ABC, NBC Ignore ‘First Wave’ of Caravan Arriving at Border, Jumping Wall

By -- NewsBusters—— Bio and Archives--November 15, 2018

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The first wave of 800 migrants from the much larger caravan arrived that the U.S./Mexico border crossing in Tijuana, Mexico Wednesday. According to reports, some of the migrants have been climbing the fortified border wall there to taunt Border Patrol agents, with some evening jumping into America illegally. Despite these facts, ABC and NBC ignored the caravan’s arrival with the latter suggesting the migrants were still a week away.

“Tonight, the first 800 migrants from the Central American caravan are at America’s doorstep in Tijuana, Mexico. They split off from a larger group of about 5,000 and are planning to request asylum here in the U.S.,” announced anchor Jeff Glor during the CBS Evening News.—MORE…



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