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Dave Merrick, Davemerrick.us is an internationally known and published artist whose works reach into the greatest diversity of audiences. Known primarily for his astoundingly lifelike portraiture, Merrick’s drawings and paintings grace the walls of an impressive array of well-known corporate and private clientele. Many of his published wildlife pieces have become some of America’s most popular animal imagery.He has more original work in the Pro-Rodeo Hall of Fame than any other artist. His wildlife and Southwestern-theme work is distributed internationally through Joan Cawley Galleries of Scottsdale AZ.

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The Devil’s Shell Game Transforming the USA Into ‘Amerika’

Mar 15, 2019 — Dave Merrick

The Devil’s Shell Game Transforming the USA Into ‘Amerika'There is a meme floating around the net showing a picture of Morgan Freeman making a statement to this effect: “If our government wants to regain the faith of its people, they should start by throwing Hillary Clinton into prison.” Even if he didn’t say it, that is, nonetheless, the solid truth put into layman’s terminology. But it is way too late. And we all know that it’s not going to happen—at least, not like it should.

For the entire eight years that conservatives endured Obama’s crooked headship, the Internet was rife with teasers clawing for our attention ... “OBAMA IS GOING DOWN!!”, “THIS TIME HE’S GONE TOO FAR!!”, “HERE IS THE SMOKING GUN WE’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR!!” And so on, and so on , blah, blah, blah ... Those and literally millions of others. It was all just more of the same cheap shuck that keeps the naive and hopeful coming back for more. Now it mostly fluctuates among Obama, Clinton and Comey. And there are a host of others helping to distract us from the things we should absolutely be keeping our eyes glued on.

The Devil’s Slip Is Showing

Feb 9, 2019 — Dave Merrick

The Devil's Slip Is ShowingToday lies are told and believed - simply because some criminal mind could see some obvious gain in propagating whatever satanic fabrication is convenient. Take for instance, “The wall (at our southern border) is immoral!” Really? How can that be? Unlike the Berlin Wall, it is not being built to keep anyone in our nation. It is only meant to keep evil - known and unknown - from entering our nation and accosting our citizens!

We Have Met The Enemy, And He Is ... Not At All What We Had Expected

Jan 9, 2019 — Dave Merrick

We Have Met The Enemy, And He Is ... Not At All What We Had Expected
I am seeing more and more articles popping up confirming that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is not the dumb girl from the Bronx she pretended to be on her way to getting elected. The new Congresswoman for New York’s 14th congressional district is now only loosely maintaining the ditzy ruse she and the DNC cooked up in order to attract more of the emerging, dumbbell, snowflake left. Canada Free Press scooped America when we called total BS on her act, in the article, “The Manchurian Counterfeit”, which ran November 20 of last year. She is NOT stupid, folks. She is DECEPTIVE. When she staged the hammy protest outside of Pelosi’s office last November, I am certain she had cleared the whole matter with Nancy before it ever happened. But the morons it was supposed to impress completely swallowed the bait.

‘Collusion-gate’, The Turkey Is Coming Out Of The Oven!

Dec 12, 2018 — Dave Merrick

'Collusion-gate', The Turkey Is Coming Out Of The Oven!
We should all brace ourselves for the coming unveiling of the Frankenstein that has morphed out of what is clearly now Robert Mueller’s ‘Collusion-gate.’ Approaching $20 million and two years in the making, the ongoing and now deafening drum roll for that debut is ever-fluctuating between “... what now?” and “Enough already!” The occasional estimated arrival announcements of this shuck have worn everybody out. In its completely stupid and desperate beginning, a cocky Barack stepped up to the microphone and relegated Hillary’s loss entirely to Russian interference. The cat that jumped out of the bag he’d opened looked around and was visibly wondering what was expected of him. Because there just ain’t no such animal as ‘Russian collusion’.

Please Cry For Me, Venezuela

Nov 26, 2018 — Dave Merrick

 Please Cry For Me, Venezuela
Were you arguing with your liberal friends and relatives over Thanksgiving dinner? You know you did - or at least you have. Do you have liberal friends/relatives? I sure do. Those dunderheads will occasionally, unwittingly send out danger signals, rather like stroke victims (“Your eyes are going in different directions! Curl your tongue for me!”). Some of our liberal friends and family are worth keeping, of course. And those are the ones we should be trying to reach with lifegiving truth. But liberal people, friendly or not, are difficult to reason with, usually because of the damage television has done to their brains. The seriousness of both problems, chronic tv-watching and liberalism, the two go hand-in-hand, demand our continued attention.

Deceivers Leading Many Astray… They’re Here!

Nov 25, 2018 — Dave Merrick

Deceivers Leading Many Astray
My last article, “The Manchurian Counterfeit”, was an obvious thought provoker, given all the places it went and the comments it garnered in response. And again I will come back and beat the drum about the profound effect that liberal network television and now liberal ‘network’ Internet are having on the thinking of my countrymen. People, please, listen up.

If you have some extra time, be sure to read how and why I threw out cable tv, thirty years ago, and literally saved the brains of my precious family. But please just bear with me. I will now briefly recall a conversation I had some months ago with a surgeon friend of mine. He is a conservative’s conservative as well as a brilliant doctor. We were talking about the great improvements that have been made in our nation’s functioning on so many levels.

The Manchurian Counterfeit

Nov 20, 2018 — Dave Merrick

The Manchurian Counterfeit
I have written several articles harping on the roles of television and the Internet in training up programmed humanoids that I call (the older of whom) ‘silver ponytails’ and (the younger that most all conservatives refer to as) ‘snowflakes’. We are today surrounded by a whole new ‘America’ that the lamestream media has been carefully nurturing, like a bonsai tree, for the past fifty years. I quote myself here (something I love to do), because I honestly can’t find too many other people talking about this 21st century phenomenon of the busted hope of America. In a previous article I identified millennials and their offspring as, “... a raw resource (the Left sees only fit) to be exploited, mined and kept in numbing and compliant conformity. Liberal media/entertainment has groomed them to buy and vote for anything that is in the trend they’ve built - politically correct just as mother tv has instructed.”

The Thief Will Never Announce His Coming

Nov 16, 2018 — Dave Merrick

The Thief Will Never Announce His Coming
America is being flipped upside down. Most people seem oblivious to it - largely, I think, because life as we know it is now so lightspeed and multifaceted. And everybody has his own set of interests and problems. Generally, if our personal comfort zone and priorities are pretty much in order, we won’t make much noise (or work to make much of a difference, for that matter). The old saying, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”, is an axiom the genius devil leans on in order to carry out much of his larceny. This present circus of distraction and our laissez-faire contentedness dampen any protest. The evil liberal media (and they are evil) completely understand the magic of keeping people entertained and distracted enough so they won’t realize that their world is being ransacked and strip mined.

Do A Hundred Yards For Captain Jackson

Nov 6, 2018 — Dave Merrick

Do A Hundred Yards For Captain Jackson.
You probably don’t remember Captain Arthur J. Jackson. At 19 he was ‘PFC Jackson’, a kid Marine in World War II’s South Pacific Theatre on Peleliu Island. With his outfit pinned down by intense enemy fire and his brother Marines with their hands full just surviving, Jackson’s sergeant asked him if he could secure a point in a trench about a football field away from where they were stuck. It wasn’t an order. It was just a fast honest query. Private Jackson’s reply was an appropriately eloquent, “Yeah.” He was given leave with a good ‘God speed’. The young soldier slapped a fresh clip in his M1 and went for broke. A half an hour later he had single-handedly cleared the South quarter of Peleliu. A dozen decommissioned pillboxes and 50 dead enemy soldiers were left in his wake.

Judge Righteously And Pray For Righteous Judgment

Sep 29, 2018 — Dave Merrick

Judge Righteously And Pray For Righteous Judgment
Brett Kavanaugh is the absolute picture of old fashioned integrity. And, like the President who is trying to hire him, he is currently being beat up and clawed at mercilessly by satan’s representatives and their cattle-brained followers (the so-called ‘democrats’). The scandal-saturated left is today barely recognizable compared to what it was back when JFK and Hubert Humphrey were at the helm. I have often spoken of the striking contrast that exists between that former and the present Democratic Party that has so drastically morphed into the vile monstrosity it is today. The stark change was initiated by the catalyst of Jesse Jackson’s desperation toss, his ‘Rainbow Coalition’, back in 1984. Jackson had nearly run out of hippies to fuel the foundering ship that had drifted Walter Mondale toward the White House. And so the Rainbow Coalition was born. Like their current push for ‘open borders’ and every other weird fad guaranteed to attract an obligated constituency, the liberals are willing to do anything for votes. They have made themselves the representative umbrella to every kook, pervert and cultist in creation. And, voilà, we have the exact liberty-killing leech that Alexander Hamilton and other framers warned would spring forth in the event that Constitutionally governed America ever lost its God-given conscience. We are there.

Something Remains Rotting In Upstate New York

Sep 2, 2018 — Dave Merrick

Something Remains Rotting In Upstate New York
I didn’t think that my recent article, “Something’s Rotten In Chinatown”, would have time to collect dust before someone like our FBI (a subsidiary of the Democratic Party) might conveniently pooh-pooh the notion that Hillary’s computer system was in fact hacked into by the Chinese. Nevertheless, just the evening prior to my story breaking, the Daily Caller News Foundation had released a very nicely researched and documented story brushing way too close to the truth that leaked from Hillary’s smoke screen even back during Congress’ initial investigations of “e-mailgate”. Then it was discovered that the (conveniently destroyed) classified information on Ms. Clinton’s ‘gas-powered’ computer system had indeed been compromised to adversarial eyes. It was only recently that the Daily Caller’s story answered the question of who it was. I knew, as I was writing that follow-up, that notion would not be allowed to stand. I just had no idea it would be ‘officially’ discredited so quickly.

Something’s Rotten In Chinatown

Sep 1, 2018 — Dave Merrick

Something's Rotten In Chinatown
Two years ago, October 2nd, Canada Free Press scooped this most recent development in Hillary’s e-mail shenanigans. My article entitled, “Finally I Can See What ‘Emailgate’ is REALLY All About!” spelled out the hidden agenda behind Secretary of State Clinton carrying home her classified digital work/e-mails to what I then called a “do-it-yourself, gas-powered, home run computer system.” The Daily Caller News Foundation has now reported that the unauthorized and completely nonsecure computer server at the Clinton home was obviously hacked by a Chinese firm that was “... Involved in collecting intelligence for China.”

Lest We Forget What This Is Really All About

Aug 27, 2018 — Dave Merrick

Lest We Forget What This Is Really All About
Back on the 16th of this month,  I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of our paper and any evidence of the planned, nationwide journalistic attack that was supposed to have been waged against our president that day. The most I could see was a column they had picked up from the Times’ Kathleen Parker. And it was just more of her pitiful anti-Trump tantrum. The spirit of liberal writers like her and Maureen Dowd reminds me of swearing contests I used to take part in behind my uncle’s barn when I was in elementary school.

Waiting Anxiously For The Wheels Of Justice

Aug 15, 2018 — Dave Merrick

Waiting Anxiously For The Wheels Of Justice
Here is Wednesday’s hypothetical situation. Imagine if you will ... The National Rifle Association has hit the streets. Their guns are still holstered, but masked members are running about, sucker punching and clobbering with shot-filled rubber hoses, anybody who is wearing a Hillary Clinton T-shirt or has one of her bumper stickers on a vehicle. Further, imagine that Congressman Jim Jordan gave a speech this morning to a crowd of hyper-reactionary and hysterical conservative listeners.  He advocated that all sorts of physical confrontation and discomfort be generously administered to any liberal members of government who might be seen out and about - shopping or at a restaurant or gas station. The word now is that the gloves are coming off. Democrats are going to start receiving the life-threatening and intimidating pestering they have so long been asking for! And, this word also just in ... In a meeting with China’s President Xi Jinping, our own President Trump was quite accidentally overheard on a live mic assuring Mr. Jinping that, after his second election, in 2020, he will have the irrefutable and irreversible power to keep certain promises made in previous, private conversations. Meanwhile, today many Republicans in major cities throughout the South have been ransacking polling supply warehouses and smashing voting machines owned by Soros Tabulation Incorporated. During the melee, cars and trucks were overturned and a few were set ablaze. And finally, dozens of genuine, Bible-believing Christian denominations have announced that all their pastors nationally will be demanding the investigation, prosecution and removal of most liberal leaders including Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and several others. Those demands, strengthened by an accompanying boycott of several liberal-supporting companies, will begin being preached this coming Sunday morning, and will not let up until the aforementioned people are prosecuted and imprisoned.

Prepare For America’s Communication Suffocation

Aug 15, 2018 — Dave Merrick

Prepare For America's Communication Suffocation
This is undoubtedly the scariest time we have been in since America was founded. We have been here for about a week. Where we are right now makes the Cuban missile crisis or major terrorist attacks, by comparison, look like little more than daily news. One of the reasons I can see it and so many can’t is because I threw out my cable television over 30 years ago. If I want news, I go looking for it from reliable sources. I don’t sit in an easy chair and let some propagandist posing as an anchorman or pundit ram his version of what he wants me to see as news down my throat.

It’s Time To Leave ‘CNN Land’

Jul 31, 2018 — Dave Merrick

It's Time To Leave CNN Land
People are beginning to wake up to the fact that the biggest and most seditious ‘collusion’ in our nation today is the collusion between leftist politicians and the liberal media. I have written several articles about that partnership - collusion - between the liberal media/entertainment empire and leftist politicians. But people, being the sheep that we are, are slow to catch on. Nevertheless, here is one great way of understanding most all the current confusion politically and socially here in America. It really is just this simple: Leftist politicians love to hype ‘socialism’ as the cure for every problem of society. Why? Because in socialism the government holds all the cards. In socialism the government controls the money, and that is where leftist politicians want to be. It makes them all bankers. Ever notice that so many wealthy leftist politicians came into their wealth after they came into their offices? It’s true. Socialism can be compared to a big bucket of milk fresh out of the cow. All the cream floats to the top. That’s where leftist politicians want to be - on top with the cream. Of course liberal media wants to be there, running the show with them.

A Mexican Miracle In Response To The MAN We Know As Donald J. Trump!

Jul 26, 2018 — Dave Merrick

A Mexican Miracle In Response To The MAN We Know As Donald J. Trump!
Former Mexican president Felipe Calderon, during the Obama administration, quickly picked up on our then traitor-in-chief/president’s invitation to the world to use a wounded Constitutional America he was out to ruin as a welcome mat and a grab bag full of bleeding-heart-leftist-enabled entitlements. I remember the shock I experienced watching that wannabe dictator, floating stylishly on all the drug cartel money and funds wired home from illegals, standing in front of our House of Representatives, actually scolding Arizona and the United States for daring to prevent his people from ‘pursuing their dreams’ here in America. Of course when he said that he was met with a standing ovation from the oligarchic socialists on the left side of the aisle. Calderon has never been bashful about bashing the United States for even the right’s attempts at maintaining the integrity of our southern border. With Obama in office, he saw his opening. He probably even rehearsed his diatribe before Barack for his approval. In hindsight, can we doubt that?

A True Story For A Sunday Morning

Jul 24, 2018 — Dave Merrick

A True Story For A Sunday Morning
The night of Jesus’ last meal with his disciples, Jesus told Peter - who had just assured Jesus that he would never be ashamed of their relationship - that (Saint, yes) Peter would in fact deny Him, that very night, three times before the rooster had finished crowing. And that is exactly what Peter did. Peter’s third denial was even made with him swearing at the person who had put the two of them together! By the time the cock had crowed twice, Peter, hearing that, wept bitterly lamenting his own weakness. Peter ran off into the night, ashamed of himself. Jesus was, as always, right. It is still like that, when you are a Christian. At least it was/is for me. I still remember how embarrassed I was, prior to my conversion, for people who openly confessed faith in a real Jesus Christ. People made fun of them. I knew I would get fighting mad if people made fun of me. I was too cool to stand for any of that. The kindred vulnerability to criticism and rejection toward outspoken Christians had a lot to do with my reluctance to seriously consider becoming one of them. As many of you have heard me say before, when Christians would approach me on campus with the stock, “Have you found Jesus?” My reply (and I swear this was then original with me) was usually always, “No, is He lost? If I see Him, should I tell Him to get a hold of you?” (Words to that effect) To this day, at times, I confess I still occasionally get cold feet at having to talk about Jesus in front of certain folks.

Constitutional America Is Indeed The Last Stand For Liberty On This Earth!

Jul 22, 2018 — Dave Merrick

Constitutional America Is Indeed The Last Stand For Liberty On This Earth!
Many things bear repeating nowadays - everything worthwhile, anyway. Anyone, especially writers/commentators who are sharing their thinking, broadcast, quickly learn that at least two thirds of the audience they last had either weren’t listening or will have forgotten some of what was said by their next appearance. And at their next appearance, two thirds of the crowd will be brand-new. Such is certainly the case on the cyberstreets of the Internet. And that being the case, I need to repeat the following bit of truth. For those who have heard it already, forgive me…

America’s Prologue To Tragedy

Jul 9, 2018 — Dave Merrick

America's Prologue To Tragedy
Mr. Zuckerberg has now passed Warren Buffett in billions, taking over the spot for the third richest man on the planet. As Bob Dylan has said, “Money doesn’t talk - it swears.” And young Mark might be the most powerful guy on earth, even despite his wealth, simply because he runs a growing ‘nation’ that contains more people than Russia, China and the USA combined. As I have said before, to watch our Congress officially ‘interrogate’ him is an embarrassment. Except for a precious few, most all of them are fluttering like teenage girls in the early ‘60s asking questions of the Beatles. They don’t behave that way because their kids have so much fun on Facebook. It’s because he is the last man that vote-hungry politicians want to upset. And that kind of ‘economy’ is truly the present state of our union. It’s all about votes, regardless of the cost.