A time to try men's souls

By —— Bio and Archives--January 22, 2019

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A time to try men's souls
As I have wandered down through the halls of time,

I have encountered the vile and the sublime.

In this age when hatred seems to be the fare,
Don’t allow yourself to be drawn in there.

We see in the faces of those who live for hate,

it has rotted their souls and we know their fate.


I remember the warm fires in the pot bellied stove,

which stood near the entry in that small alcove.

How often I came in out of the cold and by it stood,

To warm my hands and watch the flames in the burning wood.

Just to remember those days of old,

warms these bones which have turned so cold.

In a nice warm corner stood an easy chair,

and I would spend some time warming there.

I can almost hear the crackle of the burning logs,
which so often I heard as I petted the dogs.

A pleasant room and my wife so fair,

So many good memories linger there.

The scent of the burning logs fills the air,

with it’s curious perfume so rare.
Those were hard but pleasant days,

now we’re all caught up in this “modern” phase?

Hurry and scurry here and there,

all in that rush to really get no where.

Is it any wonder my mind rolls back

to that familiar and happy track.

Take the time to sit by an old pot bellied stove,

and nestle yourself in the corner of a cozy cove.

Let you thoughts take you back to a special day,

and remember those good times now so far away.

Let your heart be warmed as you remember

those pleasant days in that cold December.

A cozy room and a warm easy chair

and your friends gathered there.

For those caught up in the religion of hate,

Pray that God would give them a better fate.

for them death and hell are just around the bend,

but God does not want that to be their end.

Pray that their eyes would be able to see,

and that the spirit of hate from them would flee.

Because our hope is that they shall have our fare,

and share in our peace and His love so fair.


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John Brogger -- Bio and Archives | Comments

John Brogger is a retired Electrical Engineer who studied pre-med, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering at NDSU Fargo ND and numerous other post graduate schools.  John specialized in control systems which he taught in the USAF.  He was born and raised in a conservative political family.

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