Only a Constitutional Republic - fully informed, fully alert and in its right mind - can muzzle the Cory Bookers: the talking heads of the smooth-talking Hydra currently determined to unseat our president

And Now This Word From Carnival Barker Cory Booker ...

By —— Bio and Archives--September 17, 2017

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Millions of words are cascading every few minutes from electronic media and cyberspace. Moment to moment we are truly inundated with the blather of ten thousand voices vying for our attention. Precious few are trustworthy. As I have said so often, this is satan’s and his professional politicians’ heyday. While so many are talking … virtually no one is catching the deception. Any ‘errors’ are conveniently and comfortably made in front of a camera or microphone because the charlatans rest in the knowledge that any ‘corrections’ are published in about a half a column-inch in the lower left-hand corner of the last page of some newspaper’s gardening section. And that paper is fast on its way to a trashcan.

This evening I watched an interview with New Jersey’s Democratic Senator Cory Booker. He casually and confidently referred to President Trump as a ‘carnival barker’. During the exchange he would now and then, smooth as silk, reach out and lay his hand on the arm of his buddy the interviewer. With his velvety voice he explained how our president is “appealing to a very narrow powerbase” in our nation which is pulling him “wildly off the spectrum of American political thought.” Every facial expression and every move he made was perfectly choreographed. There were no accidents. Most all the fleeting audience today, time has shown, isn’t hearing his non sequitur droning anyway. They are tracking with the feelings he is conveying - nothing more.

Of course I wanted to come out of my chair at his words. “A very narrow powerbase?! You lying serpent!” President Trump is not at all appealing to a ‘narrow powerbase’. He is delivering, with integrity, the precise sort of leadership he promised to the largest chunk of this nation that insisted upon him running the show. And he hasn’t left the ‘spectrum of American political thought’ - only yours, Senator Booker. But so MANY people today, like zombie robots, hear and obey.

Nevertheless, because leftist politicians know they are generally speaking to an audience of mesmerized automatons who no longer listen for sense - channel-changing cattle who will sit and wag their heads in bovine agreement with his slippery infomercials - they will continue to successfully deride our president. And, again, in this instance, simply because most aren’t carefully sifting through his warped pitch as much as they are enthralled with his polished charisma and perfectly honed political correctness.

I know that President Donald J Trump is daily catching flak from the left and the big-money media because the battle he is waging is seriously fouling up all the momentum that both thought they had gained prior to his appearance. That deceptive duo constituting the real, controlling ‘powerbase’ of a wounded America’s budding snowflake ‘socialism’ is incensed at all the lights he is turning on in the course of his determined leadership.

Easy-talking Cory Booker went on to further obfuscate reality by lamenting that Trump could have had a productive presidency to date if he had merely come at the House and Senate with workable ideas. Really? The complete tantrum thrown by you and your liberal colleagues along with their calls for ‘resistance’ riots and your rancor that amounted essentially to encouragement which has sprouted into death threats ... all that could have been avoided had Trump been more ‘cooperative’ with you? Don’t be silly.

Senator Booker went on to accuse President Trump of avoiding important issues by instead “focusing rage” on Muslims and Mexicans - people the lying left have cleverly called “the dreamers.” Such an insulting lie is just more oral sleight-of-hand from a self-marketing oligarch who sees dollar signs in the illegal immigrant crowd that will most reliably not shoot themselves in the foot by voting him out of office. Again, to vulgarly compare today’s religiously trained, America-hating Islamists and fence jumping, penniless ‘Mexicans’ with the legitimate dream seekers who legally entered America when there were no fat benefit packages being handed out to all takers is tantamount to blasphemy.

Our president daily, hourly, takes more unearned abuse than a Joan of Arc might have in two or three lifetimes. Much of that is because the people who hate him most are the ones who today possess the most powerful voices. And their preponderance of influence - what they are currently fighting, tooth and nail, to preserve - is completely the result of their having made merchandise out of the audience that has regularly submitted to its control. The tv, press and Internet and professional liberal politicians have each other’s backs because a Constitutional America secures way too much choice and power for the common man. Socialism, on the other hand, will serve up a neutered, harmless John Q. Public on a platter to anyone clever enough to spring that snare. Hillary came within inches of achieving just that.

Be warned, America. Moving like an inexorably hard-nosed, recoiling viper, if the left ever fully gets its fangs into our currently wounded and breathtakingly compromised nation, our freedoms will be less secure than the statues and monuments of our history have been of late. Christian conservative liberty is currently, in what is left of the free world, standing on borrowed ground that is mostly owned by the left that will not rest until it controls it all.

Only a Constitutional Republic - fully informed, fully alert and in its right mind - can muzzle the Cory Bookers: the talking heads of the smooth-talking Hydra currently determined to unseat our president and undo the mistake it made in allowing our awakening and subsequent advances. Right now we still have the freedom to protest wrong and to promote right. But if the syrupy, lying rhetoric of fast talking charmers like Cory Booker remains unchallenged and allowed to take root, the America our founding fathers entrusted to us will surely perish.

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Dave Merrick, Davemerrick.us is an internationally known and published artist whose works reach into the greatest diversity of audiences. Known primarily for his astoundingly lifelike portraiture, Merrick’s drawings and paintings grace the walls of an impressive array of well-known corporate and private clientele. Many of his published wildlife pieces have become some of America’s most popular animal imagery.

He has more original work in the Pro-Rodeo Hall of Fame than any other artist. His wildlife and Southwestern-theme work is distributed internationally through Joan Cawley Galleries of Scottsdale AZ.

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