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Dave Merrick, Davemerrick.us is an internationally known and published artist whose works reach into the greatest diversity of audiences. Known primarily for his astoundingly lifelike portraiture, Merrick’s drawings and paintings grace the walls of an impressive array of well-known corporate and private clientele. Many of his published wildlife pieces have become some of America’s most popular animal imagery.He has more original work in the Pro-Rodeo Hall of Fame than any other artist. His wildlife and Southwestern-theme work is distributed internationally through Joan Cawley Galleries of Scottsdale AZ.

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The Night That God Came to the Camp Fire

Mar 12, 2018 — Dave Merrick

The Night That God Came to the Camp Fire
Jesus’ disciples were greatly impressed at the miracles He was performing as they went about their evangelical business. He was healing the sick, restoring sight to the blind, regularly dodging death in various attempts on His life, and He even restored life to people who had died. Miracles were certainly flowing from the merciful heart of a loving God. But the miracles were also intended to drive home the authenticity of Jesus’ divinity and to underscore His invitation for our salvation. Just as we are told throughout Scripture, Jesus Christ - whether you want to hear it, or believe it, or not - is God in human flesh. He is that, even at this very moment!

When His disciples expressed their amazement at the miracles that accompanied Jesus’ ministry, He told them that the works He was doing, His disciples (followers) would do, and even greater works as well! (John 14:12)

I am a believer, a grateful disciple of Jesus. And, while I haven’t yet raised anybody from the dead, I have certainly witnessed many real miracles in my own life - quite regularly. Further, I fully believe that He is preparing His followers for fantastic miracles yet to be performed. As the day of His return gets closer, raising the dead will certainly be included in those miracles. This story is about one of many preparatory miracles that have happened in my life. Every miracle God gives us is a story that is meant to be told to as many as we can. Because each time the story is told, God is glorified, and another invitation is given by God to the listener to receive life everlasting.

Hillary’s Accused “Misogynist”  is Satan’s Public Enemy No. 1

Feb 25, 2018 — Dave Merrick

Hillary’s Accused Misogynist is Satan’s Public Enemy No. 1
Way back when I was a hippie, all the pot and loud music couldn’t cloud the fact that the wrong side of any debate was usually the more dramatic, flowery presentation. The plentiful aesthetics, drugs, sex, music, movies, etc. of the 60s only proved to deaden everybody’s brains. Believe it or not, when LSD and marijuana first became popular,  I was actually excited because I (like eventually even Elvis) thought that drugs could change the thinking that got us into wars and racism. I remember when my flower-child friends were no longer ‘turning on’ for love and deep discussion. They just started doing drugs to get high. All the dope became just a different form of entertainment - beyond alcohol. And I have since sadly watched most all the progeny from that generation dumb down and fight for conformity and nice feelings for their lives instead of thoughtful substance and sanity. Common sense is dead, in that it is no longer common.

The Memo, Pandora’s Box, And The Sword of Truth.

Feb 4, 2018 — Dave Merrick

The Memo, Pandora's Box, And The Sword of Truth
I had little doubt that ‘the memo’ was going to be released. And in my head I immediately had to deal with the inevitable squirming the left was going to do in response to that. I absolutely knew that the left’s leadership - most visibly people like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, et al. - would not miss a beat in meeting that release head-on with all sorts of obfuscation, rhetorical dancing and blatant lies. Nancy P., remember, is confident in her doubledealing: Smiling, she smugly chortled: “Donald Trump is not going to be president of the United States ... Take it to the bank, I guarantee it!” She obviously believed the fix was in. Don’t forget that.

The Democrats Are The Conservative’s Strongest Sales Pitch!

Jan 31, 2018 — Dave Merrick

The Democrats Are The Conservative's Strongest Sales Pitch!

Last night’s State of the Union address from our nation’s greatest president since Ronald Reagan - President, Donald Trump - was, after our weathering two terms of circling in the Obama toilet, a breath of fresh air.

And the same anti-American, Communist Party that has thoroughly infiltrated and occupied the left side of our Congress continued to expose themselves by simply keeping their seats during all the attempts our president made at inviting their cooperation in serving and healing our country. They revealed their complete lack of love or even minimal respect for our nation. THE DEMOCRATS ARE PROUD OF THEIR DECIDED LACK OF ENTHUSIASM FOR ANYTHING THAT HELPS THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!

‘All we need is Jesus’, A Belated Christmas Story

Jan 14, 2018 — Dave Merrick

'All we need is Jesus', A Belated Christmas Story
This holiday season I was especially looking forward to Christmas, much due to the yearly reminder of the unconditional love and blessings that I need so badly and that I’ve been given in Jesus - coupled with the reunion of my beloved family members. It had been an extremely rough year for me. And I was looking to hide from some of my grief by just celebrating God’s unfailing love in the company of my beloved, visiting Christian children. My (now grown) babies are great gifts of unconditional love from my Heavenly Father. And they are this old man’s joy in the face of even life’s darkest moments.

As we prepared for the day, my wife sneaked down to the basement to get our Nativity scene. I love the reminder of Jesus’ birth that I’ve seen traditionally since I was a boy. And she knew that my seeing that all set up would brighten my day. Just as I realized she was missing, I heard a loud crash from beneath our living room floor. A few minutes after that, she reappeared and sadly told me that our beautiful, classic Nativity pieces were destroyed - all but the baby Jesus. She had dropped the box containing the fine porcelain figures , and its contents were shattered. I used that moment’s last bit of strength to assure her that it was ‘no big deal’. Nevertheless we were both really disappointed.

New York City Terrorism Attack: My Crazy Response To Stupid

Nov 1, 2017 — Dave Merrick

New York City Terrorism Attack: My Crazy Response To Stupid
America is starting to ‘go global’ - in a new way.

The terrorism of Paris, London, Berlin ... It’s no longer “over there”. The Lame Stream Media has been working overtime trying to find ways not to broadcast the antics of extremist Islam. To date, it’s been the chore of ‘right wing’ grassroots ‘fake news’ agencies to spread such fanaticism. Now the Big Six is going to have to step up and do some honest reporting - because this junk is right here in our own front yard. The Big Apple is cleaning up bodies left behind by its very own ‘allahu ackbar!’ screaming nut-job from Uzbekistan. And now maybe, finally, America may begin to take a closer look at the denial foisted upon us by oligarchical, wannabe, racist dictators like Barack Obama and that crew.

Sighting Down On The Second Amendment

Oct 9, 2017 — Dave Merrick

Before a people are enslaved, before any nation is taken over, they are first disarmed. That’s just history and common sense. From the inside or out, a nation is always first compromised by the removal of its ability to defend itself. Stalin, Hitler, Mao, et al., they all declawed whatever organism that stood in their way - most especially the people they intended to govern.

When Japan was planning to attack our mainland, their Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto purportedly said that attacking America would be like attacking a sleeping giant - and it is commonly claimed that he warned there would be a gun waiting for them ‘behind every blade of grass’ - indeed, a very reasonable statement. I find it fascinating that online liberal ‘fact checking’ sites adamantly insist that the quote is “bogus”. Further, they go on to say that gun rights activists often haul up that quote in order to drive home an argument for gun ownership - as though simply expressing that concept in such a context were evil.

Another Wicked Crescendo ... Another Urgent Call For Pause And Reflection!

Oct 3, 2017 — Dave Merrick

One of the reasons I write for Canada Free Press is that my editor does not mind a bit when I incorporate my faith in my work. Most places get queasy about that. Religious stuff has a tendency to chase people off. I don’t like writing for religious venues, though, because I don’t want to waste my time talking to the choir. As many of my regular readers know, I myself was once a hardened atheist. And I didn’t want to waste my time reading church magazines.

Today we are barraged with unending commentary about the minutia of all the innumerable and unprecedentedly threatening and weird problems that are popping up and spreading like cancer around the globe. And a thousand different voices are offering their viewpoints and solutions. And the best of them achieve little more than clarifying the truth that so much of the dishonest press is trying to obscure.

Rebels Without A Brain

Sep 25, 2017 — Dave Merrick

I had a friend, Bela, who, along with his comrades, swam the Danube beneath whistling swarms of machine-gun fire during the Budapest Uprising of 1956. You want to tear down some statues, kiddies? He had just helped to topple the giant effigy of mass murderer Stalin and drag his big bronze head into the square where a beautiful old church formerly stood. The church had been arrogantly razed in order to accommodate that ‘gift’ statue for the pig Stalin’s 70th birthday.

Bela was a real revolutionary fighting for the lives and liberty of his countrymen. He and his fellow protesters hadn’t been bussed in by some billionaire ex-Nazi who had it in for Khrushchev. No, he was a student in league with a few genuine priests hoping to restore food and some freedom to fellow Hungarians. The folks Bela ran with didn’t have video games or cyber-social media to help energize their fantasies. They were genuinely oppressed people who were starving in every sense and living under the thumb of Soviet Russia - a misery that the ‘brave’ insurgents now only know about through action movies, if they even make that connection.

In Case You Were Planning To Float Any Long Term Loans ...

Sep 22, 2017 — Dave Merrick

Now it is David Meade, a professing Christian, who is predicting a world’s end and rightfully causing gaping mouths and eye rolls from people who are already skeptics of any sort of spirituality. Thank you, David. Regardless of the special meanings you may have applied to your false prophecy, you’ve given the world yet another opportunity to laugh at God, His Son and his precious word, the Bible.

In a bizarre combination of numerology and astrology, stirred in with some of the Bible’s Book of Revelation, Mr Meade has calculated end of the world ‘as we know it’  on Saturday, September 23. Look out. Put on your aluminum foil hats and scuba suits before bed tonight.

Finally! A President Who Will Lead The Righteous Many In Confronting The Wicked Few!

Sep 20, 2017 — Dave Merrick

Just as a lot of people are talking about today, I had anxiously awaited our president’s address before the UN. And my first response is absolutely that the loudest (but NOT the largest) portion of our nation doesn’t deserve to have this man at the helm. Trump and his supporters, as I often reiterate, are currently being ‘punished’ by the left for being where we are. But, regardless, Donald Trump is doing the presidency as he has done everything else in his life, first-class and full steam ahead. His only ‘difficulty’ in satisfying the political palate of many of the sore losers right now is that he simply doesn’t owe anybody anything we don’t know about. So his straightforward language comes across as unpolished and offensive to some. We are accustomed to our presidents ‘shining on’ the general public because the people who elected them are, once the president is installed, no longer of any importance (until next election, of course).

And Now This Word From Carnival Barker Cory Booker ...

Sep 17, 2017 — Dave Merrick

Millions of words are cascading every few minutes from electronic media and cyberspace. Moment to moment we are truly inundated with the blather of ten thousand voices vying for our attention. Precious few are trustworthy. As I have said so often, this is satan’s and his professional politicians’ heyday. While so many are talking … virtually no one is catching the deception. Any ‘errors’ are conveniently and comfortably made in front of a camera or microphone because the charlatans rest in the knowledge that any ‘corrections’ are published in about a half a column-inch in the lower left-hand corner of the last page of some newspaper’s gardening section. And that paper is fast on its way to a trashcan.

Unsuspecting, comfy America asleep on the coach while being chewed up by the prog/left

Sep 5, 2017 — Dave Merrick

I think the biggest challenge for me today is the contrast I carry in my heart and mind of a better world we left behind. Proponents of our downfall, either wittingly or unwittingly, will adamantly fight against the notion that times or people were ever any ‘better’ than they are today. But indeed both were. Since such a huge crowd of people today ‘live’ vicariously by internalizing hours of imaginary garbage fed to them on a droning tv set, many have lost the reality of the contrast of the good things we have left behind us. And the blurring of that has been diabolically and methodically deliberate. The honor and integrity of our leadership has certainly vaporized without our even noticing.

Today dumb kids, and silver ponytails who are afraid of growing up are tearing down historical statuary in an effort to mimic moments of genuine revolutionary conduct in our history. The kids at least might have a bit of an excuse for so humbling themselves, I think, because negligent parents made no effort to introduce them to real and worthwhile frontiers that actually need conquering. I can find no excuse for the silver ponytails, who know how we got here.

The Attack Of Rotten, Vicious Children In Grownup Bodies

Aug 28, 2017 — Dave Merrick

Nearly a year ago I wrote the following narrative that first appeared in Canada Free Press. It works too well with this article not to use it again. Since I wrote this, I’m proud to say I have seen and heard this little vignette referred to by some brainy people I admire in both literary and audiovisual pieces they have done. It is one of a million singular experiences I have been blessed with. I’m glad it has been used by others in spotlighting the development of the Frankenstein that is currently bringing America to its knees.

‘Years ago in a Wal-Mart, I was walking past the toy department. A screaming four year-old was demanding that his mom buy him the little car set he had opened and scattered all over the floor. After the young mother had several times declined and asked him to come along with her, the boy threw one of the toys at her, leaving a cut on her forehead.

Since We ‘Good Men’ Have Done Nothing

Aug 21, 2017 — Dave Merrick

Lots of good reads begin with an old saying. Here then is one very relevant and applicable old saying:

“20 years experience cannot be supplanted by one year’s experience - 20 times.”

And that is a big part, a huge part, of the problem 21st-century America is struggling through right now. And not too many people seem to be mentioning it. But I must.

More Stuff We Can’t Blame On Trump

Aug 14, 2017 — Dave Merrick

Despite what lamestream media might be trying to hammer into our heads right now, the latest installment of America’s ongoing racial nightmare is simply more of number 44’s malignant ‘legacy’ rearing its ugly head. As I have documented in several past articles, he and his wife went out of their way to keep the racial pot stirred. And the froth of boiling hatred we are now experiencing, as common sense should be screaming to us all, has little to do with a paltry seven months of Donald Trump.

But if you are insisting that our nation’s current unrest is attributable to Trump I will agree with you, insofar as liberal media’s/entertainment’s using him in lathering up the mindless liberal numbskulls who get their values, history and ‘political science’ from SNL and Comedy Central.

The New Royal Family Of Socialism

Aug 7, 2017 — Dave Merrick

What made America the greatest economic and social powerhouse in the world was the ability to work for what you want and to enjoy the fruit of that labor. It is called incentive.

Karl Marx loved to sit in coffee shops and whirl out plans for a government that he had no intention of living under. In his spare time he constructed a long, drawn out manifesto that was destined to become one of the choicest tools for a modern-day, bloodthirsty and pressed-for-time devil.

Among other things, Marx was a reporter for an American newspaper. And because he couldn’t make it in the real world of capitalism as a journalist, he dreamed of a government by which he could pull the real world down to his mediocrity.

You Can Only Let Go By Letting God!

Jul 31, 2017 — Dave Merrick

A couple days ago in a nice neighborhood in midtown Manhattan, a man and his wife jumped to their deaths. The suicides are being blamed on financial problems that were ‘spiraling’ out of control. Both bodies carried ID and suicide notes in baggies in their pants pockets. The two were a mom and dad of a son and daughter, 19 and 20. By all means, pray for those kids. The news hit me especially hard because of my own familiarity with suicide.

When I left college in the early ‘70s I was momentarily involved with a really insidious, pseudo-Christian cult. I was no Bible scholar at that time. But when I discovered the group was demanding that its college-age followers become thieves and prostitutes in order to support the group’s bigamist leader in his lavishly decadent lifestyle, I decided that wasn’t for me. I told them I doubted that God was involved in any of that. At which point I was told I had irreversibly offended God in my so judging - and for that I was lost and guaranteed eternal hell..


Jul 24, 2017 — Dave Merrick

As some are speculating, I will also guess that Officer Mohamed Noor, after hearing what might have sounded like a shot, may have believed Justine Damon had a gun in her hand as she leaned toward the squad car in her pajamas. If that was the case, his allegedly firing the shots that killed the unarmed Australian woman was simply the worst of judgments in the presence of panic. In saying all that, I’m straining - times 10 - to give him some benefit of the doubt though obviously none is deserved.

Since this whole nightmare has transpired I have noticed that Minneapolis’ politically correct mayor - who had formerly been so vocal about her “equal opportunity” police force - is now not quite so instant in donning her hijab to do press interviews. And I have to agree with the recent words of the chief of police she scapegoated when she rightly noted that Justine’s death simply, “should not have happened.” In the meantime the Somalian Muslim officer who apparently fired the shots across the chest of his partner/driver, through the driver’s window (a move that counters every bit of training a police officer receives) is not saying a word to a world that is demanding some explanation.

Fake News Works

Jul 4, 2017 — Dave Merrick

In the 21st century, satan has found a home. Jesus called the devil a liar and the Father of Lies. He said that when he lies he is speaking his own language - because the truth is not to be found in him. And as I have said - just as the bank robbers often wear the uniforms of bank guards or police, so the very real adversary of our souls laces everything he does with at least the appearance of truth. It’s how deception climbs into our lives. It most usually clothes itself as hard fact. And the further humans stray from our responsibility to “make sure of all things for ourselves and to tightly hold onto the things that are good and true” (another Bible passage, 1 Thessalonians 5:21 - my paraphrase), the easier it is for liars to survive and prosper.

Making things worse is that people are quite impressionable. Again, the Bible is filled with warnings from God to be cautious in our discrimination and judging from what we see and hear. Jesus called us sheep precisely because our behavior can be sheep-like. Any shepherd (one who must daily anticipate and deal with the behavior of sheep) will confirm that a flock of frightened sheep can instantly follow the dominant leaders of the flock into danger and death, sometimes right over a cliff. I have heard it said that the most common view of sheep is usually just the hind ends of the sheep in front of them. Knowing that alone, I can understand the Lord’s assessment of much of human behavior.