It is President Donald Trump and not “resistance” leader, ex-president Obama who is Making America Great Again

All of Obama’s Ideas Swiped from President Donald Trump’s MAGA Notes

By —— Bio and Archives--October 19, 2018

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All of Obama’s Ideas Swiped from President Donald Trump’s MAGA Notes
For eight long years the mainstream and social media, controlled by his Party, worked to portray Barack Hussein Obama as “the smartest guy in the room”.

Obama, of course,  was never the smartest guy but only the most devious ‘swiper in the room’.

Obsessed with undermining America from lavish “resistance” headquarters within easy walking distance of the White House, Obama must have been tuned in to President Donald Trump’s midterm campaign rallies, the ones drawing millions of viewers, while he could only bring out roughly 700 to his.


He had to be, whether watching the rallies live, or viewing them later on videos, because Obama has swiped, down to a T,  President Trump’s ideas, including the one he describes as the “most significant MOVEMENT in American History—the one that’s making America Great Again.

Read Obama’s latest emailed message to the masses from .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to see for yourself:


“In 19 days, we have the opportunity of a lifetime—the opportunity to help decide this country’s course.

“See, the story of America is a story of progress. Sometimes slow, sometimes frustrating, but always forward.

“But our progress isn’t inevitable. And it wasn’t achieved by a handful of famous leaders. It was won because of countless quiet acts of heroism and dedication by citizens like you, friend, who refused to be bystanders. Instead, they marched and mobilized and voted to make history.”

Some 63-million citizens who “refused to be bystanders”, did instead go off marching, mobilizing and voting to make history”.

They are called the American voters who installed President Donald Trump in the White House.

How typical of Marxist Obama to take credit for what happened in Election 2016 and to pretend that it was his side who won.

Obama continues the Marxist projection:

“Now I don’t have to tell you that we face extraordinary times. But here’s the good news: In 19 days, we have the chance to restore some sanity to our politics and bend the arc of history toward justice once again.”

Where’s the sanity been in Obama’s Democrat mobs?

He blathers on:

“Because there is only one real guardrail when Washington veers off course, and that’s you. You and your vote. And your friends’ and families’ and neighbors’ votes.”

“The antidote to government by a powerful few is government by the organized, energized many.

“In 19 days, you can make history. In 19 days, you can put America back on track. In 19 days, you can set the stage for all kinds of progress. But it won’t happen by itself. It won’t happen if we decide to be bystanders instead of change-makers.

“We’ve got to do the work.

“So I’m asking you, friend: If you haven’t already voted, make a plan right now. Make sure everybody you know is doing the same.

“Grab a friend and go knock doors or make phone calls for candidates you believe in—because there are only 19 days left. “Don’t wake up disappointed on November 7th, thinking, “I could’ve done more.” Let’s give this country all we’ve got.”


Now, who does that sound like?

President Donald Trump, all the way!

Obama’s message to the masses comes from .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

In this era of physical threats followed up by violence of roaming prog-left instructed mobs, paid protesters and caravans on their way to the American border in time for Midterm Election Day, there may be some who forget what Obama’s Organizing for Action is:(Wikipedia)

“Organizing for Action (OFA) is a nonprofit 501(c)4 organization and community organizing project that advocates for the agenda of former U.S. President Barack Obama.[The organization is officially non-partisan, but its agenda and policies are strongly allied with the Democratic Party..It is the successor of Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign and of Organizing for America, which itself succeeded Obama’s 2008 campaign. (Wikipedia)

“Founded after Obama’s re-election, the group seeks to mobilize supporters in favor of Obama’s legislative priorities. OFA is registered as a 501(c)(4) organization, which may advocate for legislation but is prohibited from specifically supporting political candidates.

“Chairman Jim Messina (Obama’s 2012 campaign manager) and First Lady Michelle Obama announced the formation of OFA on January 18, 2013. White House official Jon Carson left the Obama administration to become the executive director. Campaign senior adviser David Axelrod serves as a consultant.



“Organizing for Action succeeds Organizing for America, which was formed under similar circumstances, but operated under the control of the Democratic National Committee. In preparation for President Obama’s second term, Organizing for America was relaunched as a nonprofit group in order to mobilize support behind the president’s legislative and political agenda.

“The organization is headquartered in Chicago. As a tax exempt 501(c)(4) organization, it seeks to harness the energy of the president’s re-election campaign for future legislative fights. The group advocates on policy issues such as gun violence prevention, climate change, LGBT issues, and immigration.”

“In February 2013, The New York Times reported that donors contributing or raising $500,000 or more to Organizing for Action would put them on the group’s national advisory board, granting the privilege of attending quarterly update meetings given by the president. White House press spokesman Jay Carney denied that access to the President was being “sold,” stating that OFA was an independent organization, and referred specific questions to the OFA staff. On March 8, Messina told CBS News that the president might attend a “founder’s summit”, but stated, “Whether you’re a volunteer or a donor, we can’t and we won’t guarantee access to any government officials. But just as the president and administration officials deliver updates on the legislative process to Americans and organizations across the ideological spectrum, there may be occasions when members of Organizing for Action are included in those updates. These are not opportunities to lobby — they are briefings on the positions the president has taken and the status of seeing them through.”

“Questions have been raised about the aims and the eligibility of Organizing for Action to continue to maintain the http://www.barackobama.com website and also control the @barackobama Twitter account. Use of these accounts by Organizing for America is not prevented by campaign finance laws.


On December 17, 2013, OFA tweeted a photograph of a young man with thick-rimmed glasses, wearing black-and-red plaid onesie pajamas, and cradling a mug. The accompanying text read: “Wear pajamas. Drink hot chocolate. Talk about getting health insurance. #GetTalking. “The tweet linked to the OFA website, which encouraged individuals to discuss Obamacare during the holiday season with those family members that are uninsured, and encourage them to sign up. The tweet and pajama-clad man featured in it were quickly dubbed Pajama Boy, and mocked across social media, particularly by conservatives.”

Pajama Boy has a new 2018 image, Barack Obama comfortable in his lavish D.C. hide-y-hole running the Deep State with ideas swiped from President Donald Trump.

Don’t let Obama swipe l your vote through the nonprofit 501(c)4-enabled Organizing for Action swindle. 

It is President Donald Trump and not “resistance” leader, ex-president Obama who is Making America Great Again.



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