Howard W. Houchen

Howard W. Houchen is a proud Oklahoman, a Reagan Conservative and Constitutionalist. He is a small businessman and graduate of University of Oklahoma with a degree in Political Science and a Masters degree in National Security Studies from American Military University.

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The REAL ID “Kill-Shot”…Fired from Oklahoma

Jul 1, 2011 — Howard W. Houchen

“The Technocratic Age is slowly designing an every day more controlled society. The society will be dominated by an elite of persons free from traditional values (!) who will have no doubt in fulfilling their objectives by means of purged techniques with which they will influence the behavior of people and will control and watch the society in all details”. “… it will become possible to exert a practically permanent watch on each citizen of the world”.—Zbigniew Brzezinski

Climate Change, Charlie Manson, and the CCCP!

Apr 22, 2011 — Howard W. Houchen

“Everyone’s God and if we don’t wake up to that there’s going to be no weather because our polar caps are melting because we’re doing bad things to the atmosphere…” — Charles Manson, 2011

Every now and then, even a blind squirrel finds a nut.  Buried in an article published in the UK’s Daily Mail online edition is an article originally titled: “Killer Breaks 20 year Silence on 40th anniversary of gruesome Sharon Tate murders”.  Immediately the words “HELTER SKELTER” jumps to mind with the image of a swastika carved into the forehead of Charles Manson.  But, in the opening paragraphs there is something missed by almost everyone…in the midst of ole Charlie’s ramblings is the evidence—evidence so solid that it will save and eventually usher in a renewal of free market principles around the world.

Barack…You’re 30% Right, but 100% Wrong!

Aug 5, 2010 — Howard W. Houchen

“90 percent of this game is mental, the other half is physical”—Yogi Berra

Like the fuzzy-math Team Obama uses to tell us that so many millions of jobs have been “saved or created” due to stimulus funds.  Like the strange logic it uses to describe how appeasement and apologies lead to a sound foreign policy and like the show of “Noble Arrogance” it displays when telling American citizens “you just don’t understand things as well as we do…let us explain them to you because we know what’s best for you”, last night’s “you ain’t gettin’ the keys to the car back” comments by His Lordship Obama do not coincide with reality very well.

The Forced March to Mediocrity

Nov 5, 2009 — Howard W. Houchen

“It becomes increasingly clear that the pattern of American fiscal policy is being brought into consonance with the Karl Marx communist theory that through a division of the existing wealth, mankind will be brought to a universal standard of life - a degree of mediocrity to which the Communists and their fellow travelers seek to reduce the people of this great nation.

Are You Ready to Rumble Some More

Sep 8, 2009 — Howard W. Houchen

I grew up admiring the sport of boxing and even participated in a local youth boxing club that held tournaments throughout Eastern Oklahoma.  I began my “career” in the 50 pound weight class (something below “Speck-weight” I suppose) and “retired” after reaching the 80 pound class.

Health CONTROL…It’s for your own Good

Aug 9, 2009 — Howard W. Houchen

The logic of this argument, on the surface, is noble and sound.  It is, however, after viewing it through the lens constitutionality and what is considered to be historically “American”, nothing more than an avenue for CONTROL.  What is required is the proper context in which to debate this issue, the correct framework…not the deceptive framework…from which to view what is actually being asked of the citizens of this great nation to accept and undertake.

The Unfettered Truth

Jul 20, 2009 — Howard W. Houchen

Watch Out!!  The same old worn-out political trickery designed to deceive We, the people, is beginning to be rolled out in desperation.  The game plan is as easy to read as it was predictable.  Many members of the touted untouchable and venerable leftist ruling regime will start jumping ship under the guise of philosophical differences in attempts to save their political butts.  Usually a phrase such as: “You just hide-and-watch” would be appropriate here; however, now is the time to step up and be vocal with our vigilance.  It is We, the people who must exercise our RIGHT to govern ourselves and begin by revealing the unfettered truth concerning the actions of OUR current elected officials whose main purpose seems to be the acquisition and maintenance of power rather than representation.

Barack…my Pen Pal

Jul 18, 2009 — Howard W. Houchen

I believe it was late January 2009, a few days after the Obama inauguration, that it was announced by the fledgling White House Office of Propaganda (sorry, media relations team) the creation of the Middle Class Task Force.  The Official Communiqué informed me that America’s new President was so concerned with the plight and the struggles of the backbone of American society that his Executive Office needed a mechanism by which it could ensure help would be targeted and lasting.  This was such an important issue that the Mighty Joe Biden was appointed to see this task through.