That’s what happens when ‘The Totalitarian State of Not Being Able to Be’ is running America

Barack and Hillary accuse The Donald of Being Them!

By —— Bio and Archives--July 29, 2016

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‘The Totalitarian State of Not Being Able to Be’ is upon us.  Read their lips if you’ve got the stomach to do so: Barack and Hillary not only love America, it’s the Love Affair of the Century.

An identity theft started by President Barack Obama was completed by Hillary Clinton at her last night nomination acceptance speech. 

Donald J. Trump, the populist folk hero millions want to see in the Oval Office, has had his identity stolen by Barack and Hillary.  Just like Islamic terrorism, he was only a figment of our imagination.


‘The Totalitarian State of Not Being Able to Be’ is now the lay, if not the law, of the land.

Here’s how it looked before becoming official:

Well hidden under progressive policies disguised as “Good for all”, it’s not yet as glaringly recognizable as all those totalitarian states that came before, but it’s making speedy headway toward a civil society where freedom and liberty will be filed away in the Distant Memories Folder.

In case you haven’t yet noticed, you are no longer permitted to be a patriot without being identified as a Xenophobe.

You are deemed as “unreasonable” for wanting protection for your children in public school washrooms without being categorized as a bigoted anti-LGBTQ revolutionary.

You are not permitted to be leery about ‘refugees’ flooding your town or city without being labeled an Islamophobe.  Acting like the latter will get you thrown off Facebook and Twitter, and the day is not far off when it will come with a prison term.

Progressive labels of today are the legislation of tomorrow and they’re rolling off a giant assembly line run by a power obsessed government who insist upon holding their own people hostage.

Big Government is now even setting the rules for which chants and slogans are acceptable, enforced out on the streets by paid agitators with open access to the White House.  Example:’Black Lives Matter’, acceptable, ‘All Lives Matter’ not acceptable.

You cannot call an Islamic terrorist an Islamic terrorist after their horrific attacks even though they themselves self-identify complete with gruesome videos sent viral over the Internet.

You cannot complain aloud about the thousands of felons, including rapists and murderers set free from prisons by the current administration because those released don’t only have the same rights that you do, but as victims and the set-upon are granted even more.

Note that Crooked Hillary promised both to empty prisons of even more felons, and to flood the country with more ‘refugee’ aliens last night.

You cannot say that global warming considered as more of a threat than Islamic terrorism is a crock, even though the current Secretary of State can say that refrigeration and air conditioning are more of a threat to human life than rampant Islamic terrorism.

You cannot ponder what kind of message is being sent in the release of would-be Ronald Reagan assassin John Hinckley Jr.  in the middle of a presidential election without being ridiculed as a conspiracy theorist.

Hillary Clinton came on in her speech as loving America, which should be understood as she hates it every bit as much as her mentor Barack Obama.

You didn’t imagine it, folks.  For the past long seven and a half years, President Barack Hussein Obama has been on a non-stop vendetta traveling the globe putting America down, on a self-styled mission insisting that America must pay back all that he has imagined it’s done in becoming the only world superpower left standing in a Sharia imploding western world.

Imagine now that he’s handpicked the agent he most trusts to carry on his destructive legacy, Obama’s now telling us that you can’t make America great again because it’s already great, thanks mostly to him, Hillary and the Democrats!

It shouldn’t have been “feel the bern” but “feel the hate” that was the chant of Election 2016.

The one man wrecking ball that NOBODY stopped , whose promise of ‘Hope and Change’ went south the moment he was elected president,  has the temerity to claim that Clinton opponent Donald J. Trump not only thinks in dark and gloomy tones on America—but actually foments for them, and that he actually seeks to make Americans more divided, more hateful, less hopeful, less united.

In other words, Obama is accusing Trump of being Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton rolled into one!

Read Marxist dialectic 101, Barack Obama style:

  “Ronald Reagan called America “a shining city on a hill.”  Donald Trump calls it “a divided crime scene” that only he can fix.  It doesn’t matter to him that illegal immigration and the crime rate are as low as they’ve been in decades, because he’s not offering any real solutions to those issues.  He’s just offering slogans, and he’s offering fear.  He’s betting that if he scares enough people, he might score just enough votes to win this election.

  That is another bet that Donald Trump will lose.  Because he’s selling the American people short.  We are not a fragile or frightful people.  Our power doesn’t come from some self-declared savior promising that he alone can restore order.  We don’t look to be ruled.  Our power comes from those immortal declarations first put to paper right here in Philadelphia all those years ago; We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal; that together, We, the People, can form a more perfect union.

  That’s who we are.  That’s our birthright – the capacity to shape our own destiny.  That’s what drove patriots to choose revolution over tyranny and our GIs to liberate a continent.  It’s what gave women the courage to reach for the ballot, and marchers to cross a bridge in Selma, and workers to organize and fight for better wages.

America has never been about what one person says he’ll do for us.  It’s always been about what can be achieved by us, together, through the hard, slow, sometimes frustrating, but ultimately enduring work of self-government.”

We all know after more than seven years of their Marxist misery that it is not self-government that Obama and Clinton want for America but One World Government with the tag team of Clinton in the White House funding his anti-America agenda over at the United Nations.

‘Make America Great Again’ is a positive promise that the deadliest duo in modern-day American history will do every thing they can to see never happens—including the orchestrated installation of Hillary Clinton in the White House as Obama’s thinly disguised third term.

Before it’s all over, Crooked Hillary Clinton will steal Trump’s slogan—and then claim that HE stole it from HER!

That’s what happens when ‘The Totalitarian State of Not Being Able to Be’ is running America.


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