Auckland Harbour Bridge - Permanent Multi-Coloured Lighting

By —— Bio and Archives--June 13, 2017

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The Auckland Harbour Bridge will soon have permanent multi-coloured lighting, which – in a world first – will be powered by solar energy and battery, and can be transformed into lighting displays for special events.

The iconic landmark will be the first bridge in the world to have all of its lighting – operational, structural and special event – able to be powered entirely by solar-stored energy. The LED lights will be individually controlled, capable of transforming the bridge with lighting shows for special events and occasions.


Six hundred and thirty solar panels and one gigantic energy storage battery, producing enough energy for 200 homes for more than two hours, will power the bridge lights. The bridge will feature nearly 90,000 LED lights and 200 floodlights, using just half the energy of standard lighting and lasting five to seven times longer.

The planning and installation of the lights is expected to take several months once council planning, consenting and NZTA approval processes have been completed.

It is hoped that the lights will be turned on at a special event before the end of 2017.



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