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Barack Obama Is the Church’s Fault

By Dean C. Haskins—— Bio and Archives--May 26, 2011

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And just as they did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer, God gave them over to a depraved mind, to do those things which are not proper. Romans 1:28 (NASB)

Having repeatedly scratched my head over the presidential eligibility issue for nearly three years now, I’ve come to the point where I must stop, for continuing will likely draw blood.  Don’t get me wrong, I will proclaim the easily ascertained truth about it until it is rightly resolved; however, I no longer question the source of the argument’s existence.  The blame for the fact that there is any argument about it at all rests squarely at the feet of the church.  Understanding the likely ire that statement will draw from professing believers and non-believers alike, let me expound why I have come to that conclusion (even though I know this truth will never resonate with the latter).


We have all witnessed the unfolding of these events, as, early on, there was a suspicion,  then growing evidence, and finally, irrefutable proof, that Barack Hussein Obama is not constitutionally eligible to be president of the United States.  There has been an outright circus over the lack of definitive documentation to prove his birthplace and other significant life events, and what has been pawned upon the American people has been easily refuted to be computer generated, forged images.  Couple that with the indisputable historic understanding of the term “natural born citizen” (one who is born on our soil to citizen parents), and the case against Obama’s eligibility should have been open and shut.  There is simply no way that anyone who approaches the issue honestly can come to any other conclusion.  But, the operative word in the preceding sentence is “honestly.”

Such has been the source of the aforementioned head scratching.  It has been wholly befuddling to see the level of denial and ridicule from those in elected offices and the media, to the point that not even one of them will allow a frank discussion of the evidence, let alone weigh that evidence with even a modicum of logic or fairness.  Most recently, I viewed an interview of Dr. Jerome Corsi by Fox Business News’ Gregg Jarrett, in which Jarrett approached the issue with a mind more tightly closed than the White House junk food cabinet.  While one would expect this type of behavior from the likes of CNN and MSNBC, what could cause those who have pretended for so long to be our “conservative” spokespeople to maintain such willful blindness to an issue that, at the very least, deserves to be thoughtfully and thoroughly investigated by our country’s leaders?  It certainly could be nothing within the realms of logical thought or forthright discourse, so it must be something much deeper. 

Most followers of Christ have seen this type of blanket denial of truth, in which something that is easy enough for a child to understand is met with an inability to see, or even consider,  when discussing the need for salvation with unbelievers.  Seeing the similarities between those two conversations led me to the understanding that the eligibility argument is not one of ideology, but is actually spiritual in nature.  I know, that seems to be a stretch, but please bear with me here.

We have heard for years how the secular/progressive agenda is overtaking our country, and, beyond complaining about it, there seems to be little those who recognize its destructive nature feel they can do other than to decry the spiritual darkness that is spreading throughout our land.  The symptoms of that darkness typically are the targets of our efforts, rather than the root of the darkness being attacked; so, conservative Christians often rally against evils such as abortion, gay marriage, and the secularizing of school curricula, without giving much heed to how the darkness has been able to grow so exponentially in recent history.  But, without addressing the root of the darkness, those who cannot or will not see the truth will likely never concede that the darkness even exists.  In fact, as the Bible teaches, they will fight incessantly for it, for it is what they love (John 3:19).

But, why are we so reluctant to focus on the cause of the darkness, rather than the symptoms?  It is because the church has fostered the darkness, and that makes us uncomfortable.  It is as if we blame the darkness for being dark without understanding its nature.  Darkness is dark simply because of the absence of light.  There is no way for darkness to be any darker, and the only cause of varied shades of darkness is the intensity (or lack) of light shining into it.  Translated, that means that men are no more evil today than they were in the days of Noah or Moses.  So, if those of the darkness are not to blame, how did our country come from its clearly Christian heritage to the spiritual disaster it is today? 

It is a direct result of us allowing churches to take the place of the church.

We’ve abdicated the pure truth of God’s Word to marketing geniuses who trade on His name, and we falsely equate the numbers of a particular pastor’s congregation and book sales with spiritual success.  We’ve largely fashioned our corporate worship of the God of the ages to be more like a high school dance than an approaching of a holy throne, and we’ve traded the majestic and the reverent for the bawdy and the common, allowing the world’s mentality to superintend our mandate for edifying the saints and reaching the lost into one that rather coddles the lost and starves the saints.  We have put the narrow road theology onto the broad road’s fast lane in the latest model of unbiblical tolerance and political correctness, and are foolishly puzzled at our national lack of any recognizable discernment, spiritual or otherwise—which leads me to my next point.

We are taught that Satan is the father of lies; however, my perception of that truth has actually been a limited one, as I have tended to believe that the lies the devil promulgates are spiritual in nature (false teachings, biblical heresies, etc.).  But, that’s not really what we’re told.  The Bible states he is the father of ALL lies.  So, whether the lie is that God really wants you to be rich and happy, or that Bill Clinton didn’t have sexual relations with that woman, the original source of them is the same . . . Satan.  And, being the father of lies, he enjoys reproducing that progeny whenever the opportunity arises.  Moreover, the most fertile condition for his lies to take root exists in darkness—the darker the better.  So, as the light of the church has vastly diminished in America, so has the spirit of deception and delusion flourished.

But, what does that have to do with the birth certificate?

Not to overly condemn Mr. Jarrett, for his was the same indefensible attitude that most in his profession have embraced, he is a prime demonstration of the blindness of which I have spoken (if you’ve not yet seen the interview, it is available here: youtube).  From the opening moments of the segment, it is immediately apparent that Jarrett holds Dr. Corsi in what can only be described as unreasonable disdain, and his comments throughout are littered with ridicule, arrogant scoffing, and blatantly unsubstantiated assertions.  Again, the focus here is not Gregg Jarrett, for this tactic is a scripted replica of what has been foisted on the American people as “accepted truth” from the bulk of his cohorts, right and left.  In this interview, I clearly saw a parallel to the scoffing that Noah received—and, sadly, for those at that time, only eight people believed the truth that Noah proclaimed.  Every other human on the earth believed a lie.  Sound familiar?

These so-called “journalists” have become so deluded by the onslaught of lies about Obama’s eligibility that, apparently, he could have released some scribbling on a cocktail napkin, and it would have been equally lauded as genuine because the father of lies is just that good at the art of blinding.  What we are witnessing with Obama’s eligibility is nothing more than a sampling of Satan’s power of delusion.  The series of lies and forgeries from the Obama campaign are myriad, and are typically so amateur in nature that it is nothing short of stunning that the same American news media that so thoroughly and voraciously reported the crimes of Richard Nixon finds it the zenith of insults that anyone would dare question the obvious commissions of fraud, and abdication of constitutional law, by Barack Obama and his camp. 

Consider this: with everything we are taught in scripture about the coming Antichrist, is it not a daunting thought that the world will fall into lockstep support of someone so evil?  Then, this mass denial of truth over the indisputable constitutional ineligibility of Obama should really come as no surprise.

There are only two possible realities that presently exist for America.

The first possibility is that America has passed the point of no return with God, and that He has turned her over to a collective reprobate mind.  To fully understand what that means, refer to the entirety of the passage in Romans 1 that I partially quoted at the beginning of this article.  We, as a nation, have wandered into spiritually dangerous territory, and are nearing the point where, if God does not remove us from the level of world leadership we have enjoyed, He will need to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.

One has to wonder why America, the greatest nation on the planet, does not appear to be a country of consequence in the biblical end times prophesies, and this could very well be why.  The blessings of liberty were bestowed upon this land solely because of our acknowledgment of God, and our attempted adherence to the principles of His law.  As such, we were formed as a nation that was governed by the rule of law, and the highest law of our land was our Constitution.  This eligibility issue just may be an indication that, along with abdicating our reliance on Jehovah God, we have jettisoned the legal principles upon which we were founded.  That would seem to explain the argument I have heard proffered so many times in the past couple of years—that Barack Obama is constitutionally eligible to be president because the majority of Americans voted for him.  And, yes, there are many who make that argument without even cracking a smile.

The amazing Christian experiment we know as America may well have run its course, now that the salt has lost its savor and the light has dimmed.  If that is true, then no amount of effort on our part will ever bring us back to what we were, and the historical revisionists will eventually remove any and all references to the Almighty from the journal of our existence.  And, Barack Obama is merely the symbolic figurehead of that reality—a nation that turned her back on God.

There is, however, an alternate possibility that may exist.  In Genesis 18 and 19, we read the account of God’s destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.  In an unusual dialogue between God and Lot, there is a “bargaining” that occurs in which Lot pleads for the sparing of the two cities.  God finally agrees not to destroy them if only ten good men could be found within them.  Of course, God knew that Lot was the only man He would accept as “good,” so He already knew the outcome of that bargaining process.  But, could God be swayed on our behalf?  Could it be that enough of a remnant of the true body of Christ exists in this country that God might hear our pleas to restore the glory of our land?

We often hear that Jimmy Carter ultimately gave us Ronald Reagan; but more cogently, we must understand that King Saul resulted in the children of Israel’s being given King David.  Saul’s reign was God’s answer to a rebellious people—they got what they ask for.  Could it be that Barack Obama is our King Saul—that God is punishing this blind, rebellious country with what it asked for (the rejection of God by our government)?  As God hardened Pharaoh’s heart, has He also hardened the heart of so much of our country, to the point where truth appears to them to be false, and lies look to be the truth?  That is certainly the picture we have seen with this eligibility issue! 

Will God give us a David after punishing us with this Saul?

2 Chronicles 7:14 states, ” If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”  How often have we seen this verse quoted as if it were a call to the entire country?  As offensive as some may find this statement, that is simply not what God is saying.  It is a call to those whom God considers His people—the ones who are called by His name.  This is God’s conditional command to His church.  Notice, I didn’t say to the churches across the country—for so many of those are not a part of THE church.  God’s church is the composite body of every true follower of Christ on the planet, and not a collection of buildings that dot our landscape.

Christ’s return is imminent (but, apparently, not as imminent as the false teacher Harold Camping suggested).  Those who are of the body of Christ have only one legitimate choice, and that is to obey what God asked of us in 2 Chronicles 7:14.  Will the end result of that be a restoration of America, or will our country go the way of Sodom and Gomorrah?  Will the truth of Barack Obama’s ineligibility to be president, and all of his accompanying fraudulent acts be recognized and rightly adjudicated?  Only God knows those things.  However, His church can never go wrong by humbling herself, praying, seeking His face, and turning from her wicked ways.  That’s just sound advice, regardless of who is in the Oval Office.

Dean Haskins is a freelance writer, professional musician/producer, and the former chairman of Restore the Constitutional Republic, one of the original “birther” organizations.


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