Donald Trump is behaving like the leader of the strongest nation in the free world. World on notice that this country's priorities, safety are infinitely more important than a golf game or Christmas in Hawaii or a retreat to Martha's Vineyard

America’s PRESIDENT Smashes The Syrian Syringe!

By —— Bio and Archives--April 10, 2017

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The memory so often returns of the day I heard Sen. Hillary Clinton on a live NPR broadcast selling all of her cohorts on the necessity of our invading Iraq. She was so intense in her pitch I thought she was going to break into tears. Just on the intelligence gathered during the final four years of her husband’s presidency she said she was absolutely certain Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction. According to her, we had no recourse but to invade Iraq.

Then of course when public opinion about our being in Iraq went completely south, Hillary and all the other Democrats who had pushed for that preemptive invasion turned their backs on what they had helped to do - and denied ever having had any part in it. (That may have been the true beginning of ‘fake news’!) Of course G.W. inherited that blame as well.

Today I saw a post on Facebook that said, “What a hypocrite Trump is! Says he wants to save Syrian children, but he won’t even let them immigrate to our country!” More swelling words from the left’s complete non-sequitur illogic. And again the source being principally a troublemaking Hillary Clinton. That ‘thought’ - posted as though it had originated with the liberal who’d posted it - was essentially a quote from what she’d said in a speech in Houston just the day before.

And still, just days prior to that, in a speech at the “Women in the World” summit in New York Hillary said, “And I really believe that we should have and still should take out his (Assad’s) air fields and prevent him from being able to use them to bomb innocent people and drop sarin gas on them.” Any port in the storm, eh Hillary?

Democrats today are so slippery with all their words. They are now especially smooth in comparing Syrian/Middle-East refugees with the Italians, Irish, et al. who came here looking for new lives and opportunities a century ago. There is no comparison. The escaping hordes from Muslim/ISIS-land can be compared to a deadly contagion pushed through the hypodermic syringe of strategically planned pressures caused to get their Islam-programmed clones out to take down the world for Allah. Assad’s and ISIS’ assault on their own people has always been to inject a conquering Islamic force (posing as Islamist ‘church people’) into the waiting gullible Western world.

And because liberal media/entertainment is generally determined to ignore the debacle of the swarming Muslim immigrants’ raping, piliging and burning their way through Europe and Scandinavia, the snowflakes and the silver ponytails here in America will have to wait and see for themselves what these people are all about when America begins to heat up in the surprises that Obama’s open doors have invited in for us. And that bud is now only beginning to open. Not surprisingly, the EU has threatened members with expulsion if they don’t allow the invading Mohammedans into theiir lands!

Nevertheless, there is plenty of insight available to the ignorant West - including myriad testimonies from battered Muslim women, and the children who escaped from jihading parents who wanted to pack them with explosives. There are innumerable stories from former teachers/followers of Islam who could see the glaring contradiction between what was billed as their “religion of peace” and the fact of its wicked legalistic, vicious tyranny. Lots of information is available to anyone who cares to investigate. Not too many it seems are investigating.

Yet Democrat leaders continue promoting Islam and its wholesale introduction into what is left of a secure United States. They make it sound like Donald Trump’s ‘travel ban’ is forestalling the entry of Methodists who are simply anxious to plan their next church social. And the avaricious progressive Communists masquerading as ‘liberal’ politicians right now - from Podunk town mayors, to trend-riding congresspeople and Senators - are like cheerleaders welcoming the Islamic ‘Dream Chasers’ with open arms.

And the reason that Donald Trump is so unpopular these days is that the greasy microphone-and-camera people who have made fortunes selling snow to Eskimos, sand to beachcombers, and water to sea dwellers, are vilifying him for staying the insanity of a fat and indulgent America that has been convinced that letting Islam in is the way to peace and happiness. Again, their lightheadedness is tantamount to a modern-day Troy in its stalwart insistence upon pulling the pretty new horse inside its gates. And Trump is hated for his caution. The people pulling in islam have gone mad. And they want nothing to do with caution.

As I have said in previous articles, President Trump is scaring the hell out of people in maintaining the uncompromising edge of authority required in keeping the pledge he swore to protect us and our Constitution.

Continued below...

The first of the three videos I am including with this column shows a thoroughly exasperated CNN person caught short in the live airing of one truly grateful Syrian man who does not want to leave his homeland. In the embarrassingly telling exchange, it is poignantly obvious that the real world (life outside of the perfectly staged and choreographed deception of cable television) is relieved to finally see a real leader at the helm of what is certainly the last hope for a free world.

Syrian survivor to Trump: Thank you


I invite my readers to review that as well as the second clip that was done by a former Marine telling of his real experience among the mob of Anti-American HATERS that the liberals are clamoring to get into America. How much of this sort of painfully honest candor does it take to avert the beating we already, even now, may not be able to avoid?

Retired Marine’s message about travel ban goes viral

Eight years ago America was beginning to show signs of healing from its wounds of racial disharmony. Barack tore all that open. And we are now dealing with a fresh and hotly festering batch of interracial, internal warfare. Our economy is battered. Billions we could have used in healing our own people and shoring up our own land have been exported as bribes to our enemies, money mailed home to Mexico to the families of illegals, and in underwriting the vacations and whims of the former first family. And for the entire two terms a complicit liberal media has kept much of America sound asleep and distracted.

For the past six years Assad’s terrorizing his own people has been part of the very deliberate downward pressure on the plunger of the Syrian-syringe. The fleeing people trapped in the barrel of that syringe have been injected into the defenseless host of western culture. The receiving ‘infidel’ world with its largely Judeo-Christian mores knows nothing about the demonic HATRED - hidden in plain sight within the pages of the Quran - aimed toward anything that is not Islamic.

The decidedly Islamic Barack Obama has only winked at our enemies as we have watched the free world be inoculated with what the founder of his Islamic Brotherhood had already boldly declared was out to get us (and I here repeat):  “It is the nature of Islam to dominate, not to be dominated, to impose its law on all nations and to expand its power to the entire planet.” We should soberly consider that nations like China and Russia have no difficulty in understanding such an unvarnished threat.

And like the stupid people of Troy, we flatter ourselves in our fearless welcoming of what is surely out to destroy us. But what, besides unstoppable and irreparable experience, can warn the naïve and now culturally disintegrated West against the religion of death surging through Europe and now entering America? With the bombing of Assad’s air base, President Trump has begun to smash the needle that has been pumping the followers of Mohammed into an unwary world.

It makes perfect sense that Islam hates Donald Trump. It further follows that a sleepy and willfully uninformed world joins them in that contempt. But what flabbergasts and confounds the author is to watch otherwise sane-appearing people who call themselves conservatives or libertarians join the madness of gullible Americans who are being sold the lie that our current president is another Adolf Hitler. They don’t seem to know enough history to remember that the Nazis who controlled the press were telling Germany that the enemies of Hitler were the enemies of freedom.

Donald Trump is currently behaving like the leader of the strongest nation in the free world. He has put the world on notice that this country’s priorities and safety are infinitely more important than a golf game or Christmas in Hawaii or yet another retreat to Martha’s Vineyard. His moves are in answer to the job he’s been hired to do: restoring America to its former greatness. Not long back when Hillary formally announced her candidacy, America (if she might remain America) was entirely aching for another Ronald Reagan. Instead of Ronald, by the grace of God we were given his virtual twin, Donald. And now the greatest fight ahead of us is to unify the country he is fighting to save.

And finally, the last word I will give to a beautiful young Muslim escapee. Please see at least the opening moments of the third video, a Milo clip that tells it ALL in five minutes. In her remarks she threatens physical pain to ANYONE STUPID enough to bring Islam into the wonderful new America that she has joyfully discovered (something too many of us seem to take for granted). 

Immigrant Gives Jaw-Dropping Interview About Trump, Islam, Feminism





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