. Excuse me? I think that a President reporting to the people is terribly important. Especially in these times where the intermediaries -congress, the media and Hollywood- distort, obscure and ignore the facts. The President has a duty to us and we have a duty as citizens. Ms. Pelosi’s arrogant belief that she knows what we want and what is best for us highlights much of the problem in this country.