Average Americans don’t know the details and implications of Obamacare or the proposed rewrites

By -- Virginia Sparks—— Bio and Archives--December 1, 2017

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Here’s the deal, most average Americans don’t know the details and implications of Obamacare or of any of the proposed rewrites. Most Americans don’t know or have any idea of the details or implications of the tax code changes. Most Americans don’t have an understanding of the need (or not) of a Federal budget.

Is it because we are stupid or lazy? Maybe we can be called lazy but the truth is that to read and comprehend hundreds, if not thousands, of pages of legislation is beyond the ability of most people-including our representatives who take the word of staffers who allegedly have digested all that legal speak.

I believe this is by design. The more complicated the proposal, the less will be read and the more you can con people. In the meantime we are coping with things like school schedules, homework, job demands, holiday pressures, aging parents, not enough time, not enough money.

Is it really necessary to make things so difficult?

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