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Anonymous Muslim would dump Canada Free Press and its likes in the trash of history

By —— Bio and Archives--December 18, 2007

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Canada Free Press (CFP) emails from abroad today included one from the head office of Zalloum Group headquarters in Jordan.

  “Islam will prevail and you and your likes will be dumped in the trash of history,” said the email, sent in capital letters.

  The sender of the email took the coward’s way out and signed it simply, in caps, “A Muslim.”

As a Canadian journalist who can boast having an extended Muslim family, I know that the person who sent the email is not a moderate Muslim.  Moderate Muslims do not send such emails.

  Conducting business worldwide, including in Jordan and Sudan, the Zalloum Group makes tomato paste, preserves food and sells food products including marshmallow and wafer biscuits.

  According to its website, “The group vision is to synergize its own resources with its world class associates and strategic alliances so that it can provide first class service and products at optimum cost.  The result of such synergy is a high efficiency and quick reaction to clients needs utilizing today’s global village of information technology to achieve this objective.”

  Sounds something like the United Nations to me.

  Mission of the Zalloum group is “committed to provide the best services and products that money of its clients can buy.  Such will be accomplished by developing its staff and innovating its technology, reducing its operating cost and passing this efficiency advantage to the clients.

  Like multinationals in the U.S. and Israel operate their business affairs?

  In addition to biscuit wafers and confectionaries/Jordan; vegetable oils refining and packaging; canned foods; lithography of tin plates, and can making, Zalloum Group categorizes poultry farms and farming in Agribusiness and boasts Investments and real estate development.

  “The Zalloum Group of companies scope of activities is mainly in Project Management Consultancy for Energy projects in general and petroleum & petrochemical projects in particular.

  “The first company of the group was incorporated in 1972 in London as Zalloum & Associates International.  This company was the first Arab petroleum projects management consultancy.  The company was later incorporated in Jordan and Panama and formed an associate office in India.  Since it was established Z&A was involved in the grass roots formation and development of several OPEC as well as non OPEC national oil companies.

  “Later on the group branched off into the food business and formed, as early as 1977, one of the foremost automated biscuit manufacturing plants capable of producing 42 varieties of biscuits.  It added factories that produce conserved canned foods including oriental specialty foods.  A refinery to process and package vegetable oils was built which produces most varieties of vegetable oils.  A sister company was established in Uzbekistan.  The group also established companies to lacquer and lithograph tin plates, for the various food and chemical industries.  The poultry farms were established as part of the food business in the late 1970s.

  “Zalloum Group International owned and operated companies and businesses outside Jordan, from as faraway as Uzbekistan in Central Asia to Sudan in Africa.

“Its consultancy services served the petroleum industry extensively for more than 25 years in countries such as Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Qatar and Abu Dhabi.

  Three Zalloums are listed as company principals.  Dr. Abdulhay Y. Zalloum is Chairman & CEO.  Hatem Abdulhay Zalloum is listed as Managing Director and Samer Abulhay Zalloum, as a Managing Director.

  Given its presence in the corporate world, Zalloum & Associates must hire thousands, if not tens of thousands.  So almost anyone with access to a company computer could have sent CFP this morning’s email.

  But one thing for certain, the anonymous e-mailer from Zalloum Group/H.O.ZG// was not “A (moderate) Muslim”.

From:  .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Subject: Islam
Date: December 18, 2007 2:52:32 AM EST (CA)
To:  .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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