The System raised its brutal fist for all to see in Britain today. But the System didn’t win because Baby Charlie’s earthly struggle completely illuminated all of its horror in 3-D.

Baby Charlie Shows The System For The Monster It Really Is

By —— Bio and Archives--July 25, 2017

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“The System” raised its brutal fist in the face of the world from Britain today.  It conceded, not in words, but in action how the parents of Charlie Gard had run out of time to secure outside help in trying to keep their baby alive. 

The System proved its terrible might in demonstrating to a World On Watch how it is impossible for a vulnerable baby and his parents to survive after hitting the brick and mortar of its imperious walls.

Those who can plainly see how cheaply a progressive world values human life, join Charlie’s parents in their heartbreak.

Herman Cain writer Robert Laurie was so apt when he wrote:  “This story is so tragic.”

“I’m old enough to remember a time when doctors would spare no effort - no matter how difficult or experimental - to save the life of a child. That’s no longer the case.  Nowadays, it seems federally-run healthcare systems would rather its “problem cases” just shuffle off the mortal coil and spare “the system” a lot of headaches. Since single-payer care is the ultimate in rationed care, regulations and federal power trump life.”

“...At least that’s what happened to Charlie Gard, whose parents have ended their efforts to take their son to the United States for treatment.

“Gard will now be moved to pallative care where the NHS will guarantee he dies with dignity.”

“Dying with dignity” is the fairytale the Death Cult leave in their end-of-life script to cover for their guilt in the unnecessary deaths of innocents.

It’s first cousin to the meme used by abortion advocates who continue to call babies in the womb, “fetuses”.

“Essentially, what happened here is that the UK government “ran out the clock” by trapping these poor people in a maze of red tape.  Time was of the essence and whatever hope Charlie had dwindled as the days passed.  Now, the longshot treatment that was available in the U.S. will no longer work - so they’ve ended their efforts.” (Laurie)

“Grant Armstrong, representing Charlie’s parents, told the high court in London: “For Charlie, it’s too late, time has run out, irreversible muscular damage has been done and the treatment can no longer be a success.” (Guardian)

“He said the parents had made “the most painful of decisions, that only parents can make.”

“Armstrong said: “Charlie has waited patiently for treatment. Due to delay, that window of opportunity has been lost.”

Gard’s mother says the donations they collected to facilitate Charlie’s hail-Mary treatment will now be used to establish a foundation in his memory - one that will fight to save other babies with similar conditions.


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“We’d like to save other babies and children because these medications have been proven to work and we honestly have so much belief in them. (Guardian)

“If Charlie doesn’t get this chance, we will make sure that other innocent babies and children will be saved.”

“Heartbreaking”. (Laurie)

“His bereft parents had fought with Great Ormand Street Hospital since January for their beloved 11-month-old-son to be flown to the U.S. for pioneering drugs to treat his rare strain of Mitochondrial disease. (Daily Mail, July 23, 2017)

“The parents of south-west London, are furious with GOSH for not letting Charlie try the therapy in December or January when he was a ‘relatively normal boy’.“

Let the bewigged High Court judges console each other over their after-work drinks tonight.

Let all the talking heads convince each other on the evening news that they were right and Charlie’s parents were wrong.

But that they would not allow Charlie the therapy when it could have done most good means few will ever look at Great Ormand Street Hospital in the same way.

“We are struggling to find any comfort or peace with all this, but one thing that does give us the slightest bit of comfort, is that we truly believe that Charlie may have been too special for this cruel world,” his mother Connie Yates said today.  (Daily Mail)

So difficult finding words to mitigate the cruelty of the world in which we live.

But there is also comfort that comes from knowing that it is the angels who will be rocking Charlie to sleep every moment between now and until he slips away; comfort in knowing that millions of babies killed each year in ‘legalized’ abortion go directly to the Creator’s Nursery in Heaven, and the biggest comfort of all in knowing that someday, no matter how far off in time, society will make the wholesale slaughter of babies illegal again.

The System raised its brutal fist for all to see in Britain today.  But the System didn’t win because Baby Charlie’s earthly struggle completely illuminated all of its horror in 3-D.

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