For the sake of Public Safety, the time for rebuking Waters in attention-getting Tweets is over, Minority House Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer. The time to protect citizens from your unhinged colleagues: “RIGHT NOW!

Auntie Maxine Waters’ Poisoned Soup

By —— Bio and Archives--June 26, 2018

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Auntie Maxine Waters’  Poisoned Soup
After a year and a half of the MSM and social media keeping their histrionics on display, it may be easy to conclude that the Histrionic Personality Disorder (HPD) belongs only to politicians like Congresswoman Maxine Waters, celebrities like Robert de Niro,  assorted ‘comedians’ and cable news and radio talk show hosts like Joe Scarborough and fiancé Mika Brzezinski.

Like it was once said about Bernie Sanders type Communists, they (the unhinged) are EVERYWHERE!


Does “everywhere” include some restaurant co-owners, chefs and waiting staff?

As some commenters pointed out, Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and seven family members may have been lucky to have been shown the door at the Lexington, Virginia Red Hen over the weekend.

What Red Hen co-owner Stephanie Wilkinson did to Sanders and her relatives was abominable.  Who can trust a restaurant co-owner who, at the request of a polled staff,  demanded that Sanders and her group leave the premises,  and one who so sanctimoniously tried to justify her action by citing “morality” and living up to “certain standards” as the reason why.

What “morality” and what “certain standards” were Wilkinson and staffers living up to when Sanders and company were unceremoniously shown the door?

Are Wilkinson and some of her staff afflicted by an incurable case of Histrionic Personality Disorder?

HPD and the Hate Donald Trump Syndrome (HDTS) are a potentially dangerous combination.

“In recent days, unhinged Trump haters have struck a new vein in their incessant gold mining—dining out. (Canada Free Press, June 24, 2018)

“Look up the word ‘sanctimonious’ in the dictionary and your’e going to find a picture of Stephanie Wilkinson.”

“Histrionic personality disorder (HPD) is defined by the American Psychiatric Association as a personality disorder characterized by a pattern of excessive attention-seeking emotions, usually beginning in early adulthood, including inappropriately seductive behavior and an excessive need for approval.”  (Wikipedia)

Downright scary to think how many HPD sufferers may be holding down jobs in US restaurants.

The frightening truth is that you don’t have to be high profile to come under attack by HPD restaurant personnel in the hate-filled political climate of our day.

You only have to be wearing a MAGA cap; make a slip of the tongue in conversation, and these days even just coming on like an America-loving patriot to get hassled and possibly hurt in public spaces. 

Who’s to say if an HPD person overhears your conversations with family and friends, as you’re making your way between cocktails,  appetizers, entrees and dessert while dining out?

How many restaurant goers think to report tummy aches after eating out?

How many health officials would bother following complaints up in the hate-spewing era in which society now lives?

There are no ‘Don’t Tamper With Your Diners’ Food & Drink’ mixed in with the ‘Wash Your Hands’ signs back in the kitchen, and no authorities to regulate it.

And it’s not only dining out that calls for consumer caution.

On Saturday, Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters, called for piling on more harassment of Trump officials in public spaces in response to the Republican administration’s recent immigration policy.

“Waters, declaring “God is on our side,” urged supporters to step up resistance to Trump, claiming the president is “sacrificing our children.”

“Vowing to “win this battle,” she urged supporters: “If you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. And you push back on them. Tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere!”

You can add movie theatres, sporting events, anywhere where people congregate for entertainment to Waters’ hit list.

It’s not just Trump cabinet members who are no longer safe in public spaces, but anyone who can be identified—or even mistakenly identified—as a Trump supporter.

And it will remain that way as long as Maxine Waters gets away with inciting violence as an accepted means to get her way.

For the sake of Public Safety, the time for rebuking Waters in attention-getting Tweets is over, Minority House Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer. 

The time to protect citizens from your unhinged colleagues:  “RIGHT NOW!


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