Democrat tactics are stealthy, deceptive, well organized, patient, manipulative, and treacherous

America, the Sinking Titanic

By —— Bio and Archives--June 22, 2011

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The Democrat Party is the proverbial iceberg floating on the vast ocean, approaching the mighty Titanic, the most developed, invincible, militarily and technologically able nation on earth, the U.S.A.  America has much to fear. Democrat tactics are stealthy, deceptive, well organized, patient, manipulative, and treacherous.


The top of the iceberg looks benign enough, just a group of well-intentioned, caring, almost grandfatherly and grandmotherly individuals who want to protect the downtrodden, the poor, and the middle class from the clutches of the “evil” capitalist corporations, the same corporations who made them rich and put them in power.

The Democrat Party was the party of slavery. It kept the masses in abject poverty, creating a class of perennial victims who could not succeed because were purposefully kept dependent on welfare, handouts, entitlements, and cradle-to-grave mentality. In exchange for the Democrat largesse, people had to vote Democrat generation after generation.

Target of the attack is the American way of life with its large middle class

We live in desperate times – the target of the attack is the American way of life with its large middle class. The National Education Association, the union thugs, the education rent-a-mobs, the harassment, the intimidation, the violent protests organized by SEIU, the offensive speech and hatred towards conservative Americans are precursors of the iceberg threatening to sink the Titanic. The compliant media is watching and ignoring the disaster unfolding, while reporting shamelessly non-stop on the latest scandal in Hollywood.

The administration encourages progressive groups to protest, to get in people’s faces, storm their houses and frighten their children. Liberals do not seem to care that our country is broke. We have spent and borrowed into oblivion. “Alea iacta est,” (the die is cast), the Democrats want everything and they want it now. Their greedy end always justifies the means.

The Democrats are destroying the well-being of the American families and their ability to earn a living; unemployment and underemployment are at 18%. Discouraged workers lured by 99 weeks of unemployment are at their highest. Steep taxation rates are driving the remaining manufacturing plants overseas and to other states. Tax and spend is the Democrat Party mantra.

Manufacturing was the backbone of the middle class because it paid higher wages and stabilized communities. America was a country where you could have a job with a high school degree – these jobs do not exist anymore, they have been shipped elsewhere. Consumers are partly to blame because they stopped buying U.S.-made products as they were more expensive, preferring the cheaper Chinese made goods. It is very hard now to find Made in the U.S.A. goods. I found a pair of sandals this week and I bought them.

George Soros and his cohorts have met in a conference at Bretton-Woods to decide how to re-shape America in his vision and the vision of the One World Government, without any input from the American people.

The Bildebergs have met in Switzerland to decide who will be the next IMF chief and the monetary policy for the rest of the developed world. These people are making policy decisions without any mandate from the American people.

There has been a massive government expansion, TARP, stimulus I and II, cash for clunkers, confiscation of GM and Chrysler, nationalization of banks, of school loan programs, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, health care overhaul, and the destruction of the housing market. “Socially just” programs pushed into law by Democrats forced banks to make loans to people who could not afford to buy a home, had no adequate savings, bad credit, and no intentions to pay back their loans.

Through lawsuits filed under The Freedom of Information Act, we found out that the Fed had loaned a sizable amount of TARP funds to foreign banks with branches in the U.S. and failed banks such as the Indymac and Wachovia, acquired by Wells Fargo.

We saved AIG, the largest insurer who is also the most Shariah compliant corporation in the world. Over half a billion dollars of its profits go to fund jihad all over the world, in accordance with Shariah Law.

TARP beneficiaries never paid back the entire amounts given to them and certainly did not pay any interest to the U.S. taxpayers who ultimately are responsible to pay back the huge accumulated national debt.

The stimulus I and II were not meant to give a boost to the economy by financing infrastructure programs, repairing or building roads, bridges, or schools. The stimulus was a money laundering operation to prevent state employees from losing their jobs. By keeping their jobs, these employees paid their union dues, automatically deducted from paychecks, thus enriching the campaign coffers of Democrats. The stimulus I and II were slush funds for political Democrat campaigns and for union-organized protests against ordinary Americans who prefer fiscal responsibility.

Conservatives do not wish to impoverish their children and grandchildren with debt created by irresponsible politicians. Democrats like Reed, Pelosi, and Schumer will be long gone when the bills come due to the next generation of Americans.

Idealist young Americans do not yet understand what awaits them in the future. They are swept up in the communist rhetorical moment of “social justice,” forcefully promoted by progressive operatives who are well schooled in Alinsky rules for radicals tactics and by the Democrat Party.

Democrats started an unjust, unprovoked war with Libya that we cannot afford. We still do not have a budget thanks to Democrats who failed to pass one last year, yet nobody is holding them accountable. Republicans and Democrats argued over pitiful reductions in spending of a few billion dollars when we have spent $5 trillion so far. The war with Libya, unauthorized by Congress, must be a good war because it is a Democrat war. We do not hear a peep from the media that was previously so outraged by Bush’s wars. At least he consulted Congress and got their approval instead of going to the UN.

How much longer can we borrow from other countries? We are the biggest debtor in the world. The national debt is the biggest threat to our national security. Who are the people who hold our national debt? The Federal Reserve System (the Fed) comes in first place, currently monetizing our debt by printing money, money that is not covered by goods and services, thus leading to inflation.

In second place are other investors in savings and bonds, that is, we the people. Third place is occupied by China. Japan comes in fourth. Mutual fund holdings are fifth. State and local government bonds come in sixth place. Pension funds rank seventh. United Kingdom ranks eighth. Oil exporting nations come in ninth place. Caribbean Banking Center is tenth. AIG, an insurance company that received TARP money is in eleventh place. Brazil, the recent grantee of oil drilling in the Gulf and recipient of $2 billion of U.S. taxpayer money to drill, comes in twelfth. Hong Kong is in thirteenth place. Depository institutions (banks) are in fourteenth place, and last, but not least, Russia.

The year 1971 is remarkable because it is the year in which Nixon ended the backing of U.S. currency by gold and the credit explosion began. “Total U.S. debt increased from $9 trillion in 1971 to $59 trillion today and this excludes unfunded liabilities of anywhere from $70 to $110 trillion.” (Egon von Greyerz)

In 2005-2009, the national debt grew from 63.4% to 83.4% of GDP.  This debt increase was caused by President Bush’s policies. He accomplished this by waging two wars.

After World War II, the national debt briefly reached 100% of GDP. We are driving furiously in that direction under the current administration.

Until the 1980s, the U.S. government had acquired most of its debt either to finance wars or from losses of tax revenues that accompany recessions. After 1980, national debt grew due to government overspending, mild recessions, and financing wars.

Our current options are to either default on the U.S. debt or to monetize it, that is printing $100 trillion to pay the debt off. The Fed has printed $3.3 trillion in two months in 2008 to bail out foreign and domestic banks, propping up institutions that should have been allowed to fail. The bailout weakened our economy and our dollar. That is way gasoline is so high, food is expensive, jobs are scarce, the economy is anemic and bleeding heavily.

Default is a fancy word for bankruptcy – our creditors would ask for payment with our land, mines, property, oil fields, gold, silver, coal, grain, other metals, or indentured servitude.

Monetizing the debt would result in hyperinflation, similar to the Weimar Republic, reducing the value of the dollar to zero, having to carry around wheelbarrows of dollars just to buy a loaf of bread, or burning dollars in the fireplace because it would be cheaper than buying the firewood.

Should nations stop lending us money, we would become persona-non-grata, a sort of third world nation, dragging everybody else with us. People might suffer famine, political unrest, civil disobedience, demonstrations, and wars might ensue in the process. The seemingly innocuous iceberg would definitely sink the Titanic.


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