"But not a single sparrow can fall to the ground without your Father knowing it"

Activist Leaders Legislating an End to Christian Society

By —— Bio and Archives--October 20, 2017

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Reading the “news”  over the ‘Net these days is enough to want to pull one’s hair out.  But it is the mainstream media reports of how Western leaders are turning on their own people, not the Fake News that most rational folk can spot at a glance that is really the most worrisome.

Easy to dismiss theories from activist talking heads like Sally Kohn over at CNN, who said Harvey Weinstein’s fall “grew from rage over Trump”. (CNN), or that cowgirl hat-wearing “yippie yippie ki yo, “yippie yippie ki yay” Democrat Congresswoman Frederica Wilson thinks her fallacious Gold Star attacks on President Trump earned her “rock star” status”.(Washington Examiner)

Bladensburg Memorial has been ordered to be pulled down

The deranged left and their mainstream media running dogs keep dangling their outrageous claims in the hopes of driving non-followers to the mad house.  But getting any of their over-the-top theories legislated would have about as much hope as waking up to snow on Christmas morning in Fiji.

While drama queens (of both genders) keep the attention of readers, viewers and listeners on trash-tabloid-gone-fake news, sparrows keep falling in a much more disturbing trend, where callous Western ‘leaders’,  goose-stepping   in a never-ending politically correct march, continue to drive Christianity into unreachable corners from which they hope there is no return:

Because it stands in the shape of a cross, the Bladensburg Memorial has been ordered to be pulled down.

“In 2014, the American Humanist Association—a group that believes in “being good without a god”—filed a lawsuit alleging the cross-shaped memorial is unconstitutional and demanding it be demolished, altered, or removed.  (Todd Starnes, Fox News, Oct. 18, 2017)


“They alleged the cross carries “an inherently religious message and creates the unmistakable appearance of honoring only Christian servicemen.”

Nor, most unfortunately,  will it stop only there.

“Today’s decision sets dangerous precedent by completely ignoring history, and it threatens the removal and destruction of veterans memorials across America, First Liberty Institute attorney Hiram Sasser said.  (Fox News)

“The Fourth Circuit said the memorial excessively entangles the government in religion because the cross is the “core symbol of Christianity” and “breaches” the wall separating church and state.

“Writing separately, Chief Judge Gregory wrote, “This Memorial stands in witness to the VALOR, ENDURANCE, COURAGE, and DEVOTION of the forty-nine residents of Prince George’s County, Maryland ‘who lost their lives in the Great War for the liberty of the world.’  I cannot agree that a monument so conceived and dedicated and that bears such witness violates the letter or spirit of the very Constitution these heroes died to defend.”

“The American Legion could appeal directly to the Supreme Court.”

Most tragically America is being led to no longer honor whose “who lost their lives in the Great War for the liberty of the world.”

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Feminists in Pope’s Argentina stage ‘Topless Protest’ against the Church

At the same time, anti-Christian events keep cropping up, world-wide.

Some some 5,000 of 40,000 rampaging feminists broke ranks to go after a cathedral in Argentina last Sunday.

“Topless and covering their faces, the women who assaulted the cathedral did so singing various chants, including “Church, trash, you’re the dictatorship,” “Take your rosaries out of our ovaries,” “To the Catholic, apostolic, Roman Church, that wants to place itself in our bed, we say that we want to be whores, transvestites and lesbians.” (Crux Now, Oct. 17, 2017)


The monastic communities of Mount Athos in Greece


And in Greece, church bells began ringing “in mourning” across a western Greek diocese to protest a law making it easier for people to officially change their gender, in the worry it will wipe out the men-only monastic communities of Mount Athos.

“The monastic communities of Mount Athos in Greece have been men-only for the last thousand years. But now a decision by the country’s parliament to allow people over the age of 15 to change their gender without going through surgery has led them to fear that rule could be broken.” (Telegraph, Oct. 17, 2017)

“The conservative Greek Orthodox Church has reacted furiously to the new law, with one diocese, Kalavryta and Egialia, announcing it would ring funeral bells for three minutes every day in protest. Bishop Amvrosios of Kalavryta said it was ‘an outrageous inspiration to allow a person to change gender with a simple application, in a few minutes, contrary to what God gave humans’ and called homosexuality a ‘deadly sin’.

‘In light of this legislation, we are full of unease as to what the future holds for us,’ they said. ‘It is another violation of God’s law, just like existing legislation which permits cohabitation agreements between same-sex couples. If we do not resist, then our ancestors will rise from their graves.’

“Conservatives have expressed alarm at the possible impact on the mental health of young people of the new gender law, which received 174 votes in Greece’s 300-member parliament. However, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said: ‘We are on the side of those who have no voice, or whose voice is stifled.’

Prime Minister Tsipras could have but didn’t add that the voices backing the gender law could easily outshout 2000 monks who live in the mountains to pray.

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Sparrows keep falling to the ground in a politically correct, callous and largely secular world

In a fast-moving tragically hip world where elected governments work in tandem with lib-left media, transgenders are in and orthodox monks are out.

Modern society leaves no room in the Public Square for the Almighty.

Caving into one favored minority by making a minority of another, has become de rigeur in the politics of the day.

While caving into feminists on the rampage, governments like the one in Greece, who made the European Union their god, will ban all-male conclaves, even when they are orthodox monks who went to the mountains to pray millennia ago.

Crosses marking the graves of loved ones in cemeteries will soon be ordered down.

Churches under the duress of radical protesters will be forced to shut their doors if only to prevent congregants from returning from service to find their tires have been slashed, their cars set afire. 

Increasing numbers of today’s Western leaders want a legislated end of all places where people can go to pray.

Sparrows keep falling to the ground in a politically correct, callous and largely secular world.

In ineffable sadness and worry   believers ponder if their Creator is aware of how many sparrows keep falling to the ground.

Christians take heart in remembering the words of Jesus: “But not a single sparrow can fall to the ground without your Father knowing it”—Matthew 10:29-31.

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