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Barack Obama, Hatred of America Originator, Hangs On To Maintain It

By —— Bio and Archives--February 14, 2019

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Barack Obama, Hatred of America Originator, Hangs On To Maintain ItThe corrosive hatred of America now being seen on daily display did not come hurtling from out of nowhere overnight.

It has been cultivated and nurtured from the get-go by a president both in and out of office.

Hatred of America had been out there festering on the sidelines for decades until Senator Barack Hussein Obama came along to exploit it to the nth degree.


Hatred of America grew to fever pitch with the election of Obama, who incredibly boasted five days before 2008’s election that his mission in public office would be to ‘fundamentally transform America”— and got elected anyway.

Obama first spread hatred of America among his surrogates, the mainstream and social media, the Entertainment Industry and the Democrat Party.  Soon after his arrival at the Oval Office, he began Cleopatra-like visits to foreign countries,  where he flagrantly dissed America’s so-called shortcomings, blaming the country who paid his salary and which was later to enrich him, for everything going wrong in the world.

Thousands of researchers went off on a failed treasure hunt trying to get him to unearth his missing pedigree, including his birth certificate to prove that he wasn’t born in America.

The media, meanwhile, wrote thousands of stories about Obama’s time out on the golf links and his increasingly lavish vacations.

Obama, who was reelected again in 2012—even after gutting the military—remained in office for eight interminably long years before going off to live the easy life of a multi-millionaire.  Post-election he was being paid for speeches dissing America.

Hard to believe that a $500 Million ‘Presidential Center’ is being built as a legacy to haunt the masses for the rest of their lifetime.

These are neither imaginings nor conspiracy theories, but the tragic facts about how America became a nation ripping itself apart in non-stop hatred.

Interesting how even with the masses now in the know, how history gets to repeat itself.

First the DNC gave rockstar status to a senator with no actual accomplishments of which to speak, a senator who would twice be elected as president,  who even today maintains the hatred as a mostly hidden-in-the closet ‘Resistance’ leader in a fenced mansion within easy walking distance of the White House. 

Today the mainstream and social media accord the same kind of rock star status to a little known, short on accomplishments representative sent to Congress from New York.

Obama wanted to bankrupt the coal industry.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants to bring down the entire economy, including the airline industry.

Both want the nation that gave them leverage swallowed whole by socialism and a Utopia that exists only in their imaginations.

When it comes to the hatred now being heaped on the masses by the progressive/left, Obama had eight long years to plot and plan how it could be incrementally dished out.

Did he leave instructions on yellow post-its for the hate-spewers to come out one by one?

BUT, some will most surely interject, the polls, most media and the Dems were confident that Hillary would be elected president in 2016.

The hatred that lives on two years after Election Day is proof positive that Hillary would have continued piling on the hate, even magnifying it.  Proof positive, too that it is not just President Donald Trump the prog-left, media, celebrities and Dems live to hate, but anyone who rises to power who is not one of them.

They hate, conservatives, Christians and all and any who stand in the way of making America a socialist state.

They use as useful idiots all of those who suffer guilt for living up to the prog-left description of “white men and white women of privilege”..

Both shockingly and corrosively, they hate, hate, HATE all who vote anything but Democrat, and ridicule all who stand against soul-destroying Socialism.

They’ve sunk so low in their hatred that school kids wearing red MAGA hats are fair game for violent death threats, while the wearers of ridiculous pink pussy caps are lionized as heroes and heroines.

Driving Obama out of his ‘Resistance’ Leader luxurious lair is not only the the best—but the only—way to begin cauterizing the hatred smothering America and to #StampOutSocialism in America.


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