Bernie Sanders opened the door that empowered people to embrace socialism

By -- Carl Hastings—— Bio and Archives--November 5, 2018

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I am a grandparent who had an epiphany today when reading a piece about how Bernie Sanders open the door that empowered people to embrace socialism. My awaking was a sucker punch to the gut-this is my fault and that of many grandparents. Let me explain.

As a child, I knew without a doubt that money didn’t grow on trees and that anything but food and shelter was a luxury. Charity and sharing were part of our everyday life but we knew it was limited by our income and would require sacrifice. I knew that the only way to have food and shelter was to work hard. Things like dental braces, name brand clothing, and college were not part of our necessities.

I wanted better for my children. I wanted them to be free of financial worries in their youth. I wanted them to have an easier life. As a result their children have no concept of how the bicycle, school pictures, extravagant birthday parties, baseball equipment, or annual vacation are paid for. They take them for granted. So the idea of socialism has no meaning to young people who have no understanding of the rewards of work, saving, sacrificing and budgeting.

How many would be sold on the notion if they knew that it would mean a lower standard of living for them? Even those of us who get it and who could deal with going without really don’t want to anymore. It isn’t glamorous. But much of this generation has no idea in the world how to live without frills, much less actual necessities. We have to do better.


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Guest Column -- Carl Hastings -- Bio and Archives | Comments

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