America crying out for rescue: Time to replace the white noise dominated by grandstanding politicians with the legal means to halt the Fundamental Transformation of America

America’s cry for help lost in the White Noise

By —— Bio and Archives--May 22, 2013

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Back in the salad days of President Barack Obama in the Oval Office, the first sign of the coming soft tyranny against We the People should have been the roughly 2000 car dealerships forced out of business by the anti-free enterprise cabal squatting on the White House.


“It was Obama’s auto task force that pressed General Motors and Chrysler to close scores of dealerships without adequately considering the jobs that would be lost or having a firm idea of the cost savings that would be achieved, an audit of the process has concluded.” (The New York Times, July 18, 2010).

This was the first visible social engineering adventure of the Obama regime and tens of thousands of jobs were lost as a result.

Back then today’s low information voters were identified as ‘The Gullible’ or ‘The Naive’, who believed that TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program) of the Treasury Department was all about an idiotic concept known as “too big to fail”.

During the days of the TARP goose-step march through car dealerships,  a complacent G.M. informed more than 2,000 dealers that some or all of their franchise agreements would not be renewed in October 2010.  Chrysler eliminated 789 dealers, or about a quarter of its network, with less than one month’s notice.

“Out of work!” was about to become America’s main mantra, a mantra that continues to the present day.

According to the Times, the Treasury Department—which started the raid on car dealerships—failed to monitor the wrecking ball process.

There were cries of outrage from all sides in a rushing white noise, some more sincere than others.

Representative Darrell Isaa, outspoken Republican of California, rallied: “This sobering report should serve as a wake-up call as to the implications of politically orchestrated bailouts and how putting decisions about private enterprise in the hands of political appointees and bureaucrats can lead to costly and unintended consequences”.

Problem is that the sobering report did not serve as a wake-up call.

It’s four years later and now it is known that the IRS, has been using its power to put people out of business, purportedly unknown to the president until he “read it in the newspapers”.

Republicans Mike Kelly (PA-03) and Jim Renacci (OH-16) are circulating a letter requesting Treasury Secretary Jack Lew to release documents detailing the process and methodology the Automotive Task Force used to shut down General Motors dealerships in 2009 during the automotive industry crisis.

They’re more than four years too late.

Massive government intrusion into an already recession-bound private sector will never be resolved by letters to other politicians sent out by politicians.  It won’t be stopped by pleading letters from constituents to impervious congressmen who just want to go along to get along.  It won’t even be stopped as a result of bold, well-meaning statements by Darrell Issa.

If there is one thing all should have learned since 2009 it is that nothing is changing to relieve America from the clear and present danger that is Barack Hussein Obama.

No matter the talking heads, no matter the media, no matter the wailing politicians making pretty speeches, the Obama regime forges ahead, killing off all individual rights and freedoms in its obsession for the Fundamental Transformation of America.

Every new outrage from the regime falls into the same pattern.  Panel debates by televised talking heads, politicians of all political stripes registering their outrage, sound bites of Obama’s droning voice played over and over again, ad nauseum.

No matter what Obama and the collectivists do, it seems there are no new member’s bills, no discernible line of action other than white noise, and talk, talk, talk.

Tyranny, the same kind that kept the people of the former Soviet Union and environs in the stranglehold of communism for 70 years, is making its way—unhampered—through the USA.

The Obama administration started off by identifying Tea Partiers, returning war vets and Christians as terrorists—and got away with it.

Now news reporters like James Rosen, a Fox News correspondent has been openly branded a “possible criminal co-conspirator” for his alleged role in publishing sensitive security information.

The only difference between soft tyranny and hard tyrannies is that in the latter, those deemed enemies of the state are jailed and killed.  But a cursory read through history teaches that hard tyrannies usually got their start as soft ones.

Intensifying the clear and present danger in the current prolific White House scandals is the propaganda surrounding them.

For instance,  White House spokesman Jay Carney claims that no one is more outraged at the IRS scandal than President Obama.

The only outrage seen from Obama these past four and a half years is the one he fosters for America.

And now anger has its own color according to a study due to be released in July which contends that White Americans are more likely to see Obama as angry than non-white Americans.(USNews.com May 20, 2013)

Meanwhile, America is crying out for rescue and it’s time to replace the white noise dominated by grandstanding politicians with the legal means to halt the Fundamental Transformation of America before there is nothing American left to save.


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