The prog-left, of which Trudeau is one, are stealing the sovereignty of both our countries

American Democrats and Canadian Liberals Giving Our Countries Away

By —— Bio and Archives--January 27, 2019

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American Democrats and Canadian Liberals Giving Our Countries AwayIt’s become a disturbing North American trend of which the American and Canadian masses remain blissfully unaware: governments handing the outcome of federal elections over to foreigners.

In the U.S.,  which gets far more media attention than Canada, Democrats who have stalled Immigration Reform for four decades running, seem to have cornered President Donald J. Trump on his insistence for southern border protection.

The Democrats are not promoting wide open borders based on altruism—they count on incoming migrants to keep them in office by giving them the vote.


The argument that illegal immigrants can’ t vote was recently proven fallacious in Texas which says it found 95,000 non-citizens on voter rolls with 58,000 of them already having voted

“Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced Friday that the state has discovered 95,000 non-citizens on the voter rolls going back to 1996, 58,000 of whom have voted in at least one Texas election —an announcement likely to raise fresh concerns about the prospect of voter fraud. (Fox News, Jan. 26, ,2019)

“Texas has some of the toughest voter ID laws in the nation and has been one of the main battlegrounds in the Republican-led fight against alleged voter fraud. The office, in a statement, said that 33 people were prosecuted for voter fraud last year, and 97 were prosecuted between 2005-17. There are 16 million people in Texas registered to vote.

“Every single instance of illegal voting threatens democracy in our state and deprives individual Texans of their voice,” Paxton said in a statement.”

The situation in Canada is worse where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, through lack of interest,  is able to fly under the radar.


2019 is election year for Canadians

2019 is election year for Canadians, whose Prime Minister has repeatedly declared that Canada welcomes all immigrants, is now clearing the way for some 2.8 million ex-pats to vote in Canadian elections.

This latest move follows on the heels of Trudeau investing some $600 million in Canadian newspapers and their websites.

If you do the math,  taking election apathy into account, as many non-citizens as Canadian citizens could carry the outcome of this year’s federal election.

Ex-pats will have the convenience of mail-in ballots, for which there is no provable chain of custody.

Here’s how the Trudeau Liberals are attempting to pull it off:




“Until Prime Minister Justin Trudeau passed Bill C-76 through Parliament, a Canadian citizen living in another country could not vote if they had lived outside of Canada for more than five years. There were certain exceptions for people posted overseas, but generally, if you were gone for more than five years, you could no longer vote. (Brian Lilley, Toronto Sun, Jan. 1, 2019)

“Unless, of course, you came back to Canada.

“Canadian citizens have always been able to come back to Canada and claim their right to vote in person and by residing here.

“The rules were even upheld in a court challenge with the Ontario Court of Appeal ruling that the five-year rule upheld the “social contract.”

“Permitting all non-resident citizens to vote would allow them to participate in making laws that affect Canadian residents on a daily basis but have little to no practical consequence for their own daily lives,” Justice George Strathy wrote in the 2015 ruling.”

Indeed, Your Honour, but that was before Trudeau came along to weaponize the ex-pats and saw them as a path to reelection.

As Lilley so aptly points out, “Trudeau is throwing that out the window and allowing the millions of Canadians living abroad to have a say in how Canada is governed, even if they haven’t lived here in 50 years.


“Someone who left Canada as a young adult, or a child even, and hasn’t lived here in decades will soon have as much say in electing our government as you and I do.


“My mother, step-father, uncle, aunt and cousins should not have the ability to vote in Britain’s elections.

“All of my relatives that have moved here immigrated to Canada to choose this country. It isn’t a temporary posting or a short visit here; they chose to leave Britain to come here.

“In the same way people choose to leave Canada and never come back.

“Why give them a say in our voting system?

“Neil Young and Donald Sutherland are two high-profile examples of celebrities that complained about the old law. Both of them left Canada in the 1960s and only come back for vacations or to lecture us about things like the oil sands.


“Yet, both thought they should have been able to vote from sunny southern California because the Harper government up in Canada was offensive to them.

“Will we now have people that have departed Canada for London, Beirut, Buenos Aries or Karachi casting ballots for elections in places they haven’t set foot in for decades?


“According to the new law, any of the 2.8 million Canadians living outside the country will cast their ballot based on their last place of residence in Canada.

“In the Canadian system, we elect local representatives to take our issues to Parliament. How connected will someone be with local or regional issues after being out of the country for decades.

“I hear the arguments that all kinds of countries allow this.

“A friend votes in the Finnish elections, Canadians run for positions to represent the Italian diaspora, Americans always retain the right to vote.

“Pointing out that other countries do something is not an argument for doing it. I doubt Trudeau would accept that if I pointed out the U.S. has the death penalty.

“Our system is built on the idea that a group of voters living in a specific area choose their representative. Trudeau is divorcing our system of that local connection.

“All part of his oft-repeated mantra that a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian, even those that chose to leave for good.”

The citizens of both the USA and Canada need to hear this wake-up call:

The prog-left, of which Trudeau is one, are stealing the sovereignty of both our countries.

Never has the phrase, “Stop thief!” had more meaning.

God help Canada.  God help the USA.



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