Daily, professional politicians and the liberal monstrosities who control so much of the media/communications industry will continue to the effort to gag the voices that disseminate truth


By —— Bio and Archives--June 6, 2017

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This is certainly not a new topic for me. This is more of a no-brainer, LIFE-AND-DEATH URGENT MESSAGE that must be heralded around the world at light speed. At one time this all would have been filed under ‘DANGEROUS’, and subsequently avoided out of common sense. Today, however, we have professional politicians who, in the guise of humanitarian magnanimity, feature themselves as champions of the ‘poor Muslims’ who are allegedly despised and persecuted by a bunch of hatemongering conservatives. Through oligarchs such as Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, Waters and many others, the truth has been twisted beyond recognition. The following includes a few examples of that willful distortion ... 

Since late yesterday several million people saw a video in which CNN was staging a peaceful gathering of purportedly Muslim ‘demonstrators’ in London. The authenticity and ethics of CNN in that video should be judged by you, my readers who can watch the accompanying clip. To me it’s obvious that CNN was inventing more news to help wipe the blood off of Islam. The actors were supposed to be ‘protesting’  being identified with the Islamic murderers responsible for the slaughter on London Bridge and in nearby Borough Market. And of course the deceptive magic of that counterfeit ‘news’ will in fact work. Because, of the 7 billion or so people on the earth, only a comparative few millions will ever know the real story. I am proud to say that my Canada Free Press readers will be among those informed.

CNN Caught Staging Fake News to Show Muslim Support After London Attacks?

Also, yesterday Prime Minister Theresa May, in a newscast that effectively was almost as contrived, expressed her pain and frustration that the ‘religion of peace,’ Islam, would once again be slandered by the actions of these terrorists whom she claims have nothing to do with the true spirit of Islam. [AUTHOR’S NOTE: SO THERE CAN BE NO MISTAKE, PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT HER WORDS EXPRESSING SUCH SENTIMENTS ARE EFFECTIVELY EVIL AND DECEITFUL BEYOND MY ABILITY TO DESCRIBE IT. FURTHER, ESPECIALLY A WOMAN OF HER EXPERIENCE, EDUCATION AND POSITION CANNOT CLAIM IGNORANCE IN SPOUTING SUCH A LIE. TODAY’S WORLD IS RIFE, OVERFLOWING, WITH WELL RESEARCHED DOCUMENTATION SHOWING THE REAL, DEADLY FABRIC OF THIS DIABOLICAL POLITICAL POWER POSING AS A RELIGION.] Prime Minister May is part of a massive group of liberal, globalist politicians who seem to prefer to use the mayhem and distraction of Islam in order to further their own political interests.

Anyone who knows anything about Islam knows that “violent Islam” is hidden –  in plain sight – right in the Quran amongst the verses that appear to speak of peace. It was a liberal-press emboldened Osama bin Laden who fearlessly declared to fellow Muslims and the world, “Some of you have been lax in one duty, which is to unite your ranks.” And he went on to clarify, “Beware of division … Muslims are waiting for you to gather under a single banner to champion righteousness. Be keen to oblige with this duty!” According to bin Laden, his exhortation was simply, “what Allah and his prophet (Mohammed) have said.” And Osama himself admitted that it was only after he had taken the time to “discover the deeper things” of the Quran that he became a “real Muslim” (jihadding as a world-class murderer and destroyer).

Knowing all this, today’s liberal politicians remain undaunted and skilled masters at lying to the public. They shamelessly appeal to the airhead mentality that constitutes most of today’s intellectually lazy public. Professional politicians in general lean on the fact that the swelling, brainless mass of 21st century American voters gets most of their news and political punditry from Comedy Central. But even an idiot might at least ask, “If Islam is pushing to dominate the rest of the world, why WOULDN’T it, here in the U.S.?” Of course it is.

London Attacks: Theresa May ‘Enough is enough’ - BBC News

The consensus today is that our liberties came packed with the real estate we stole from Native Americans. It’s exactly that kind of naivete/stupidity that will sit still in the face of a moronic sales pitch that compares hundreds of thousands of jihad-infected Iranians and terrorist plants to the legitimately “dream chasing” European and Mediterranean immigrants of a hundred years ago. The two groups could not be further apart in aim or motivation. The effectively unvetted herd of Islamists that surged into America during Obama’s administrations have since been enjoying government housing, welfare, and food stamps, the funding for which could have gone to help American veterans who are living on our streets. President Trump is currently about the business of righting that wrong.

Today’s liberals don’t allow enough light on the subject to give people time to recall or discover that the immigrants of a century ago, mostly from Christian or Jewish backgrounds, hadn’t been indoctrinated, FROM BIRTH, to the idea that America is actually “The Great Satan.” Nor are we to take to heart that the Judeo-Christian Bible from which we drew our liberty and laws is not similarly recognized as authoritative by this influx of open-handed Muslims. And so these new “dream chasers” feel no compunction to obey any law other than their inbred sharia (which is now sprouting like cancer around the world). And beyond that, they are shamelessly lauded by the liberal press every time they take over another town or one of them is elected to a position of great authority in our government.

In an older interview, Sharia4Belgium’s recently imprisoned leader, Abu Imran, smiled confidently as he stressed that sharia and Islam are the same. “Only the words are different, and democracy is the opposite of sharia/Islam.” So even the anti-Islamic WARNING 80 years earlier from Winston Churchill is now ultra-corroborated on our own shores since 9-11 (does anyone remember 9-11?), and now, recently, with various airport bombings, Paris, London, AND, I GUARANTEE YOU, THESE SORTS OF INCIDENTS WILL BE REPLICATED IN THE NEAR FUTURE - AD INFINITUM - WHILE A WILLFULLY IGNORANT WORLD COMFORTS ITSELF WITH THE ASININE NOTION THAT ISLAM AND ‘EXTREMIST ISLAM’ ARE TWO DIFFERENT ANIMALS. AND WHY SHOULDN’T THEY BELIEVE THAT? ALL THE LIBERAL LEADERS OF THE WORLD - WHO KNOW BETTER - ARE PROMOTING THAT FANTASY/LIE. AS I HAVE SEVERAL TIMES STATED, EVERY FOLLOWER OF THE QURAN IS A JIHADING SOLDIER MERELY WAITING TO BE GIVEN HIS ORDERS -FROM THE SAME “AWAKENING SPIRIT” WHO COMMISSIONED OSAMA BIN LADEN.

Islamic Society of Orange County Town Hall, Sharia and the Constitution - Waters


Continued below...

Our former president, Obama, who twice swore to protect us and our Constitution not only looked the other way during his eight years –  he AGGRESSIVELY aided and abetted the progress of Islam’s injection into our limping and borderless nation. In days to come, from these seeds, America is absolutely destined to see Islamic violence that I believe will make Islam’s recent carnage look like a walk in the park. When those days happen (what history has commonly defined as “too late”) we will then, FINALLY, see our ISLAMIC SYMPATHIZING leaders – WHO CERTAINLY KNEW BETTER – as the plants they will have then been proven to be. In the meantime, those of us who are quite frantically begging for caution are dismissed as racist paranoids. Islam, by the way, is not a race.

While the girls on ‘The View’ continue to treat Islam as the peaceful, misunderstood lamb that Western Islamic women hucksters like fake feminist Linda Sarsour continue to represent it as, gullible Americans by the millions are swallowing that lie. While British Prime Minister Theresa May continues to promote Islam in that same falsely pacifist light simply because most voters don’t want to offend the hooded cowards who demand their spineless compliance, that deceptive momentum will continue to build. Daily, professional politicians and the liberal monstrosities who control so much of the media/communications industry will continue the effort to gag the voices that disseminate truth.

In the interests of the survival of peace, true Godliness and innocent lives, I am begging my readers - around the world - to spread this and kindred messages to everyone you can! You have helped in the past, in crucial elections on both sides of the planet, and other efforts. I am once again asking for your joining in a fight for the welfare and safety of humanity.


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