Climategate, Global warming fundraisers for David Suzuki Foundation

Al Gore “laying low” in Canada

By —— Bio and Archives--November 25, 2009

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Where does Al Gore stand on Climategate?

He doesn’t stand up in debate but hunkers down in hiding, holed up in Canada.


Gore, in Toronto for the MTS Allstream Inc. fundraiser dinner last night, which raised $100,000 for the David Suzuki Foundation, according to MTS Allstream Inc. “supporting its efforts to help transform the Canadian economy in ways that are consistent with a sustainable future”, is staying in Canada for about a week.

While the Internet world reeled in shock at a time when the U.S. considers a probe of whether prominent scientists who are advocates of global warming theories are cooking the books on the truth about climate change, Gore was telling the same old jokes to a friendly green Canadian audience.

“I am Al Gore.  I used to be the next president of the U.S.,” he quipped to the by-invitation-only Canadians inside Toronto’s Allstream Centre.  “Now I’m a recovering politician.”

They laughed just like Gore is laughing all the way to the bank.

There was no sign that the curtain had been pulled back revealing the Global Warming Wizard of Oz in England last week after computer hackers who got into the Climatic Research Unit of the University of East Anglia in England leaked personal emails and documents pointing to the orchestration of global warming by prominent scientists, advocates of global warming alarmist theories willing to fudge the truth about climate change.

“But Gore’s supporters at the dinner shrugged off the allegations,” TorontoSun.com, Nov. 25, 2009.  “It doesn’t matter who or where you are, there’s always going to be some corruption,” said Port Elgin green activist Victoria Serda, 36.  “There’s still substantive evidence we need to act as quickly as possible.”

Protesters were rushed off the scene with threats of arrest.

“I arrived at the protest at around 7 o’clock with my friend.  When we arrived at the All Stream Center with our signs protesting Al Gore, we were met by a security guard who told us about an incident with protesters earlier on and that, if we did not leave immediately, we would be arrested,” Eddy Ashton told Canada Free Press (CFP) photographers on the scene. 

Ashton emailed CFP late last night.  “What I really wanted to inform you about is that once we left the All Stream Center, my friend and I took our Infowar to Yonge Street and drove down the street with our signs showing from our car’s sunroof.  We even circled the Air Canada Centre after the Raptors game with the signs showing outside our windows.  We easily reached over 1,000 people when we were stopped at the traffic lights.  All I could see was mobs of people with their heads turned reading our signs with smiles on their faces.  We even had cab drivers talk to us about our signs at stop lights and pedestrians on the sidewalks cheering us on and giving us thumbs up.”

A security guard watching over Gore’s black Town Car told CFP that Gore would be “laying low in Toronto area for about a week and would attend a CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corp.) television interview at noon today.

Gore, in his Canadian hide-y-hole, obviously hopes that Climategate will have blown over by the time he returns to his Tennessee mansion, which,  as one Canadian blogger points out “produces more pollution a month than a normal household in one year.”


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