America controls our oil industry - SHAME!

By -- L. G. Anderson—— Bio and Archives--November 14, 2018

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News confirms that Big Business in USA is manipulating the resistance to Canada’s pipeline to devalue and control Canada’s oil resource. We all know that Canada is losing billions of revenue each week due to the cancellation of pipelines to outside markets. These projects were critical to get our oil to other markets other than the USA. Reports confirming that cheap Canadian oil is subsidizing the American public is sickening.

It is time for our PM to get both east and west pipelines going ‘as a national ‘ issue. IS our country so meek that we let outside interests stop our industries from making a decent profit? Do Canadians not ‘get’ that money from oil is needed to develop new technology by funding ‘research and development’ of sustainable energy?

Although I am NOT an NDP supporter but I am also tired of people blaming Notely for this mess.  It is clearly our Federal government that has not “ponied’ up to the reality that it is CANADA that is being hoodwinked by American businesses. If that is not enough to stoke some NATIONAL action and get those pipelines done, I don’t know what will.


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