John Brogger

John Brogger is a retired Electrical Engineer who studied pre-med, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering at NDSU Fargo ND and numerous other post graduate schools. John specialized in control systems which he taught in the USAF. He was born and raised in a conservative political family.

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A time to try men’s souls

Jan 22, 2019 — John Brogger

A time to try men's souls
As I have wandered down through the halls of time,

I have encountered the vile and the sublime.

In this age when hatred seems to be the fare,
Don’t allow yourself to be drawn in there.

We see in the faces of those who live for hate,

it has rotted their souls and we know their fate.

Roads to Ferguson

Nov 20, 2014 — John Brogger

Since many readers are not familiar with the “game plan”,  I will go through a bit of history which leads to Ferguson.

For decades the “Bright Boys”, which is my nickname for those who call themselves “The Illumined Ones” and who have worked diligently towards their objective which is a Satanic New World Order, have been at play.

They have been able to conquer many nations by using that nations people to destroy the structure of those societies and now when they desire to make their control of those nations even more firm they have so indoctrinated much of the populace that they can get the people to riot “on command” and the people react and prescribed “cures” are put in place.

The North Wind Blows

Nov 8, 2012 — John Brogger

That cold North wind bites at my ears
and fills my eyes with copious tears.
How long shall this cold wind blast?
How long will this body last?