Hugs and Kisses for Africa, Barack and Michelle are ravaging America and sucking her bones dry

A new Michelle emerges in Africa

By —— Bio and Archives--June 24, 2011

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image‘Brightstar’ is out there making a name for herself in South Africa during a weeklong trip with every family member in tow, including her brother’s children, but not her husband the president.

Brightstar is the name dubbed to Michelle Obama’s plane.

Brightstar may flicker brightly over the dark continent but in her own country nothing shines from her.

Even though touted loudly as a “goodwill trip”,  there must be some South Africans wondering why it took America’s First Lady almost three years to disperse her goodwill in their country on a weeklong trip that leaves lots of room for photo ops, and foundation and museum hopping.

In a country whose poverty-stricken, barefoot children stood waiting for water from a spigot within spitting distance of the United Nations 2002 Johannesburg Summit, the media noted that, because of complaining fashionistas, Obama replaced her ballerina slippers with high heel pumps.


The photos coming out of Africa show an Obama giving Africans love, hugs and smiles, but hungry children cannot eat love, hugs and smiles.

The first thing Michelle Obama gave America was her now familiar scowl. 

The first emotion the world sees from Michelle Obama, almost three years in, came yesterday when it was reported that not only did she bring an audience of a capacity crowd at Soweto’s Regina Mundi Church to tears with a rousing speech, she was, according to reporters, on the brink of tears herself. “Obama herself looked to be holding back tears as she gestured vigorously during her speech.” (Sowetanlive.co.za, June 23, 2011).

Like so many held-back tears, pity indeed that Obama can’t hold back some of the hatred she fosters for the country that enabled her to a life of privilege, including traveling the world.

Obama addressed 76 members of the Young African Women Leaders Forum—a grouping of young ladies from all over the continent who focus on the challenges facing African women.

“Speaking of the 1976 Soweto uprisings, Obama said: “It is because of them (students) that so many of these young women leaders can now pursue their dreams.  It is because of them that I stand before you as First Lady of the United States of America.”

More truthfully, it is really because of the generosity, freedom and independence of the United States of America that Obama could stand before the Soweto audience as the First Lady of the United States of America.

In other words, if it weren’t for Americans in the country she is helping her husband dismantle there would have been no African Love-in for Michelle.

As First Lady, Obama sets herself up as a nutrition expert, an all-out effort to end Childhood Obesity her main legacy.

In Cape Town, a more playful Obama got off a laugh line in a reluctant admission how she can’t pass on the French fries.

In response to a soft question Obama mentioned she included among her favourite food, Indian food and then Mexican food, and then said:

“No, if I picked one favorite, favorite food, it’s French fries.  The audience began to laugh. “Okay?  It’s French fries,” Obama continued.  “I can’t stop eating them.”  As the students laughed more, the First Lady quickly returned to her role as advocate of health eating.  “But eat your vegetables,” she said, to still more laughs.  “And exercise.” (Washington Examiner, June 23, 2011).

In an America held in the grips of the worst depression since the dirty ‘30s,  many do not have the luxury of worrying about Michelle’s passion for fries, or her husband’s obsession with golf.

It is not the Obama’s obsession with French Fries and golf that worry millions of Americans.  It is how Barack and Michelle are ravaging America and sucking her bones dry.


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