The keys are OURS, they BELONG to the market and we are the market

Barack…You’re 30% Right, but 100% Wrong!

By —— Bio and Archives--August 5, 2010

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“90 percent of this game is mental, the other half is physical”—Yogi Berra

Like the fuzzy-math Team Obama uses to tell us that so many millions of jobs have been “saved or created” due to stimulus funds.  Like the strange logic it uses to describe how appeasement and apologies lead to a sound foreign policy and like the show of “Noble Arrogance” it displays when telling American citizens “you just don’t understand things as well as we do…let us explain them to you because we know what’s best for you”, last night’s “you ain’t gettin’ the keys to the car back” comments by His Lordship Obama do not coincide with reality very well.


Yes, I understand that his speech on the state of our American economy was geared towards pumping up unions and union workers so they feel the need to get out there and raise the dead to vote for more pro-government interventionist ideologues in November, but Mr. Obama can’t even complete a sound analogy (the teleprompter must have froze).  In case you missed it, our President likened the American economy to a car traveling down road that was being driven by Republicans.  The driver(s) ran the car off the road…put it in the ditch and it got stuck right there.  At this point along comes the rescue team, with Barack the Brave as its fearless, All-Knowing leader and they un-stick the car and are just about to get the car back on the tarmac (excuse me…the black-top) and along come the Republicans again wanting the keys back.  The Fearless Leader proclaims; “No way, we know how to drive this economy better than you”, and standing with the sun glistening off his Rescue Man’s visor and with cheering hordes of on-lookers in the background…Team Obama bounds into action (Biff…Boom…Bam)!

(Flashback to an earlier time) – The 2006 mid-term elections brought these United States of America the most LIBERAL Congress in our short history with Pushin’ Pelosi at the helm.  That’s correct, Congress, that branch of government that controls how, where, and why OUR money is spent.  It didn’t help matters that the Bush Team became economically “drunk” and couldn’t steer this economic machine down a straight path along an eight-lane super-highway.  We all know that both sides of the aisle were responsible for getting that car in the ditch and we also knew that removing that car from the ditch was going to be a monumental task.  So, yes Mr. President you are somewhat correct (about 30%) in your little analogy.  The problem with what happens next and how you seem to neglect reality is where you are 100% wrong. 

Instead of reducing government interference and regulation relative to that car, the engine that drives the American economy, and letting the rightful and trained drivers of the car take control…the principles of a free-market economy…you just had to open the doors to the asylum and let out the wretched refuse of ideologies long thought forgotten.  Central-planning “managers”, statists, Socialists (Progressives), and even Communists put on their Pit-Crew outfits and went work.

(Fast-forward to present day, Our Dear Leader and His Team are at Work) – The car is in the ditch and things are looking bleak, Team Obama descends on the car, surround it, place jacks under four points of the frame, jack it up, removes the wheels, place it on blocks, and proceeds to strip OUR car of all its most valuable parts.  They drag the shell of OUR car back onto the tarmac (excuse me, black-top) and with a wave of the magic wand (the same magic wand that has failed so many nations in the past) they expect this hunk of junk to roll.  The cheering hordes of onlookers are stunned and quiet as many among them have no jobs and at seeing the pathetic excuse of OUR new car, realize that this vehicle will not provide transportation to recovery.  They realize that Team Obama is worse than the drunken shade-tree mechanics that wanted their keys back.  They realize that they can, at the very least, sober-up the previous drivers and once that car is moving again…momentum keeps it on a pretty straight path.  In fact, left alone, OUR car is pretty fantastic and we could name it “The Fantstico Fury”.  History tells us The Fantastico Fury can travel very long distances and carry an entire nation with promises of economic Freedom that lead to prosperity for all who are willing to jump on-board.

Mr. President, you may not be willing to give the keys back but where you are 100% wrong is that those keys are not YOURS to give back.  The keys are OURS, they BELONG to the market and we are the market.  You, the political class, are not the market and we want OUR keys back.  Go ahead and try to hold on to OUR keys with your soft, political-class, hands.  The hands of the market, the working-class, of We, the people are forged of longer lasting mettle…We will have them once again.


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Howard W. Houchen is a proud Oklahoman, a Reagan Conservative and Constitutionalist. He is a small businessman and graduate of University of Oklahoma with a degree in Political Science and a Masters degree in National Security Studies from American Military University.

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